When Are the Feds Coming to the Rescue?

By Jay Goodman

Has anyone working for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice ever considered really listening to the prisoners? Now I am not talking about the guards, I am talking about wardens and especially the people from Huntsville, of course, the answer to this question is, “No”.

I understand why, the people who run these prisons have one thing on their agenda, and that’s keeping every single man and woman who come here for as long as they can, to run this criminal empire they have built. I imagine if someone from the free world ever asked the people running the Texas prisons this question, they would say, why would we ever consider talking to a bunch of criminals about our prison system? And I will give them this. They would have to be careful who they spoke with, because there are a lot of my fellow prisoners who care less about rehabilitation or doing better for themselves. But there are a lot of people in prison who are trying to better themselves, and have accomplished great things.

Look at the people in prison who. have served in the military, a lot of these men were ranking officers, and a lot of them have gone to different wars. I know a lot of people who have been to college and have degrees in here and are probably more educated than most of the employees that work for the Texas prisons.

It would be so easy to change this entire prison system around, and I’ve mentioned these many times before, because I want to know how Texas cares nothing about change. Its only goal is to keep this criminal organization rolling no matter what. Who in their right mind would not want to start doing everything in their power to change a prison system as I have described throughout my book? Everyone who is reading this, ask yourself this, if you were in charge of a prison-system like the one I’ve written about would you not want to do everything you could to change it? I am sure the answer is, “yes”. Now comes this question. Why don’t they do everything in their power to change these prisons? Is it possible that they don’t want to? The Texas prison system is big business believe me, if it wasn’t there is no way there would be over one hundred prisons.

As I have said many times, the Puppetmasters goal is to keep every last one of these prisons full to capacity. The people running this prison system will say, I am crazy, but if I am, then why hasn’t there been any big changes in the Texas prisons since they built all of these prisons back in the early 1990’s? Think about this statement, because it shows what I’ve been saying is true. Here it is over thirty years later and there are no significant changes at all. That alone shows their only goal was to build all of these prisons and turn the prison system into an industry.

Let’s be for real, the state of Texas built over one hundred prisons thirty years ago and nothing has gotten any better. I believe it’s safe to say, either the people controlling these prisons are idiots, or their goal was never to rehabilitate, but to enslave. Because surely a circus monkey could do better in the last thirty years, than the ones that have been running it. Now comes another question. Why isn’t anyone asking, what the hell is going on? Doesn’t any politician in Austin wonder why there’s no change in over one hundred prisons in thirty years? Doesn’t it spark the people reading this as odd, that the leaders of Texas wouldn’t be doing whatever is needed to start serious reform that would cut this insane prison population in half?

Allow me to give everyone a look at some of the people serving time in these prisons. There are tens of thousands of model prisoners in here who’ve already served their time needed to be paroled, but the prison system won’t let them out. There are also tens of thousands of prisoners in here who have been sent back to prison for a parole violation. A lot of these men and women are back on petty violations and are kept 5, 6, 7, 8, or more years. Hell, they might as well have committed a whole other crime. Why won’t the state of Texas release these people? Because they need them to keep these Texas prisons full, they also need them to work the thousands of acres of farm land and the factories they’ve built at all one hundred eight prisons. Remember these factories generate millions of dollars at each prison. The prisoners working in these factories are the prisoners who are the model inmates, the inmates that never get into trouble, have some snap about themselves, because they are trusted to run machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Remember the prisoners are responsible for all the work, and making sure the work is done properly, and done on time. So, this is one of the biggest reasons the state holds on to these prisoners, no matter how well they’ve done or how much time they’ve done.

The Puppetmasters care less that these inmates should have been let go years, if not decades ago. They don’t even care how it affects our family members. Nothing is important except keeping these prisons full and keep using their free labored slaves, so they can keep making millions of dollars. The Puppetmasters are nothing more than a Mafia Family, who have been given the green light from the state of Texas to run this criminal empire without any worry about being arrested.

This is why I keep saying there is no way to fix this prison system from inside. It would be totally impossible for the simple reason that its criminal roots are too deep throughout the entire state. They have a stronghold on every prison and as I have shown in past chapters, they have infiltrated every department that’s been placed inside the prison system to help the prisoners from being mistreated, abused, and taken advantage of. Even at small out of the way prisons like the one I’m at now have been plagued with cover-ups, falsifying state documentations, drug trafficking, rapes from the staff, assaults from staff, thefts from the wardens at such a large scale that we were lucky to see any meats. But the departments placed inside this prison such as our grievance officer, safety officer, safe prison officer have covered up for their friends, or in a lot of cases, covered up for their family members. Even though it’s bad here, at the older prisons like at the ones in Huntsville, Coffield, Darrington, Eastham, and many others, it’s even worse. This is why it’s going to take an outside agency to stop in and take over the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Because it’s always been corrupted, and it’s always going to be corrupt, and it’s going to get worse.

Actually, it’s been getting worse over the last five years even at this small unit. You see, history has taught us if you let a group of criminals go for a very long time, at first they will seem like a harmless bunch, but over time they will find out that the group will eventually grow and start committing worse heinous crimes and will spread inside a community like a cancer. And in the end, it will take something more powerful than the local police department to bring this group down. Why? Because this group of criminals has been allowed to grow and prosper, and they have infiltrated different areas of that city. Like big law firms who carry a lot of weight, maybe they helped the mayor get into office, maybe some police officers are in their pockets?

Let me give a good example of what I’m trying to say. Let’s look at the Italian Mafia, when it began in this country. It was looked at as a harmless vice, that at first specialized with looking out for the other new immigrants. They kept people entertained with gambling, and during the 1920’s when the United States outlawed alcohol, they kept everyone with their favorite beer, wine, or whiskey. Because it went unchecked for so long it grew out of New York, to Boston, Chicago, and across the U.S., now it’s not a harmless vice, they went from looking out for the new immigrants to extorting them. From a little friendly gambling to fixing college games, to professional sports. Then they took over the labor unions, and started selling drugs, and committing murders.

I used this story to show what happened inside to the Texas prison system. The people running this prison system are the Mafia Dons, who have turned these prisons into a criminal organization.

They extort, assault, rape, torture, starve, flood the entire system with drugs, falsifying state documentation, set prisoners up, steal, and murder. Nothing is sacred to the Puppetmasters. It’s grown into such a big business that they have the local police in their pocket as well.

The warden that used to run this prison, Beard, who I have mentioned in many chapters, used to take our food and have big parties for different police departments in this area. Why do you believe our ex-warden did this? Could it possibly be it was his way of being able to bribe them? To get them to turn their heads when every prisoner was having their families report how he was stealing all of our food? The corruption inside all of these Texas prisons is so far out of control that it’s going to take the feds to come in here and take total control. As I said in the beginning, they need to sit down with the prisoners, and allow us to show them how this criminal empire has grown into what it is now. Never under any circumstances trust the directors, wardens, or ranking officers. If you believe in the law, if you believe in justice, then it’s time to come inside these prisons and take control and put these criminals where they belong, “in prison”.

Take these corrupt run prisons and turn them into places of rehabilitation. Close down those old prisons and start working on cutting the rest of the prisons in half within the next five years. Start letting go of the prisoners who have earned it, and turn the rest of the prisons into something of change and hope. Texas always wants to say we do it bigger and better, we’ll let Texas be the leaders in change and rehabilitation and let it be an example to the rest of our country. But first it’s going to take doing away with allowing these criminals to run these prisons. Remember the people in here are not slaves. We are human beings with families, and the men and women should be given every opportunity to be rehabilitated. Not mistreated!

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez