What Good Is Prison If It’s Not A Place For Rehabilitation

By Jay Goodman

          Many times I have wondered how anyone can come out of the Texas prison system and not have some type of sociological damage. I do get that present is supposed to change us, but one would assume that it would change just for the better. Not leave the men and women scared mentally and emotionally. Why there will be many who work for the Texas Department of criminal Justice that will say prison is not supposed to be pleasant. Believe me, when I tell you I do understand prison is not supposed to be fun. But it should be a place of reflection and most important rehabilitation. I want to pose a question for everyone reading this, what good is present if it’s not a place for rehabilitation? Because if the way Texas has its prison set up is supposed to be rehabilitation, someone really needs to sit down with the people running this prison system and explain the definition of rehabilitation to them. I want to be honest a lot of the rehabilitation does depend on the prisoner, but the prison is an institution and has the responsibility to set the foundation to ensure everyone that enters its doors has every opportunity to get rehabilitated. But Texas has never, and I do mean never, cared about rehabilitating its prisoners. And for the little bit of programming they have it’s truthfully a joke.

          If Texas spent half as much time getting its prisoners to finish school, or location, or getting them to apply the talent they already have instead of pushing them to work like slaves in their factories or the endless amounts of fieldwork on their plantations, I am positive there would be a huge drop in the recidivism rate.

          Of course, a lot of the problem is almost everyone who works for the Texas prison system suffers from the eye need sickness. I need a haircut, I need a Friday egg sandwich, I need my car painted, I need my family’s car washed, I need my family’s clothes washed, I need a portrait of my wife. Whatever it is they need they get the prisoner to do it. And why should they because everything they need we have to do it for free. The entire prison system is so comfortable with using us for everything they need, there’s no incentive to change things. I mean they have 160,000 prisoners taking care of everything they need why would they ever consider letting us go? This prison system is an industry and we are there slaves.

          Rehabilitation is a word that strong around by the Puppetmasters, it’s a word they used for the public and for the state officials. But in reality, when each man arrives at the prison he is assigned to, he will be subjected to all of the brutal treatment and conditions I’ve written about throughout the years. Why I’m sure there will be many who will say we don’t deserve anything that it’s just we are treated like animals.

          I’ve heard people say that “all prisoners should be taken out and shot.” In fact, I have heard so many things that I could write another book on just that alone. I’m aware that a lot of the people Who say this are ignorant, that there are a lot of good people in prison. And that overall, they want to leave here and spend their lives free with their family. And that’s exactly what the Puppetmasters don’t want. The system is set up for failure, it doesn’t take a genius to see this. There will be people who will say I’m wrong. But my question to them will be if I am wrong why hasn’t nothing change since the big prison boom in the early 1990’s? Why after 30 years does the state of Texas still have over 100 presents? Could it be your approach on get tough on criminals has failed? Or could it be your programming you’ve implemented hasn’t worked? Really there’s no disputing what I’ve said, the truth speaks for itself. Why part of it does fall on the people who go to prison the biggest part of it falls on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for not doing his job. They had to see that their system was feeling, if they didn’t see it at first, Shirley after five or 10 years someone had to notice. And like I just said here we are 30 years later, and it still being run the same way. Now does anyone believe that after all these years no one hasn’t noticed there’s not been any changes? And I have the answer why there hasn’t been. It’s because the Puppetmasters planned it to happen. They plan to build the Texas prison system into an industry, and they planned how they could profit in every way manageable. They plan the deadly wars back through the 80’s and 90’s between the different gangs, and plotted how they would take control once again from the federal government who had to seize the entire state prison system from them. Every move they have made and continue to make is calculated very thoroughly. They have the prison system set up now where no one is making a parole. All the laws in different bills they got the state officials to pass are to ensure that the Texas Department of criminal justice has total control over all the prisoners and what happens to them. And they have always abused her position in every way possible.

          Please understand I am not saying there aren’t prisoners who don’t deserve to be in prison. I have written many chapters explaining all the crazy prisoners I’ve seen. But there are so many men and women who have keen to prison that have done great, they’ve changed and done everything in their power to change themselves. One would think they would make a parole and be released, but this is where the manipulation comes in.

          By the State passing different bills and laws that gives a Texas parole board so much power as well as the prison system. They’ll keep people that should have been let out years ago if not decades ago. It’s the only way they can keep all the prisons they have up and running. Remember if they were to release all of the prisoners that should’ve been home along time ago, they would literally have to close half of the prison system and that’s the last thing the pipe Masters want. The people that work there will say I’m crazy, but what I would ask them is a very simple question. Why after 30 years has nothing changed? I mean three decades of past and you are still sitting at the same spot you started. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see if they have failed miserably. This is also an area the state officials and governor have dropped the ball. It seems like they would’ve seen by now that the prison system is not getting any better. While I’m sure they have a lot of other things on their agenda that’s more important than prisons. One would assume that someone would see that nothing is ever changing. Yes, the state does release so many people per day, Monday through Friday. But if someone was to do a study, they would quickly see that the ones that are getting out have been in trouble their entire time. Why would the prison system to this? That’s a very simple for me to answer. Remember the Puppetmasters want to keep all of its prisons full to capacity, and they understand that if they release the ones they know will more than likely commit another crime or violate their parole. More than likely they will be right back in prison within a short period of time. It’s very important to keep all of these presents up and running, because they have to keep the factories at each place full of prisoners. Remember the Wynn unit alone makes license plates and signs not only for Texas, but other states as well. Naturally there are thousands of miles of agriculture that have to be attended to. So, to let prisoners go would literally be the end of their industry. Since the building of over 100 prisons back in the 1990’s this sane vicious cycle has continued to take place. Leaving thousands of men and women that should’ve been let out stuck here.

          Living years under the Puppetmasters game plan to institutionalize every single person that enters it’s doors has really not only the lives of the prisoners, but their families as well. And that is what Texas never considers, the families of all of the prisoners who should’ve got out decades ago.

          Once again, I have to ask a question. What good is prison if it’s not a place of rehabilitation? Texas is so stuck on the pass they can’t move into the future. How can anyone live through everything I’ve written about and be ready to be a productive citizen in society? Most people can’t and that’s exactly why no one is getting rehabilitated. This is the greatest country in the world. The United States should set an example to the rest of the world on how to rehabilitate its prisoners. And there are some states doing a good job and have succeeded and dropping the recidivism rate. It’s been proven that it can be done. All is going to take is for someone to realize that there are thousands of good men and women in prison who have made some mistakes, but are ready to go on in life and start a new chapter of their lives. It’s time for the Texas prison system to do the same.

The Attorneys
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