19 Days

by Kris Pussell

Francisco Hernandez

They say little babes are meant for holdin’.
They say that the eyes can see the truth.
Well, anyone who watched me when I held you saw me smilin’.
And they knew my heart belonged to you.
On the day you weee born we named you Kaden,
But in my heart I only called you”Son.”
And I had me a plan, first as a boy, then as a man,
That you’d do all the things I’d never done.


Oh, that road down to Harpersville’s the longest one I know.
Eternities are lived in seconds, standin’ by that stone.
And I don’t need no books or shrinks to tell me how to feel;
When I get to heaven, I’ll be healed.
When I hold my boy again then I’ll be healed.

Well, my mind said I should have seen it comin’.
My life was just too good for it to last.
But, my heart told me to feel, ‘cause pain’s the only way to heal,
And soon enough right now will be the past.
So, we layed down with our little baby angel.
His mom and me took turns to hold our son.
Oh, the miracle he made is that he fought for 19 days,
And in the end we felt like he had won.


Oh, our lives ain’t been so easy since you left us.
I went and got in trouble with the law.
So, I gave your Mom a kiss, ‘long with your brother and your sis’,
And I went to answer consequences call.
Now when life’s stresses really got me goin’,
I take a breath and think about my boy,
And I know this time is dear, ’cause even though he isn’t here,
He’s in heaven and that thought, it brings me joy.


The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez