John Reinke's Interview 

Below is the transcript of an interview with John Reinke over his experience working with Joe and on the Tiger Sanctuary.

John Reinke: Hey, I am John Reinke, I’ve worked with Joe for 14 years at GW Zoo and we became pretty close during that time.

Interviewer: Been there for 14 years?

John Reinke: I know a little about the zoo yeah, daily operations and some of the ins and outs and some of the excitement I guess you should say, it’s been a big part of my life for fourteen years, it changed my life, ended up getting divorced over it and I’m moving on now and I don’t know I still love animals. People not so much, I hate people. People stab you in the back and animals won’t., they just bite you and go on.

Interviewer: Do you remember any conversations about the USDA, telling you guys to write ‘donated’ on the top, for the transfer forms?

John Reinke: You know, most of the time that is usually what I wrote was donated, if I did transfer form we just donated it. Just because, it was just easy… I mean, our inspector was hammering our ass about filling them out proper anyways, we would never put a drivers tag on you know car or tag it, they wanted full description from then on. They wanted the driver’s license number, the tag number, the type of the car, the color of the car, the name of the person, and they never wanted all that before it was just; donating it there it goes, this is where it’s going this is where it’s coming from and that was it! And then towards the end, they just started asking for more and more information about who was doing what.

And I am sure it had something to do with what was going on because during the interview they wanted to know, you know, they had me giving somebody a brown envelope, in a certain certain car and a certain certain guy and I said; you know I don’t remember that, I mean, I did so much stuff, I transferred so many animals, who the hell knows what it was. But I am sure it had something to do with all that.

Interviewer: let me ask you a question; whenever you used a tranquilizer on a tiger, how long does it take for them to [00:01:56] that?

John Reinke: you know it takes…when you dart a cat, it takes about 15-20 minutes for them to actually go down towards safe enough to go in and sometimes it take longer, I mean if I miss the dose I have to dart and [00:02:11]

Interviewer: Let’s talk about working on the zoo, I know that you, Joe, others, you guys would work whether you are sick or not. As far as being tired, people working on the zoo, Did Jeff and Lauren, were they, did they had the same work ethics for the tigers?

John Reinke: No, Jeff and Lauren didn’t work man, they did not work, they sat, Jeff sat at his desk and Lauren just was Lauren. She was around…

Interviewer: No cleaning, no water?

John Reinke: No, they didn’t do none of that shit, they still don’t do none of that shit. They wouldn’t clean cages, feed cats, every now and then they would go back and visit their cats but other than that, they just walked around and looked pretty and entertained them young guests. No they didn’t, they didn’t rake to pick up poop, no.

Interviewer: Did you ever have any injuries to wear your legs out at the zoo?

John Reinke: Oh, shit man, I am pretty sure, that’s why I lost my second foot because I wouldn’t quit. I am not a quitting kind of guy, I work and work and work and until I just can’t no more. I have been bit; I have been scratched by just about every kind of animal out there. I have been bit by a [00:03:28], I’ve been bit by bear, clawed by a mountain lion, I have been bit by a tiger, I have been by a lot. I mean, I was there when Joe got bit, I got bit, Joe got bit but Joe survived, you know, he took the injuries. You know, when USDA would show up, they started bringing arm guards, they started bringing feds with them. I don’t know if that is what it is, they felt threatened by Joe for some reason, I don’t know why but our facility was the only facility they had armed people with the USDA inspectors.

You know, USDA inspectors ain’t all veterinarians; couple of our inspectors were actually fresh out of school and got a license to be an inspector and Bam we get them!

Interviewer: So they are new?

John Reinke: They are new, and they don’t always know everything. I mean, they don’t even know all the laws that they are supposed to be promoting and teaching us. Joe wasn’t always the kind and friendly guy, most of the time he was because I would make him. Most of the time I wouldn’t let him do the inspections. I would do them because I don’t need any term turmoil with the inspectors. I didn’t need any write-ups is what I didn’t want so I really tried to pacify him, if I couldn’t fix it right there on the spot I would promise them that we’d get it done. I built a pretty good report with the USDA inspectors but then you know every now and then you know they would hear Joe yell or something like that but it was stupid whenever he did, if he had something to say it was stupid because the week before we could do it this way but the next week we can’t do it this way but don’t tell us we can do it one way and not the other! Don’t tell us that there is a law about how high the fence is when it is not written in the gold nowhere! You know this is just a speculation, we got to spend $50,000 to make your speculation right and it might be wrong next week, that’s bullshit.

Interviewer: Did you ever think that there was… when US government would tell you something, did you ever felt like they knew when the USDA was like; you know the fence has to be this much higher, did you felt confident that they were telling you something that they knew or was it speculation?

John Reinke: No, it was speculation; it was only speculation on it. That fence thing was a nightmare because we had, I don’t know, 500 pins man, I mean, we had miles of pins we had to fix and they would give you a week or two you know, sometimes couple of months to fix it, which was just not going to happen! It would take months to do all that.

Interviewer: Do you think that the regular touring agencies that regulate zoo such as the one that you worked on the GW Zoo, do you think that they are competent in their job skill? I mean do they know what they are looking for?

John Reinke: They don’t know what they are looking for, they might have a little bit of a clue but the big picture, they have no idea. They will ask you to do stuff like, we got wrote up for dead mouse on a sidewalk. So we had to put out mouse traps to catch all this stuff to keep them from going in cages and when they eat the poison, how are we supposed to tell them where are they going to die? We can’t tell that mouse where to die. All we can do is to pick up that mouse up and we got wrote up for that a couple of times actually and I don’t you know they ask you to do stupid stuff like I tell you now, how in the hell are you going to tell that mouse; you can’t die in the cage man! It’s just like school, just because you are learning this here doesn’t mean you are going to do that out here, this is a whole different world out here…

Interviewer: Yes.

John Reinke: and they haven’t you know and most of the time, they got a blue book that is about this thick and all it talks about is seals and whales and dolphins. I mean…

Interviewer: there are not a lot seals, wales or dolphins in Oklahoma right?

John Reinke: No

Interviewer: Are you aware that Saff took $1,400 and lied about it?

John Reinke: Lied right to my face man.

Interviewer: Tell me a little about it.

John Reinke: You know, Saff come back and Joe had sent some money and I can’t remember now what the transaction was but there was supposed to be money leftover and Saff just flat out lied and said she didn’t, she didn’t; there wasn’t no money left, and no money left and no money left and we found out there was money left, Saff had spent it, kept it and spent it and… but it took me forever I mean Saff lied right to my face about that. When Saff come along, I had my doubts about Saff, I was told Saff was animal rights and I brought it up to Joe and several others, I was just skeptic but I was skeptical about everybody, let me put that out there too, but then one incident, you know Saff lost an arm, got bit, got pulled in the cage and they took from the elbow down they just de-skinned it and right after Saff had surgery was in the hospital and I think this is in the, I think the… Oklahoman printed it.

One of the animal rights group said that there was supposed to be an accident but it was not supposed to be this severe. Well that just made the hair on the back of my neck stand that much more, because I just didn’t trust them you know, I just… I had my doubts, just some things that were said, things that were done I just knew something was fishy and you know was she animal rights? I don’t know but or he I don’t know but...

Interviewer: It almost sounds like…

John Reinke:  I had my doubts.

Interviewer: It almost sounds like maybe it was planned?

John Reinke: like it was…yeah I mean and me and Joe talked about it too. Out of swore after that comment was put in the press and put in ink I was confident that that accident was set up and somebody was paid to have that accident happen. I was pretty confident at that time. How I feel about Saff now? You know, Saff’s alright. You know I fired Saff a couple of times, Joe would hire her back and it is just one of them things I just got used to, If I fired her Joe would hire her back because we needed help. I just, I warned him all that, I don’t if Saff’s animal rights, I have no idea.

Yeah you know Travis got stuff from Jeff all the time from Vegas you know because you can buy that stuff after, everybody knows Travis smoked weed and did his little oils and stuff that is a no brainer I knew that. I think the family comes out and said he wasn’t on drugs, well they are crazy in hell that boy smoked more weed then they can grow in Oklahoma. Jeff would mail Travis some packages and stuff like that and at the time Joe was taking CBDO because we heard CBDO will have helped you, if you took it and you didn’t get the high of off it and then Jeff had actually sent not CBDO he sent hash oil and you actually get the high effect of off it and messed Joe up there for a while. Took a little bit to figure out what was going on but we figured it out but you know I think Jeff Lowe knew better I think Jeff knew it better that is why he sent in a honey and run with it. Jeff come along and they would spend, I mean he put in monitors at his desk like a theatre and he would sit there and just Google women, you know girls actually young girls; oh this would look good look at this Lauren, oh this would look good look at this Lauren. I mean it was crazy what they would do, they would sit there and hunt for their next victims or prey or whatever you want to call it. You’d see girls come in and out all the time out of their house you know; I got a baby tiger come see this. He would actually you know, he did most of the looking up for where Carol’s property was because he could work at Google Earth nice man I mean he would zoom right in on shit and make it look good so I mean, that’s how Joe actually had seen outlay of Carol’s property was, it was Jeff Low, Jeff showed it to him and yeah he is, he said; look at this look what I can do and then holly crap. Bit I mean he had huge monitors and everything; he is like watching a theatre.

But yeah he spent most of his time online when he wasn’t doing that he was looking up stuff to buy and sell and they started that credit card thing, they came to me and asked me if I’d take one to my doctor and get him the cash it and I said; are you kidding me, I need my doctors! He said; I would give you 50% of it. No, that is not going to happen and that’s how I found about the illegal medical card stuff. I think he bought a few set of teeth for some of the staff and I don’t know, I don’t know if Carol or Jeff Lowe paid for Eric Kelly’s teeth I see he got new teeth too down in Florida so, kind of weird he’s in Florida but anyway I don’t know.

That sponsor came in to the zoo, I don’t remember her last name but I know her name was Cheryl and she had some money she had some retirement money some big money and Jeff just milked her dry man and he… I don’t know if she is still involved or not but heard she was involved in Thacker Ville but I don’t know if it’s true or not. Not there anymore to confirm all that but yeah he milked her dry, she bought a bunch of material to build cages, bought him a bus for Vegas and had it wrapped and then never used it, hell I know, I am in the vinyl business I know what that wrap costs, holly shit! And then I hear he’s talked her into buying a property in Thacker Ville too and I don’t when she quits man, she just keep giving to him and giving to him and getting conned and worded over.

Jeff started this Vegas thing and every time he would go to Vegas, he would call Joe; I need some money, I need some money, need some money, all the time and Joe was having to overnight him some mail, some money through Wal-Mart. I mean constantly and then we would had to swap out cubs, he’d take cubs out there, if we got the cubs back he’d swap them out. And they’d come back mean and shit because they didn’t have no training or anything. I know a couple of cubs didn’t come back, couple of animals didn’t come back; Raccoons didn’t come back, Skunks didn’t come back but we had a couple of older tigers that we had to put down and everybody knows it you know, ever since I started if you were there a year, Joe would make you a necklace with a tiger tooth. Well I had cut some teeth out of the tiger and Jeff Lowe wanted them so we had to give them to Jeff Lowe. I don’t know where they went. Well one day, we had an older tiger that we put down and Jeff says I need the feet! I said what do you mean you need the feet? He made me cut the feet of that dead tiger and put them in bag so he could take them to Vegas to sell them. So I did, and long story short he forgot them and didn’t take them so I actually buried them. Because I was staying at Jeff Lowe’s house after my cabin got sold out from under me and all that after I’d quit the first time. I mean anyways I was staying Jeff Lowe’s house and I was putting ice-cream in his freezer and I had seen feet in there. So I said there is no fucking way I am going to leave these in this freezer. First of all it’s illegal, second of all, he didn’t need to sell them in Vegas so I actually buried them and I mean last I heard he thought Saff had robbed him because Saff was staying there for two or something. But I just let it go and never told him different because I didn’t wanted be a part of selling fucking tiger feet in Vegas.

But you know, we had some tigers heads done and I wanted one of the first tigers that I had taken care of and Joe had 4 or 5 of them done and Jeff Lowe had one on his wall in his cabin. Well I had come home for the weekend and Joe called me and said; where are the keys to Jeff’s cabin. I said; why? He said; Jeff Lowe want them so he can send them to Vegas he’s got them sold. And I said; that’s not on me guys, I said you can’t sell them tiger heads across state lines. Anyways I told them how to get them in the cab and they got in the cab and sent them to Jeff out in Vegas. I actually think John Finley actually hold them I think he met them halfway or something but anyways he got to hide and it never came back so I am sure he sold it in Vegas. Travis was one and he was not afraid to give you his opinion. Travis was not fond of Jeff Lowe at all because Travis knew how much money Joe was sending Jeff Lowe in Vegas. And I mean, it was not a 100 here a 100 there, it was thousands here and thousands there. I mean it was $5,000 – $6,000 at time and Travis had seen that and Travis had to bite his tongue stay to himself so if Jeff was on the park, Travis just stayed away. Stayed hid because Travis would have confronted him and made it known and that was just Travis. I miss this shit out of that guy I love that guy. Out of all the puppies Joe ever had, Travis was the one I like the most. But for that reason he would tell you how he felt but if I needed something Travis was there. And he was not fond of Jeff Lowe at all. A lot of people brought up all the deaths that we have of babies. That was all KMR implemented you know, KMR came out of bad formula, we had 25 cubs die in a period of time and there is paperwork and write-ups and was a FOI (Freedom Of Information) out there to prove, I mean KMR sent us a pile of freaking formula because they knew they’d screwed up you know and that’s how them cubs died. We didn’t kill them cub, we didn’t use [00:16:48] on those cubs, those were all from KMR.

