Immigration Reform in Greater Fort Worth, Texas

Immigration Reform in Greater Fort Worth, Texas

With over 11 Million People Living in the Shadows, It Is Time for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The United States was founded on diversity. From the beginning, we have been a country of immigrants. Throughout our country’s history, we have seen firsthand how immigrants have helped keep businesses on the leading edge while working hard to maintain a vibrant, thriving culture.

Immigrants fuel the societal, cultural, and economic needs of the United States. America has become stunted in fulfilling these needs because of an outdated immigration policy. Now more than ever, America is in need of immigration reform.

With millions of people living in the shadows, it is time to put generation-old immigration laws to rest by reforming these laws to be fair, just, and humanitarian.

As Fort Worth Immigration Lawyers, we believe immigration reform will bolster the economic and cultural successes of the United States and our neighbors.

The United States has thousands of applications from immigrants trying to legally make their way into America to work and live closer to their families. Many of the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States have been here for over five years. Children who were raised in America by undocumented immigrants may not know how to speak Spanish or have a home to return to if they are deported.

We need comprehensive immigration reform to maintain the vibrant American culture and embrace our history as the melting pot of the world.

Increasing border security is not enough. We believe in allowing the millions of people who want to live a good life in the United States to work in their jobs legally and pay taxes. Unfortunately, under current immigration laws, these people face having their lives turned upside down with the risk of deportation instead.

Francisco Hernandez is not afraid to stand up for immigration reform in the United States

Fort Worth immigration lawyer Francisco Hernandez has made numerous appearances on television, including on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. He frequently debates with opponents and puts his public support for immigration reform on display.

His opinions and position on immigration reform in the United States comes from extensive experience in foreign relations. This experience includes work in politics and government, as well as working as an advisor for the presidential campaign for Mexican President Vicente Fox.

If outdated immigration laws have impacted your family, a Fort Worth immigration lawyer may be able to help.

Francisco Hernandez knows the significance of immigration reform not only for the United States and Mexico but also for the life of each person currently living behind the scenes, desperately wanting the opportunity to live and work legally in a country they love. At the Law Office of Francisco Hernandez, we not only help immigrants fight through the red tape to have the privilege of living in America, but we also stand up for reforming U.S. immigration policy as a way to ease the process and build a thriving community.

If you struggle because of complicated immigration laws in the United States, get the help you need from Francisco Hernandez, Fort Worth immigration lawyer.

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