Will the Corruption Ever Stop in TDCJ?

By Jay Goodman

It’s near the end of 2019, and I look around me in these Texas prisons and have asked-myself countless of times, what will it take for Texas to change? How many more men and women have to be abused physically and mentally? How many more have to be murdered? The people that are sent to prison are sent here because they have broken the law and have to pay a debt to society. OK.

So, when are the people that have run this corrupt prison system going to be made to answer for their crimes? We are not talking petty crimes, I am talking; grand theft, falsifying state documentation, drug trafficking, setting prisoners up with drugs and weapons, setting prisoners up to be assaulted, torturing us with sleep deprivation, starvation tactics, beating us, writing fake disciplinary cases, finding us guilty in this corrupt court system here even if there’s no evidence, or we have dozens of witnesses, cooking us to death in our cells and dorms, raping prisoners, lying or covering up the Grievances that are written, or not answering them at all, retaliating against prisoners for utilizing the Grievance system and court system, and murdering us.

All of the things I just mentioned happen on a daily basis, but no one is being made to answer. This is a criminal organization that’s allowed to exist without any worry whatsoever that they’ll be charged and sent to prison. No one has to worry, because the state has allowed these criminals to run wild for so long now, that there’s no need to worry. They understand they won’t be charged. He1l, they won’t even fire someone who they catch; stealing, lying, or falsifying documents.

To prove my point, look at our old Warden, Beard. They caught him with five deep freezers full of stolen meats. Not only did he steal from the state, but even our local food bank. Was he even charged? NO! Was he even fired? NO! Everything I just mentioned is only a small version of what’s going on in all of the Texas prisons. But let an inmate get caught with one or two joints, and he will be charged and given more time on his or her sentence.

The Puppetmasters are so far out of control, that they will’ stand in front of a federal judge and deny any wrong doing, or just lie to his face. My point is this, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice was just caught lying to a Federal Judge Ellison last month. Did anyone get fired? Of course not. The Texas prison system falsified the paper work to the lawyers and to the federal court about information pertaining to the Heat Lawsuit and the temperatures inside the prisons. And when Judge Ellison signed an order forcing Texas to allow the lawyers and a team of inspectors inside the prison, it was proven that they lied. Hell, this information just came out in the “Houston Chronicle”, August 13, 2019. And once again, I have to ask, was anyone fired? Was anyone charged? Was any- one even disciplined? NO! Why doesn’t anybody ever get into any kind of trouble? Because these are the exact types of individuals the Texas Department of Criminal Justice wants working for them.

This entire prison system is built on slavery, torture, and the physical and mental abuse of every inmate who has ever entered its doors. And I ask myself, how could this criminal organization continue to exist inside of the United States of America? How can they be allowed to commit every crime imaginable without one single person having to answer for what they’ve done? It’s not like it’s a secret, there have been so many people caught through the years by the Office of the Inspector General. Bringing in drugs and cell phones, assaulting, raping, stealing, and murdering prisoners. It’s, only when the Office of the Inspector General steps in that someone is actually charged. But, even then, that’s not always true. Because even when ex-Warden Beard was here and got caught with five freezers full of meat that he had stolen from the prison and the food bank, he was never charged. Beard, not only broke the prison policy, he broke state and federal laws, and didn’t even get charged.

Look at the complete insanity of this situation. Around one hundred and sixty thousand people in the Texas prisons. All of us sent to prison for breaking a law. And here Beard, is caught red handed with five freezers full of stolen meat and tons of other things from our local food bank. And he doesn’t have to spend one day in prison! And to rub a little salt in our wounds, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice allows this piece of sh--, who has spent 30 years stealing from the Tax payers, abusing prisoners like the rest of these criminals, to “Retire”.

