The Insane Cycle That Never Stops in Tdcj

By Jay Goodman

It’s amazing to see how far other states have grown compared to Texas, when it comes to rehabilitation and the treatment of their prisoners. You would also imagine that the people running our state would see the success other states have had and would implement some of those standards here. When someone wants to learn how to do something, or they want to learn how to become the best at whatever they are already doing they usually study books or take classes. What better way to accomplish something than to study people who have already succeeded ahead of you? Of course, we have all seen some people who have to learn everything they do the hard way. You cannot tell them nothing, or show them a better way because they know it all. I am sure people have heard of these types of people; they are called stubborn. But even stubborn people will eventually see there is a better way than their way, especially if they continue to see others around them do better. Unfortunately, Texas is not one that learns from their mistakes, they will continue to run their heads into the same brick wall over and over again. You could show them, to just take a step to the right and you can walk past that wall, but they’ll ignore you and run right back into the same wall.

You would also imagine that someone that’s in charge to oversee the state, like all of our elected officials, would have gotten together decades ago and fired everyone from the director, wardens, ranking officers, and put in people from other states that have proven themselves in rehabilitation, and reducing the recidivism rate. Mass incarceration has not worked, nor is it ever going to work. All Texas has done is create a slave industry, and built so many prisons that it’s breeding crime instead of suppressing it. Most prisoners leaving these Texas prisons are a thousand times worse than when they got here.

All of the Texas prisons are in violation of both their AD and ED policies. Every prison I’ve been sent to, which is around eleven, has not only abused their authority, but have a mindset that they can do anything they want to do to us. The Puppetmasters are fast to say how their officers are well trained, and talk about how there’s GED and vocational classes along with other programs. But what they won’t tell you is that there is the state AD and ED policy, and then there is an unwritten policy on how they treat us. They won’t tell you how they teach the officers how to protect themselves if they do something wrong, by writing fake disciplinary reports to cover their asses.

It makes no difference if they break the law every day. It’s funny how they love to call us offenders. They have it on our ID card, and on all the signs throughout the prison, but yet they steal every single day, and they have flooded the entire prison system with K-2. It’s OK to steal and sell drugs, if you work for the Texas prison system. But if you are a prisoner, you are a criminal. A person in the Texas prison system has to be careful no matter what he does, because if the guards or ranking officers decide for whatever reason they don’t like you, they will find a reason to write you a disciplinary report.

I have already written a chapter on the quota system. The whole state of Texas was using it to make themselves look good. The last I read on that, they had to overturn six-hundred cases. But believe me, those six-hundred cases would have never been overturned, if the Office of the Inspector General would have not gotten involved. And of course, the Puppetmasters have to make it look like they are going to take care of the problem, because they want the police to think they are cleaning up the problem, and leave them alone. The sooner the police leave, the faster they can get back to business. Which is of course stealing and selling drugs. But, here is what always happens in this corrupt system. The Office of the Inspector General steps in on the quota system. That’s where the ranking officers, major, and wardens, were forcing all the guards to write a minimum of two disciplinary cases per day. They even threatened disciplinary cases against the guards who failed to do this. Never mind, it’s against state policy, it’s also against the law. Now because the police stepped in, the Texas prison system has to look like they’re upset. Do they fire these individuals? Is the leader of North Korea, Kim Jun Un living in New York? NO! They demoted the ranking officers and the warden. The major said, he would retire. Even though they plotted to not only break the law and force 365 guards to break the law. They of course don’t get fired. The captain was demoted to sergeant, the war- den was demoted to deputy warden. So basically, nothing happened. Oh, and the major who was supposed to retire, was later found working as a lieutenant, at a different prison.

When the Texas prison system is allowed to handle their own affairs nothing ever gets done. Paper work will be falsified, officers will be allowed to retire or resign. If they retire or resign, then when the smoke clears, they can come back to work at another prison, just like the scumbag Major Jackson did. Even though they know all of these men are dirty, it doesn’t make a difference. Why? Because, these are exactly what the Puppetmasters want working here. They do not want to lose their brothers in crime. They know these men will; plant drugs, shanks, falsify and manipulate paper work, lie, steal, and if necessary, kill for them. And until someone from the federal government steps in, nothing will ever change. It’s too big of a criminal organization that’s been allowed to run amok for so long it cannot be fixed from within.

Each time the courts take the Texas prison system to court they deny, deny, deny. Or if they are pretty confident, they can get away with it, they’ll lie. Everything I have written about throughout this book, from the Fred Cruz days 52 years ago, to the David Ruiz days in the 1980’s, should be proof enough that the Texas prison system will not ever change on its own. Look what I have written about over fifteen years of incarceration, and the abuses that still plague the prisons. They are only going to act like they’re going to fix the problem.

To give an updated account of what I’m talking about, The Assistant Warden at the Stevenson Unit Gonzales, has once again started the Quota System. After everything that just happened last year at the Ramsey Unit, with all the ranking officers demoted and the warden, after the Houston Chronicle, and the police from the Office of the Inspector General busted not just the Ramsey Unit, but multiple other units with the Quota System. Like the McConnell Unit, who last I heard had to throw out 293 disciplinary reports. After all of the bad publicity this gave the Texas prison system, it does not stop them from doing the exact same thing. Just last week the guards told us that Warden Gonzales had told them to start writing cases on inmates. The guard asked, what for? He said, find a reason, you can go in any cell here and find something to write a prisoner up for. The guard said, I am not just going to find a reason to write people up for. And besides, that’s illegal for us to do that. Remember, this is coming from a guard working here. Then a few days later, a female guard told us about what Warden Gonzales said, and when the inmate showed her in writing what the Chairman of the Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee, John Whitmire said, we don’t condone speeding ticket quotas. She showed the article to the other guards working.

Over the years it’s amazed me to watch these people, no matter what happens, or how bad it is, if they get caught, the state will first try to hide it, if that doesn’t work, then they’ll try to intimidate the prisoners. The Puppetmasters have trained the wardens to make the ranking officers enforce a quota system for several reasons. One, they know it makes them look good in fighting what they call, the gig, which is a slang term for an audit. Two, if they write enough of these bullshit cases, they can put someone they don’t like in medium custody, which is a form of lock-up. Each prison that has medium custody gets more money, so they want to keep it full at all times. Believe me, they do a great job of this. Third, if they write enough of these quota cases the parole board has a reason to keep setting off prisoners. And as always, that’s their main goal, to keep all of us in here for as long as they can. They want to keep all of these one hundred and eight prisons open, and the only way to do that, is keep everyone of them full to capacity. They do not under any circumstances want to shut the industries down. They could care less that an inmate has worked hard to stay out of the way, so he can go home to his or her family. This is the type of thinking that goes on in here, keep these slaves for as long as possible. Also remember, selling drugs to all of the prisoners throughout the state of Texas is big business for everyone, They make millions of dollars flooding the prisons with K-2 alone. That’s not counting all of the other drugs and cell phones.

I have asked myself over and over again, how something like the Texas Department of Criminal Justice continues to thrive in the United States? Everyone knows and can see all of the corruption, but nobody wants to put a stop to it. Today is the anniversary of 9-11. I saw on the news today footage of all of those American Citizens who lost their lives. I believe every American Citizen has felt the pain of seeing those buildings fall, knowing all of those people died for nothing. I remember all of the anger everyone felt toward the people who caused this unspeakable act.

Today, I have taken a look at these Texas prisons and realized that nobody in here has come close to committing a crime like 9-11. But, the men that are held in Cuba, are being treated more humane than the prisoners sitting in these Texas prisons, We are looked at as their personal slaves. They starve us, beat us, cook us to death, and mistreat us, in every way possible. Is there not something wrong with this picture? Our whole country changes but Texas. How can this criminal empire continue to exist in America? What a great day it’s going to be when our federal government says, enough, and finally puts these criminals in jail, and takes this prison system from Texas once and for all.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez