Medical Extortion in Prison

October 20th, 2017: I used to hear people say how inmates have it made in prison, how they get clean clothes, three hots and a cot. Not to mention free medical and dental. When I came to prison, though, I learned it was a lot different than I’d heard while I was free. We d

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Preservation of Error In Criminal Cases and Defenses

June 10th, 2017: It basically means that if the trial court – it’s that whole rational jury thing again if no rational jury could agree with that. And number two; the existence of the presumed fact is submitted to the jury, the court shall charge the jury in terms

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Criminal Investigation with Public Records

June 8th, 2017: Public records! Now we’re going to get to the simple lesson on cutting your finger! Look at everything and make notes. Go to the courthouse. Any place that person’s lived. Type in their name or give it to the clerk. If they don’t have anything you c

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Witness Interviews in Criminal Case Investigation

June 4th, 2017: Let’s talk about approaching witnesses. And this didn’t matter, its family violence, domestic assault, the gang shooting out in front of the club Rio or whatever. You kind of get your mind right

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Criminal Case Investigators

June 2nd, 2017: I would have avoided got kicked around in the court room like a can and some of it started when I was an assistant D.A in Cleveland. I got some real fundamental rules;

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Criminal Practice of Law

May 30th, 2017: Relationship with Mac, sitting on a downward spiral and she wanted to die! She turned to Mac and constantly begged and pleaded, with him to do her bidding

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Right to Counsel and Statements

May 28th, 2017: Ok, we talked about that court of criminal procedure 1.051C; if an indigent defendant is entitled to and requests appointed counsel and if adversarial judicial proceedings have been initiated, the appointing authority shall

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Criminal Case Investigation

May 26th, 2017: Jury wouldn’t have 5 minutes, the part of that illustration is “Sometimes you got to think outside the box”, and that’s why sometimes, the unwinnable case is more fun. Okay! Man you got toped to the prosecutor, you get your—you get your

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Criminal Litigation

May 24th, 2017: Now we have a case called Montejo case. And when this came out, I was fortunate enough to have a discussion with Henry Bemprod who’s now one of our magistrates. And he was telling me,” all was lost, all was lost” you know after Montejo. And then in

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Immigration Legislative Update

May 22nd, 2017: Given the nature of the session and how papers are typically due well in advance with Wesley Duncan. You will get an email about 80-90 page paper — with every text of every single bill that’s in here. So that way what we can focus on for the

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