Interviewer: And that was a long time that was that one incident. 

John Reinke: Yes, that was that one incident and then they fixed their formula and never had a problem again. I could be a spokesperson for KMR because I have saved, and I am not going to lie we a had bunch of cubs in 14 years. I saved a bunch of cubs on KMR. You know it’s something that happens and it’s not just us, it’s every zoo out there. They are all pulling their cubs, trying to make them better cubs and make them survive because mom won’t necessarily take care of them all the time. But when you do have a cub that is deformed or something wrong, club footage you know, you probably should euthanize it. And that’s what needs to happen. People don’t look at the big picture you know, at one time we had a 189 cats and we had I don’t know, at one time I probably had 24 cubs born within a 4 week period. Was not expecting that, we took some cat in and then they got pregnant.

When you have that many cats man you going to have put some down for old age or problems. We had a protocol that said; if we couldn’t get the vet and we need to take care of something, that we could euthanize them with a bullet. It’s more humane to euthanize them with a bullet it’s quick. If I got to dart that cat, sometimes I miss the medicine and I got to dart them 2 or 3 times. Sometimes I miss the dart. You are tormenting that cat man you are running that cat to death. It’s just mean to do it that way if you are going to euthanize them. Everybody think it’s humane. They need to watch it one time and see how humane it is. Sometimes they go into seizures, it’s not always pretty. A bullet to the head is instant and it’s done.

Those were not young cubs, rumors has it Lauren said that they were 3 and 4 years cubs, she is full of shit, those cubs were all 17-18 years old, at the top of their lives, they wasn’t going to live much longer they have been de-clawed. We had just gotten told by the USDA we were going to rolled up if didn’t put them on arthritis medicine every day and took care of this problem and holly shit that’s expensive and you got to trust your staff to give the medicine and it’s just, it was just not going to happen that way. So Joe elected the euthanize them and he did, which was his right I don’t know why they made it a big deal. Go shoot your horse in the head when he breaks a leg, you can’t do that no more now. Because if Joe can’t shoot his tigers because of medical problem you can’t shoot your horse for medical problem, so call a vet, pay that damn $700 and have them euthanized!

Interviewer: Let me ask you a question right here?

John Reinke: I’m passionate on that and let me tell you that pisses me off.

Interviewer: You know a lot of people are in farming right?

John Reinke: Yep  

Interviewer: Do they call out a vet to put a horse or cow down?

John Reinke: Hell no, they don’t, they walk to the truck they get through shot gun or their rifle and they shoot it and that’s just the way it happens. And that is horse shit to prosecute him for doing that five tigers there has got to be a right, there’s paper somewhere that tells us we had to put them on our arthritis medicine and I know the is, somewhere.

Interviewer: An arthritis medicine, does that give them a good quality of life by the end of it?

John Reinke: It doesn’t, you know, I am on arthritis medicine and somebody probably needs to put me down. It’s a pain in the ass, I get sick every time I take it, it sucks! She sees it, I mean I am ruin for a day and a half every time I take it and I have to take it once a week. I wouldn’t want an animal to go through that and to see that now and see what they did to Joe, it’s just wrong. When Jeff Lowe started his Las Vegas thing, somebody has to run the park, we had to have money to run the park, we have debt check pay bills and all that, Jeff Lowe went and got a stamp of his signatures so Joe could stamp checks and pay the people that got checks and pay the bills and stuff like that. Jeff Lowe give Joe permission to use that stamp and now Jeff Lowe comes out and says Joe illegally used this stamp and stole all this money that’s bullshit! I think, I don’t think Jeff was on the stamp I think it was Lauren that made the comment that Joe illegally used that stamp, that’s bullshit. Joe had permission to use that stamp.

Interviewer: And Jeff gave it to him?

John Reinke: And Jeff gave it to him.

Interviewer: And in Jeff’s absence, Joe would execute on Jeff’s behalf?

John Reinke: Yep, Yes. Yeah, when Jeff was out of town, if Jeff was there he would just sign the checks and Jeff would sign five or six checks before he left and when it all started and then they found out that it wasn’t enough checks so that’s when Jeff Lowe come back and got the stamp for him and give him permission for the stamp. You know they, prosecution was going to use me in a sue, in a court case but they didn’t need me so I got to go to the end of the trial and when I got to be there for the reading of the charges and all that stuff and then I got to be there for the when Jury come back in convictions. One of the charges was the health certificate were illegally filled out, they were filled out wrong and which made it illegal and you know, when we did health certificates, Dr. Green never checked any of the boxes ever. The whole fourteen years I was there, she would never check the boxes of selling, trading, donating or any of that, she never did none of that, and now for some reason we didn’t either, we just leave it blank. For some reason her secretary went up and checked the box as selling the tiger and they convicted Joe of something somebody else did on a health certificate. That is so wrong! I can honestly tell you Joe…I bet Joe didn’t see health certificates because that all went through me, you know I took care of health certificates, I took care of transfer forms and they convicted Joe because he was ultimately responsible of what the judge said but how are we responsible you know something somebody else checked on that box. I mean, if that’s the case, anybody could have checked anything on there. I mean, I could send somebody to jail just about putting an ‘X’ on a damn box somewhere and they not see it. It was wrong for him to be convicted on that. I [00:23:16] when I heard that conviction come back on that health certificate charge, I said, holly shit! [Laughs]

Interviewer: You were originally going to testify right?

John Reinke: Yeah, originally, you know Joe’s attorneys called me; they come and visited me first. And then I never heard from them again and then towards the end before the trial started, I mean, they went till the last minute to talk to me and then they subpoenaed me after they had their talk, they called me and told me that they didn’t need me and it’s just crazy.

Interviewer: they went into a big preparation for you to go isn’t it?

John Reinke: Oh yeah, shit

Interviewer: they it was disrespectful for you to not [00:23:53]?

John Reinke: Oh yeah, they told me how to buy pants because I couldn’t disrespect the judge, I couldn’t wear my hat because it is... and I understood the hat thing but I didn’t understand the pants thing, because everybody knows me, I don’t wear pants. I didn’t even own pants I had to go buy pants for this damn court case and then they called me and told me that they didn’t need me.

Yeah they had given me all the ins and outs of everything I had to do to prep to go to court and everything, they were going to pay me so much money to appear, they were going to pay for motel room I had to stay in a certain room I had the room number and everything. All of that was already set up and then I believe it was the day before I was supposed to go and leave to go up there they called me and said they weren’t going to need me and I had done; bought pants and got ready to go and I mean I was pissed.

Interviewer: Did you find that odd?

John Reinke: I did find that odd.

Interviewer: Tell me everything, what I mean…

John Reinke: After fourteen years of running the day to day operations and some of the ins and outs of that zoo, nobody talked to me on the stand. Nobody wanted my opinion and nobody wanted to talk to Reinke and I don’t know it was because I wasn’t a drunk or on drugs when I was on the stand or I don’t know what it was but they talked to all of them people…they talked to Eric Cowe who was drunk on the stand, they talked to Glover that was on something when he was standing lied and purged himself right there on the stand, it’s crazy how they talked to all…I ain’t afraid to say talked to all the idiots but they didn’t even wanted to talk to the guy who ran the place it just, it kind of blew my mind and to this day I still don’t understand why not? Not that I wanted to because believe me I didn’t wanted to get involved but I was already involved.

Interviewer: Next to Joe, who would know as much about that park? You!

John Reinke: That would be me.

Interviewer: and you would be [00:25:36]

John Reinke: That would be me, because if Joe left it was me, I was the guy. I had to run the studio when Joe was gone, I had to run the zoo, I had to make sure that checks got paid, I had to make sure everything was taken care of when Joe wasn’t there. I was…I was number two.

Jeff said too I believe Jeff…

Interviewer: told Jeff

John Reinke: told Joe

Interviewer: yeah

John Reinke: to just get him out of there because since it was…

John Reinke: it was a fight to get him off the zoo, yeah. Because it was I mean it was ugly. It was to the point where I mean they were actually exchanging words and I didn’t even wanted to talk to him and Jeff said to get him off the park until he got back and then they discuss it. And that’s how the $3000 bullshit all came up, but I think, this whole ramrod thing was all in play at that time.

Allen Glover came along with Jeff Lowe and he was Jeff Lowe’s right hand from Myrtle Beach and he is a little, he is a little different, thugy type, convict looking type, me and Joe never trusted him ever. I mean, he was just shady, if I took a piss, Jeff Lowe knew it before I got out of the damn pisser. If Joe went to town, Jeff Lowe knew it before Joe got back from town. Jeff Lowe is in Vegas and…

Interviewer: okay.

John Reinke: left Allen Glover to be his snitch on the park so we never trusted him and I think he knew that and he didn’t like us and we didn’t like him and that’s pretty much how the damn paid to kill Carole Baskin bullshit started because Joe wanted him off the park, I wanted him off the park. I mean we couldn’t jack shit without Jeff Lowe calling or throwing to see fit. So, Joe says, you know we don’t get along, you need to leave. Here’s three grand, go home until Jeff figures out what he is going to do here and with you and be off. And that’s how that all started so then he just housed up in his trailer and never come out and just stayed there on park. He was a…Glover was weasel man, he was just a fall to guy; Jeff Lowe’s puppet. Whatever Jeff Lowe said Allen Glover did or said and that’s true to this day because first of all who in his right mind is going to take $3,000 to kill somebody, that’s just bullshit. So, that’s how that all trumped up that, Joe paid Allen Glover to kill Carole or whatever. First of all, Joe would have never just paid somebody kill Carole Baskin. He would have never went that far without somebody kicking him in the ass, poking him in the side, pushing it along none of that would have ever got said. We have all said it is on videos on YouTube it’s all out there.

Interviewer:  it’s part of an act [00:28:24]

John Reinke: We all, we all said it I mean Carole sued me in federal court, sued Joe in federal court, sued everybody involved in federal court, what is she going to get from me, nothing. We have all said it, we wanted to bitch dead she just needs to go on with her live, somebody need to offer, we all said it. And I’ll say, I said it, it’s out there. But he would never pursued it without somebody kicking the dog and pushing this along. He instantly… Jeff Lowe instantly…

Interviewer: They introduced the undercover and I saw on the series he didn’t make…

John Reinke: no money…

Interviewer: he talked about it but there was no deal!

John Reinke: No money changed hands but yet he still got a conviction out of it. And now how in the hell is that possible? It was ramrod. Joe got a bad deal. Did Joe some things wrong? Yes he did. Did Joe deserve 22 years? Hell no! He is been in there long enough now for his crimes that he did that were misdemeanors and should have been tickets. I mean, he never had any charges before, so why is the first time charge that damn, I mean he got max on that stuff.

 Interviewer:  And normal they would be what?

John Reinke: Tickets, they were just tickets and fines, that’s all it was. If and the only reason he would have got a ticket was because to pay the fine and that’s just insane they did that, insane.

Interviewer: Do you think Joe paid $3,000 for hit man?

John Reinke: [Laughs]

Interviewer: To a guy name, Allen Glover, that has substance abuse issues and other issues? Do you think that’s what the $3,000 was for and if you don’t think that’s what it was for, what was the $3,000 for?

John Reinke: first of all, there is no way, Joe is not that stupid, you are not going to hire a hit man for $3,000. I don’t give a shit who you are, there aren’t enough zeros on the back of that three I promise you, and Joe is not dumb he knows that. Allen Glover, I don’t think could kill anybody. He might have a tear drop for being in prison but hell anybody can tattoo a tear drop. That $3,000 was purposely given to Allen Glover to get him off the property and get out of our hair. Like I said before, he was a pain in our ass, a thorn in on sight, he wouldn’t do anything and he was still drawing a paycheck and he wouldn’t even show up to work most of the time and it was solely to get him off the property, get of him of hair because we didn’t want to deal with him.

Interviewer:  What were Allen Glover’s work ethics?

John Reinke: He didn’t have work ethics. If he showed up for work, he did what he wanted to do, when he wanted to do it and how he wanted to do it, if he did it.

Interviewer:  But what do you think his main job was at GW Zoo?

John Reinke: His main, he didn’t really have a job but his main purpose was to keep an eye on Joe.

Interviewer: And who would he relay that information to?

John Reinke: He would relay that information to Jeff Lowe.

Interviewer: okay

John Reinke: and as I said Jeff Lowe knew everything before we even did it. I can honestly say the judge had to have a doubt for Joe. I don’t know if he is homophobe or what but anybody else, Joe didn’t have a record. Joe didn’t do bunch of felonies and convictions. I think Jeff Lowe is a felon, Allen Glover is a felon. There is one other felon that was on the property but anyways I can see them getting maximum penalties. Joe hadn’t done nothing wrong.

Interviewer: Joe had no criminal history.

John Reinke: And he had seventeen charges of tickets and fines. And he gets time for all those which is just absolutely insane. So this judge definitely through the book at Joe and to this day, he just didn’t like Joe to get to max.

Interviewer: Let me ask you this, a lot of cowboys in Oklahoma right?

John Reinke: Oh yeah, there’s a bunch of cowboys, bunch of farmers.

Interviewer: and what about if you are a gay cowboy, do you stand out a little bit?

John Reinke: [Laughs] Yeah, you know and that’s funny you say something like that. Oklahoma is, they are not really fond of gays you know, I worked with Joe and I’ve worked with gays, you know I worked with the lesbians; I’ve worked with all of them. People wanted to…Trans-genders I’ve worked with all of them. And I don’t have a problem with that. I am not gay, I am straight but that’s my priority, you know my purgative.

I remember John Finlay getting arrested one time and going to jail and they put him in pink handcuffs and paraded him through the jail before they put him in his cell and that right there is Oklahoma.

Interviewer: That’s Grady County right?

John Reinke: That’s Grady, I think it was Grady County yeah

Interviewer: Okay

John Reinke: No that was Garvin, it was Garvin County.

Interviewer: Garvin Kenny okay,

John Reinke: Garvin County.

Interviewer: I remember that.

John Reinke: The whole time I was there, and you know for some of the employees to come out and just bash Joe, the ones that are bashing Joe it just blows my mind because if they got in trouble with the jail they called Joe, Joe had to bail them out. If their car got impounded because they went to jail, Joe had to bail their car out. He did that so many times.

Interviewer:  Joe didn’t had to but he did that out of his own good kindness?

John Reinke: He did out of his on that was Joe, that’s what Joe was, Joe was nice. Joe fed the hungry you know fed…if you were hungry and you needed a meal, Joe would feed you. He fed everybody for thanksgiving and Christmas free every year. He cooked turkeys and all kinds of shit.

Interviewer: made a lot of last wishes for people?

John Reinke: yeah I mean, we went and did…we went to OU medical and took kids that were dying gifts and stuff up there and passed them out. Make a wish, we called and we did some make a wish deals we took tiger cubs to people that were dying and stuff like that, he did that stuff all the time. If you come in with a disabled child and something was wrong, Joe would give him you know he would pay special attention to him and make him feel wanted and cared for and all that. And he always did that, even in his magic show he always did that, he would touch on them people’s heart.

Interviewer: He was an inclusive person?

John Reinke: Yeah, I mean, he had a good heart.

Interviewer: Let me ask you this, I see Joe is a brat to people that have big salaries at Zoos globally. They get fanfare about once every five years, these folks are highly paid and educated and you know they are celebrated if they are able to make something successful, right? We know that Joe has worked with some of the top minds in Texas A&M and we know that Joe knows the secret.

John Reinke: Yeah.

Interviewer: The secret to that is the ability to mate, right?

John Reinke: Many many times, we always talked about all that, the CEOs like at the Oklahoma City Zoo and stuff like that, man they live in some houses now, I mean…

Interviewer: Yeah

John Reinke: Some houses and here is Joe in a mediocre house and you smell cat piss every time you walked in it, it was always about the animals and Joe made sure of that you know it was always about the people, trying to make them happy and you know he got a little eccentric towards the end, hell he was driven to it you know. He, he loved the animals. I mean, now we are being accused of abusing animals and that’s just insane.

Interviewer: so I almost think…

John Reinke: Absolutely insane!

Interviewer: I almost think that when you look at zoos, I almost think that it is a person that makes the accusation; they are doing something bad to cover what they do?

John Reinke: Most of the time, if somebody is pointing a finger then it is because they are in the wrong.

Interviewer: Yeah

John Reinke: You know that’s the old saying; you shouldn’t throw rocks at a glass house and that’s what that is all about, most of the time that’s way it was.

Interviewer: Are you aware of any other folks that were on you that were affiliated with GW Zoo there was recently a show that came on Animal Planet, are you aware if any of those folks got paid for their participation?

John Reinke: Yeah, I am pretty sure they got paid for their participation I mean, I haven’t seen it in writing but I have been told a nice little sum too, but you know, I got prosecuted; persecuted I should say on Facebook because I made the statement out there that the number one person talking on there was a wolf guy and a gift shop girl. And I got hammered because she is not gift shop girl. Yeah, she was a gift shop girl for three or four months and she worked out on the park for five months or six months and that was it. And you would have thought she ran that place the way they talked to her all the time and carried on and...

Interviewer: Certainly not the expertise that come with fourteen years plus.

John Reinke: No, No, they didn’t wanted to talk to me because I could have told them about the wolf guy. And I could have told them about killing a wolf and that’s why the numbers on the wolf were wrong because the people that come to get the wolf ran the wolf so damn bad, it killed him. You know they didn’t talk about that, why didn’t they talk about it!

Interviewer: Yeah, it is hard to do a documentary when you are playing your talent.

John Reinke: And now I find out that the wolf guy is convicted. Never in my life would I’ve thought we would have come to this murder for hire and seventeen [00:37:34] cases on Joe, never. It’s real odd and for Joe to just say; hey, here’s three grand, go kill Carole to Allen Glover is just, it just didn’t happen.

Interviewer: It sure makes it easy when Jeff is pulling up everything on Google Maps.

John Reinke: Google Maps.

Interviewer: Yep

John Reinke: And they even had it how to do it and everything, they had it down, they just sit there and discuss that and…

Interviewer: so Jeff really should be in prison?

