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To Our Elected OfficialsTo Our Elected Officials
June 21st, 2019: my only obiective here is to give you guys out there in the free world the real view of what’s going on in here instead of the 5 o’clock news TDCJ sound bite version of lollipops and rainbows.

Highway RobberyHighway Robbery
June 14th, 2019: One of the most distressing things I’ve learned about the prison system as I worked my way through this maze was how unapologetic the TDCJ is in its prolific profiteering from
 the misery of others. It’s not enough that one of its citizens has commi

Texas OutlawsTexas Outlaws
June 7th, 2019: Now that we’ve see how prisons in Texas proliferated until there were over a hundred of them, and how the guards that the TDCJ hired in order to fill these prisons were either unable to do the work involved or began using their positions of authority as

Texas Plays MonopolyTexas Plays Monopoly
May 31st, 2019: As I go back to the 1990s and all of the madness the decade brought he TDCJ, I’m amazed at the masterfulness of the Puppet Masters. I must admit there are times I am in disbelief over what I’ve seen happen, and what continues to happen even now.

Prison’s RegressPrison’s Regress
May 17th, 2019: If you are reading this, you have probably learned enough history to know that, in other eras of history, a prisoner was guaranteed a piece of bread and some gruel along with a nice slab of stone or wood to lay his head down at night. If the prisoner’s

Crab WalkingCrab Walking
May 10th, 2019: To win an argument, a good debater will do his best to be the one who defines the terms of the debate. While it might be too easy to think that these articles are, in a tangible way, arguments for prison reform in Texas, please allow 
me to define the

Might Is Right?Might Is Right?
May 3rd, 2019: In my last chapter, I spoke about my time at the Estelle Unit and some of the abuses of the elderly and the mistreatment of prisoners that were sick or dying, and now I want everyone to know that these were not isolated incidents. Similar
 abuses go on

Free DarlieFree Darlie
April 19th, 2019: If you’ve spent any time in jail at all and have any social skills whatsoever, it’s likely that you have heard it all. But every now and again, along comes a story of injustice so amazing that the hardest heart wants to weep.

Ruiz’s Achilles HeelRuiz’s Achilles Heel
April 12th, 2019: As much as I admire and appreciate the amazing things that David Ruiz accomplished for Texas inmates, the settlement that was eventually agreed to had a weakness that ultimately caused it to fail as an agent of change in the state prison system.

Gainful EmploymentGainful Employment
January 25th, 2019: As the 1990s came to an end, it seemed like the Puppetmasters had set their criminal empire up to be pretty much untouchable. Almost all of the hardcore gang members are sitting in super segregations.

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