Insurance Plans That Meet the Health Plan Requirements of Immigration

Part of the public charge rule that went into effect on February 24, 2020 requires USCIS to assess whether an intending immigrant is likely to seek government assistance for medical attention. One of the questions on the new public charge form is about health insurance. Specifically, does the intending immigrant have private health insurance, and if not, why not, and when and how do they plan to pay for medical expenses in the future.

A person will have a higher probability of being found to be a public charge if they do not have health insurance. Often, the most common reason immigrants don't have insurance is that they don't qualify for a policy due to a lack of a social security number. The Law Office of Francisco Hernandez has formed a relationship with an insurance company you can trust that will help you meet the health plan requirements of the new Public Charge Rule. These plans are specifically available for people without social security numbers.

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