I ask everyone reading this, is there not something wrong with this picture? I broke the law and was sent to prison right along with my fellow prisoners. I do not want people to think that I’m some guy who is mad at the world, because I’m not. I understand after 15 years of incarceration, that I deserved this punishment. I made some terrible decisions throughout my life, now I must face the consequences for those actions. But now I’m asking, why don’t the people that work here, that commit crimes every day, not held to the same type of standards? Are the Texas Department of Criminal Justice employees exempt from the same justice, that every-single man, woman, and I have been sent to prison for? And before someone says, there are plenty of prison guards arrested and charged. Yes, this is true. But they were arrested by the Office of the Inspector General. I call these guards “sacrifices”. Meaning several different things. One, the guard was stupid. And because he was stupid, the Puppetmasters believed he was a weak link. So, they set him up to get busted. They can also use this weak link to make themselves look good and appear like they’re doing their jobs. And if something really bad has been going on at that prison, they will blame it on the weak link. When I say this prison is a well-organized criminal empire, that is exactly what I mean. And it’s these people who seem to be completely exempt from facing criminal charges and being sent to prison.

The United States has always been critical of other countries like China and North Korea, for their inhumane treatment of prisoners. What’s the difference, if any, between them and Texas? How is Texas considered any better? They force inmates to work in temperatures that have killed them, they starve prisoners for weeks or months for lock downs, they put prisoners in cells and dorms that reach near 130 degrees, and since 1998 have admitted to 23 deaths. And still they refuse to correct the problem. They lie about what the court asks them, they eat the food that’s sent here for us, they steal our food and the donated food from the food bank, to have big parties, or to sell it. The last Gang Intelligence Sergeant here at this unit, repeatedly raped a young kid. They flood all of the one hundred and eight prisons with every drug you can think of, they have us cleaning theirs and their family’s clothes, shining their shoes, cutting their hair, fixing and painting their cars, building BBQ pits, they have done everything that a mob family has done, and more. So, once again, how is Texas any different than China or North Korea? Please allow me to answer my own question for you. “They’re Not!” Now my next question, it’s a known fact what’s happening inside these Texas prisons, so why is nothing being done about it?

I have written about these things in past chapters, but it only gets worse. The Texas prison system will never change on its own, it’s too far gone, and the corruption starts from the top all the way down. There is absolutely nothing that’s not run-illegally inside this prison system. There is no department that the Puppetmasters have not infiltrated and used to their benefit. Whether it’s the captain over the chow hall, the grievance officer, the medical department, the lady that represents us if we go to major court, the safety lady, all of the ranking officers, the people that come here each year to inspect the conditions of each prison. It’s all been corrupted. In some of the prisons I’ve even seen where they have the chaplain working with them. They take total control of every individual department like this for several reasons. One, they want everyone working with them to help them steal and to help them cover up their tracks, by falsifying the paper work.

When our ex-Warden Beard was here, he was stealing from the moment he got here. When the truck arrived here at the prison with the meats and other food items, our kitchen captain would call him, and she would have to Wait until he got there before anything was removed from the truck. Why? Because this thieving SOB could personally take all he wanted of the meats and other food items. He had a special place in a cooler that was set aside for all he had stolen. He also did the same thing when the food bank truck came to the unit. The food bank in town has always tried to bless us with some special meats and other treats, God bless them. But again, Beard would steal everything. When he ran out of room inside the prison, he had the food bank trucks just go straight to his house which is across from the prison, and unload it there. He would steal the entire truck. Naturally Beard needed help from our kitchen captain to cover up all he was stealing. That is why they need all of’ the different departments inside the prison in their pockets. Every truck that came here to the unit, Beard took from. Did our kitchen captain report this? Of course not. Why? Because she gets a piece of the pie. Did the major report it? NO! What about our two prison captains? NO! Did our lieutenants or our sergeants report it? NO! Oh, what about our second warden? NO!

Do you understand why I say this is a criminal organization? This is exactly how crime families in the world operate. The only difference between them and the people who work for the Texas prison system is, the people in the world get arrested and sent to prison, while the criminals that work here have complete immunity to steal, set up, falsify, torture, sell drugs, cook us, beat us, and murder us. It goes on every single day throughout the Texas prison system. The Texas prison systems new name should be, The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Crime Family. After all, it’s just another day at the office for the Puppetmasters.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez