The Real Criminals

By Jay Goodman

Through my fourteen plus years of incarceration in the Texas prison system, I am still at a loss for words over the prison system and the complete disregard they have for anything or anyone, I am not just talking about the prisoners, but for its employees too. In my last three chapters I have shown how the Puppetmasters have lied and manipulated the public, and public officials into believing the need for over a hundred prisons I also showed how the words were changed in our mandatory release date for prisoners who earned good time and work time to, “discretionary release”. Of course, this was done to keep all of the prisoners here, for as long as they wanted, whether the inmates are good or not.

It’s understandable to keep the prisoners incarcerated that are misbehaving and will change. There are plenty of men inside these prison walls whose only ambition in life is to, stay high from the moment they wake-up in the morning, until they fall asleep at night. Then, there are people who aspire to be gangsters and live in a fantasy world, that it will be different next time. What about the tens of thousands of prisoners who have woken up and realized that this is not the life they want, and have done everything expected of them in here to be the good inmate? Isn’t that part of showing the parole board and; the state of Texas that they should be granted parole? I mean, that’s why the state of Texas and the federal government sat down with the inmates and came up with good time and work time. As soon as the feds gave back the state their prison system the first thing the state did was change “mandatory release date”, for all the prisoners who were doing good to a “discretionary release date”. Why would they do this? To enslave all the prisoners. Now they have all the free labor they could possibly need. With over one hundred prisons in Texas, they truthfully have to have each of them to full capacity. What would happen if they didn’t? They would have to start closing prisons. They would also have to shut down all the industries”. And under no circumstances will the Puppetmasters allow that to happen. They would do whatever it takes to keep all of them open. Honestly, they have proven that over and over through the years. Think about what I am saying? How could any state in their right mind want to build way over one hundred prisons?

Now here we are, 30 years later, and absolutely nothing has really gotten any better. Naturally one would start thinking; hey, our being tough on crime has not worked. It really never had anything to do with getting tough on crime. The only reason the Puppetmasters beat their drums to that was to hide their true agenda. Which was to create legalized slavery and keep these industries up and running. No matter what prisoners do, and no matter how well they behave, they will not be granted parole, They know literally tens of thousands that could be released at this “very moment”. That is why everything is put in place, to keep us here. Whether we are good or whether we are bad.

Last year, I wrote a chapter called, “The Quota Act”, Which has gone on forever in every unit throughout Texas. It’s a rule that was given to all officers, that they had to write disciplinary cases, every single day, on prisoners or face disciplinary actions on themselves. Why would the Wardens, Major, Captain, and Sergeant force all officers to write two disciplinary cases on inmates each day? For example: Major Juan Jackson from the Ramsey Unit, sent out an e-mail, stating it will help greatly in fighting a “gig”. Which is slang for an audit. Of course, they need to appear that they are working hard. Another reason they do this is to get inmates in trouble. Remember, they want to keep us in here for as long as they can. They have to keep these prisons full. Also, there are inmates set-up with shanks, as well as other types of illegal contraband. As said, and continue to say, is anything they can do to keep all prisoners in here. They have to keep all of these prisons full, out of fear, if they don’t, someone will eventually see that it can be shut down. Then, the industry will be shut down as well, and also stop the flow of money coming from that prison.

Through the years it’s been insane to witness the madness the Puppetmasters will go through to keep the prisons full. If the Houston Chronicle, would have not taken the e-mails they received and printed them out and exposed the “Quota System”, that TDCJ was using, nothing would have ever come from it. Now that it has come to light, I want to use this to show first-hand the corruption that goes on inside this prison system. The Texas prison system has always denied there is a “Quota” or disciplinary cases per day from every guard on their shift. An investigation by the Houston Chronicle, uncovered an e-mail, from Captain Reginald Gilbert, dated March 9, 2018, in which he announced the prison’s sergeant would be required to turn in two disciplinary cases per day from every guard on their shift. “Two each day is my requirement”, Gilbert wrote. At this time there were 365 guards assigned to the 1,800 bed prison. If each of the 365 guards wrote two cases a day; that comes out to 730 fake cases a day, 5,110 each week, 21,900 a month. The Houston Chronicle, received copies of the email on April 21, 2018, and sent an information request to Gilbert, who denied there was any, “Quota System” and claimed his comments were, “taken out of context”. Imagine that? Four days later, Warden Virgil McMullen sent out an e-mail to senior staff stating, there would not be any “disciplinary quotas” at the Ramsey Unit. This e-mail was an attempt to cover: his ass. Captain Gilbert’s e-mail resulted in hundreds of disciplinary cases being written, for what? To keep the slaves incarcerated longer. As a result of the media’s attention regarding the “Quota System for disciplinary charges, Gilbert was demoted two ranks and transferred to the Darrington Unit, a maximum-security facility. Major Jackson, initially planned to retire, rather than face a similar demotion, he eventually accepted the rank of lieutenant and a transfer to a hospital unit in Galveston. TDCJ spokesman, Jeremy Desel said, “this incident is the result and action of one unit captain, which was quickly discovered and corrected by the unit warden”. When I read this statement, I could not help but shake my head in disgust. How the Texas prison system had been caught red-handed and still never admitted to doing wrong, and still will not make drastic changes to ensure it will never happen again.

You can go from prison to prison and talk to the prisoners and see what’s going on. Instead, they will stick some idiot out there who will lie, lie, lie to make people believe it’s some isolated thing from just one captain and quickly correct the problem. It’s very frustrating also to all of the prisoners who have studied, worked hard, and do everything they can do to better themselves, so they can be released to go home to their families. Remember the spokesman, Jeremy Desel said, “it was the result of this one captain”.

Let’s take a look at what else the Houston Chronicle found out. The office of the Inspector General that investigated the Ramsey Unit Disciplinary cases, uncovered other prisons that were doing the same exact thing. At the Lychner State jail in Harris County, the captain initiated this same practice. At the McConnell Unit, 293 disciplinary cases were thrown out and 83 halted, a major was demoted. Travis County State jail in Austin, 91 disciplinary cases were thrown out. An assistant warden, a captain, and a sergeant were all demoted and transferred. So far 600 disciplinary cases have been thrown out by the Office of the Inspector General. So much for it being the result of one captain, like the spokesman for TDCJ said.

One thing I want to make clear to everyone reading this. All of the ranking officers from Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, assistant Warden and the head Warden are the people placed in charge completely. Not one of them lost their jobs. No one got fired even though they set prisoners up with false disciplinary cases. Besides conspiring to set inmates up, the thousands of cases that were written are, “felonies”. That’s right, falsifying state or government documentation is a felony. These men also threatened disciplinary action against the guards who failed to satisfy the quota. That is called, “blackmail”. Which is also a felony. Besides not firing these individuals on the spot, they should have pressed charges against them. Here is what the Puppetmasters did instead. Captain Gilbert was demoted two ranks, so he is a sergeant and still a ranking officer. Major Juan Jackson, was demoted to a lieutenant, Warden McMullen, was demoted to assistant warden. Now, by not firing all of these men on the spot back in March, May 25, 2018, two months later, TDCJ received a call from the mother of a Ramsey Unit prisoner, who claimed her son was set-up with two shanks, and that these items were planted by Major Jackson. Gee, that, was a surprise: Anyway. the Office of the Inspector General soon determined it was true, Was Major Jackson fired? “NO!” After everything this man had done, falsifying documentation, having 365 guards write false cases, planting shanks, along with everything else he had done illegal, TDCJ allows him to resign. By letting this man resign, what does that show all of the ether guards, ranking officers, and wardens? I’ll tell you what it shows. “It’s OK to do these things because we’ve got your back”. By also allowing this criminal to resign, he will get to enjoy all of the benefits from the state. Oh, and after a few years, when all of this dies down. Since they allowed him to resign, he can actually return back to work for the Texas prison system. Sound crazy? It happens all of the time. This is the type of prison system the Puppetmasters have put together. It’s put together to keep every single man and woman here to run their criminal organization. At any and all costs.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez