Something Has to Change

By Jay Goodman 

Usually as time goes by organizations, companies, or institutions become better. Even as human beings growing up from childhood to adulthood, we learn along the way. Naturally we learn from other peoples mistakes, and of course our own. How can we grow or how can any business prosper, if we do not take a look at what is wrong and be willing to fix it? Let’s take a look for a minute at the word “prosper” in my college dictionary.

Prosper: to succeed in an enterprise or activity: to achieve economic success, to become strong and flourishing, to cause to succeed or thrive.

So I think it’s safe to say that the state of Texas cares nothing about turning its prison system into anything we just read. Of course, the Puppetmasters prosper greatly, off of one hundred and nine prisons. They, their families, and friends have so many perks for being employees, it’s crazy. 

The Puppetmasters prosper and succeed, while men and women inside these prisons rot away. The state of Texas cares less about the nearly two hundred thousand prisoners in their care. They also never stop for a minute to think about our families, who are also suffering. Yes, the state of Texas will be quick to say, you should of thought of that before you committed your crime. And, I will admit that is true. But, it is of course also true that they could close down, half or more of the prisons right now, in this state. How? By letting go the tens of thousands of prisoners that have proven themselves over and over again, that they can be paroled. This system was created by the Puppetmasters and was built solely to imprison everyone who enter these doors, forever.  

To show everyone reading this that what I’m saying is true let’s look at its history. Since the beginning that this prison system was created, has it gotten better or worse? Let’s now take a look at what’s happened since the beginning of the 1990’s, when Texas had the biggest prison boom in American history. It went from 20 or 30 prisons to 112 prisons. Has it really improved at all? “No”. Are the Puppetmasters structuring the prisons in Texas so that they will improve the lives of the men and women incarcerated? “No”. As I said at the beginning of this chapter, usually, as time goes by organizations, companies, or institutions become better. You would naturally believe their biggest goal would be to become the best at what they do. The Texas prisons have never in their entire existence tried to better its prison system. Of course, they never ever contemplate changing, bettering, or rehabilitating, anything or anyone. Why? Because, it would not be beneficial to them. Remember this, to better the prison system as a whole, would mean changing its structure. Changing its structure would mean putting in programs that would give the men and women in here the tools needed to leave prison and stay free. Also, better the prison system in any type of way would be changing how they treat us. They have mastered the control of its prisoners through physical and mental abuse. As well as starvation tactics for weeks or months and sleep deprivation. To better its prisons, to change the structure, to improve its recidivism, would mean the closing of prisons. Then, of course, the Puppetmasters will say, we don’t have enough money. God, does Texas love that word. If they implement programs that would truly improve the recidivism rate by half. Just imagine, how much money the state would save? 

I challenge anyone in the state of Texas, such as our Senators, State Representatives, Governor, or anyone in our federal government, to tell the people who are running the Texas prisons to draw up a plan that would cut the prison population in half within the next three to five years. Tell the people running these prisons that you personally want to see the plan they come up with within the next 60 days. Then sit back and watch what they do. Next, take a hard look at all of the prisoners who have served the time needed to come up for parole. Then you will see they have more than 100% of their time needed or more. I am not talking about letting go of inmates that are causing problems in here. I am saying let the tens of thousands of prisoners out who are model inmates. After that is accomplished, tell them to draw up another plan that will cut the prisons that are left in half. Remember, give them 60 days once again, to show this plan. That would take the prison system from 109 prisons to 54, within the first three to five years. The absolute truth is, they could do this in six months to one year. Now the second plan would take the Texas prison system from 54 prisons to 27. That would do away with 80 prisons. Can you imagine finally seeing Texas taking this step? Personally, I can’t. They do not want to even talk about it. The people running this corrupt prison system would try everything in their power to stop something like that from ever happening. 

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is a big business, if it wasn’t there is no way in hell they would have built over one hundred prisons back in the 1990’s. You can believe this also, there is no way in hell that they would keep all of these prisons up and running, unless they were making big money from us. The sad thing is, nobody in our government has given the people running this prison system this kind of demand before. I mean, this prison boom from the 1990’s has done absolutely nothing to solve the problem that’s needed to help the men and women that are incarcerated in these prisons. Of course, the madmen running this prison system will beat their drums to the same old tune. “What do you want to do, let out all the child molesters and murderers?” Remember that’s their favorite tune because they want to instill fear in the public and our elected officials. No one is suggesting or asking you to turn loose violent prisoners. As I have always said, there is a need for prisons. I believe if the people running the prison system were made to come up with a plan like I talked about they would turn loose the worst of the worst. Why? Because, they would be able to say, “See, look what’s happened.” For all the politicians and people reading this, remember -  there are literally dozens upon dozens of prisons you could empty, right now, with people who have served their time needed to make parole. They not only have served the time needed but have done great inside these prisons. The only reason these prisoners have not been released is because the Puppetmasters understand, they have to keep these prisons full to capacity, in order to keep them open. They have turned the Texas prison system into an industry and have used the prisoners as their personal slaves. 

If the people running the prison system was ever given the ultimatum to close half of the Texas prisons, I would hate to see the sinister shit they would come up with. Look at what they created when the Federal Judge William Wayne Justice, ordered them to shut down the inmates acting as guards and put federal monitors at each prison. The Puppetmasters turned the entire system into a War Zone. This is 2019, and not a thing is being done to reduce the population inside these Texas prisons. It’s because, the same old hateful people are left in control, and their only mission is to keep these prisons full. 

Let’s take a look at some big companies or professional sports teams. What happens when the owner of a big company puts someone in charge of running their business? Then, they see their companies profits are dropping, instead of making money, they are now loosing money? The owner will, of course, replace that person. Even professional sports teams, like the NFL and NBA hire coaches. The owners will see they have some great players, but after a year or two realizes that the coach does not have what it takes to lead their teams to a championship. What do they do? The owners will, of course, replace the coach or coaches. It only makes good business sense. Who in their right mind would allow somebody to continue running things if it’s obvious they are failing? 

The people in charge of this prison system have barely taken these prisons past the days when inmates acted as guards. Think of the complete madness I’ve written about throughout my book. Look at the complete madness that is going on inside these Texas prisons to this very day. Flooding these prisons with: drugs, planting drugs and weapons on inmates, locking prisons down twice a year for weeks or months, feeding bologna and peanut butter sandwiches the entire time, stealing or feeding all of the meats and other food items to the staff, while we starve. Never allowing us no more than a few hours of sleep at a time. Also: beating, mistreating, or shipping prisoners who utilize the grievance system or court system, flooding whole prisons with people that can’t even speak English, like people from Nigeria and Africa, hiring people so old or overweight, they cannot even perform their duties, cooking prisoners to death in their cells or dorms, even after a Federal Judge in Houston ordered them to air condition the Pack Unit. They are still sitting on their asses, instead of air conditioning the other prisons and saving peoples lives. Falsifying disciplinary cases by the tens of thousands. My God, I’ve asked my friend Bernard, who has 20 straight years in, is there anything illegal the Texas prison system is not involved in? His response was, “As you always say Jay, it is a criminal organization”. 

Like I said, once companies or professional sports organizations see the people they hire and put in charge, and then are not living up to their expectations, they will replace them. I believe it’s safe to say that the people running TDCJ are nothing but criminals who have used the prison system to line their pockets with money. It’s beyond time to fire and imprison these animals and bring in people from other states who have proven themselves to make big changes. These people have done it in other states, such as Colorado. God knows, they will have their work cut out for them here in Texas. It’s time to put the Puppetmasters in here with us, and move the Texas prisons into the 21st century. A prison system of honesty, integrity, and rehabilitation. We need this prison system to change for the better, of all its prisoners.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez