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March 22nd, 2019: Texas has historically frowned on games of chance. It baffles me why state officials who would take umbrage with a poker game maintain a system of parole for Texas prisoners that often seems akin to shoving pins in a Voodoo doll & rattling chicken bones.

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March 15th, 2019: If you are an inmate, you will not be believed, no matter what the truth actually is, no matter what the evidence shows.

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March 8th, 2019: Sometimes, when it’s quiet, I can remember what my life was like before I was sent to the Wynne Unit. Of course, it’s rarely quiet here, but that’s actually a good thing

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21st Century Scarlett Letter

March 1st, 2019: American youth are taught that American justice is about repentance, not public shaming and humiliation, or at least should be. Apparently, it’s a moral lesson completely lost on those that run the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

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Useful Carnage

February 22nd, 2019: ant to show you how the Puppetmasters began to spin their web of deceit, manipulation and lies, and left a slew of inmates dead along their path to trying to regain control of the state prison system after Ruiz.

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Slopping The Hogs (Part II)

February 15th, 2019: I’d like to tell you more about what is happening in the Texas prison chow halls, because if there’s one place that a lot of taxpayer money is being outright stolen, or at least badly wasted, it’s in the prison kitchens.

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Hope And  Sleep

February 8th, 2019: Hope and sleep are probably the two best friends of the prisoner. That is probably also why they are the two greatest tools of torturous interrogators. Keep a man awake long enough, and he’ll be confessing to having kidnapped the Lindbergh baby and shoo

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Sergeant Garcia Screws Up Your Life

February 1st, 2019: My buddy Jay wanted me to tell you all about my first case, and I’ve been wanting to do that for a while, anyway. I hope it gives you a better understanding of how the internal “justice” department

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Gainful Employment

January 25th, 2019: As the 1990s came to an end, it seemed like the Puppetmasters had set their criminal empire up to be pretty much untouchable. Almost all of the hardcore gang members are sitting in super segregations.

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Kangaroo Court

January 18th, 2019: In the Texas prison system, if an inmate breaks a prison rule of some type, no matter how small or how big their infraction my be, the prisoner will recieve what is called a disciplinary report. Neither the inmates nor the staff use this fancy verbage, ho

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