Personal Injury Law in Greater Fort Worth, Texas

Personal Injury Law in Greater Fort Worth, Texas


There is a time limit in all states to file a personal injury claim, this is known as the statute of limitations. In Texas, from the date of injury, the statute of limitations of limitations for personal injury is two years. If you do not want to lose your right to claim then you must file a lawsuit within two years from the date of the accident, considering it was an accident due to negligence. Exceptions are always available when it comes to the statute of limitations, so consult us for your particular case. There is also something called Modified Comparative Negligence in Texas, under which if you have some degree of fault, the damage would decrease as per that.

For personal injury cases, Texas has no damage limitations; but there are two exceptions, punitive damages, and medical malpractice damages. For cases like gross negligence and fraud, exemplary damages or punitive damages are given. The damage is limited either to $200,000 or $750,000, depending on the economic damages awarded by the jury. Medical malpractice damages are rather complex, here the damages also vary.

The Law Office of Francisco Hernandez understands the challenges you face with personal injury cases. It is important that you get both the verdict and compensation that you deserve for your personal injury case. Our team of attorneys at The Law Office of Francisco Hernandez do not take these risks lightly. We always deliver the same personalized attentive approach and strong legal representation for every single one of our clients.

Every personal injury is different, consult with us before filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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