John Reinke: Yeah, I mean yeah, I mean, he is as guilty as Joe is if not more, I would say more, but since it all came out, I mean it’s out there, Jeff makes the comment… I mean he sits there and coaches Allen Glover on a speech the whole time and they got it all on film. How is that even, I mean, how is that…jury didn’t see that I can promise you. Yeah, yeah, it was odd. It just, I mean, it just blows my mind that nobody wanted to talk to the guy that right there besides Joe for fourteen years, threw it all!

Interviewer: You think Joe have incompetent representation?

John Reinke: Yeah, he definitely, he definitely did. And you know I told them when they showed up to interview me. You all have not got enough paperwork, I said you all have a whole a lot bigger job then this do and they told me; so we have other cases we have to deal with too. Yeah, you know...

Interviewer: Let me ask you a few more questions…

John Reinke: I guess he is just a sheep in a field I guess.

Interviewer: Yeah. So defense attorney that is supplied by the government in a case from the government, against your client right, your guy

John Reinke: Kind of stacked already isn’t it?

Interviewer: Yes, kind of stacked already it seems, I find it really odd that they didn’t call any witnesses, a ton of evidence were suppressed, it’s almost like they are playing on the same team.

John Reinke: Yeah, well you know they are, I mean, they know who signs their checks; they didn’t talk to me probably two and half hours.

Interviewer: and this case, this case, a case of this level with this many charges, this is a case that is going to take a lot of investigating, it’s going to take a lot of time and it’s easier for those guys to do plea deal, correct?

John Reinke: Correct.

Interviewer: Joe didn’t want to do plea deal, right?

John Reinke: Right.

Interviewer: Because he is innocent.

John Reinke: Yeah

Interviewer: And at the end of the day, they didn’t put the necessary talent and time into the case, they went in half loaded defending him.

John Reinke: I don’t even think they were half loaded.

Interviewer: Well I was being gracious

John Reinke: they, I mean yeah you know I don’t remember all the questions they asked but I know the questions that they did ask me just really didn’t have anything to..

Interviewer: it didn’t make sense?

John Reinke: it didn’t make sense. And that’s why I questioned you know, you all have got a lot of work ahead of you, I mean, you all haven’t got enough paperwork here.

Interviewer: So one of the things that, team tiger is doing is obviously we petition, president Donald J Trump number 45, we petition for a pardon for Joe and that pardon includes everything that we talked about and more in this interview.

The one thing that we would like Donald J Trump to know is that the system is corrupt and we think that president Donald Trump out of all presidents understands when someone targets you, whether you are a person that is a threat someone…I mean he has been targeted many many times.

John Reinke: Yeah.

Interviewer: it is relentless

John Reinke: Yeah

Interviewer: People in his administration and his family. So, you know, this case to us is about the American; a guy living the American dream, who was successful in his own right, he helped people, he was gracious the same people that he helped have turned around to bite them for a couple of dollars from documentaries that you know you are not supposed to pay people for, if you are doing it for a documentary.

John Reinke: Yeah, they say it is unethical.

Interviewer: It is unethical! And when you start paying then you start becoming an actor.

John Reinke: Yeah

Interviewer: So, is there anything that you would like to say to the president Donald J Trump on behalf of Joe?

John Reinke: The evidence is there, it speaks for itself, the whole country is talking about it. He was definitely railroaded, you know it; the judicial system is a mess to have paid federal employees, defending somebody against paid federal employees, it can’t work that way. These guys didn’t put an effort into saving Joe at all, I am sure they didn’t care. Look at the evidence, it’s all there, do the right thing, you are the man. It’s all in your hands.

Interviewer: And closing this interview out, we think that Joe is really the perfect spokesperson for criminal justice reform and prison reform. Joe has again being targeted; we can prove that there was a conspiracy. We can prove that there is collusion. We can prove a lot of things. And we think Joe from now being on the inside convicted, sitting there communicating with his legal team as he does very regularly, we think that he is the perfect spokesperson because look; you have people all over this country that are Joes, that are wrongfully convicted, a victim of the system, we think Joe can be a great spokesperson and truly help get the criminal justice system back on track. And when a person is wrongfully convicted; that makes serving that time a little bit harder I think.

John Reinke: Yeah, yeah, definitely. When they know they are innocent and you know like you said, it is not just Joe you see it all time, this guy was in here for fifteen years before he got out you know innocent, because they didn’t look at the right evident, you see it all the time and that’s just wrong man, that’s fifteen years you won’t get back! And I mean…

Interviewer: This country is better than that right?

John Reinke: Oh yes, yes. 

Interviewer: This country is better than that.

John Reinke: This country needs to be better than that.

Interviewer: Yes

John Reinke: Yeah.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez