The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

By Mike Powers

The full expression is “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Simply put, it means that the ideology or philosophy that is talk to the children will soon enough become the practice of societies leaders and power-wilders, because that is what the children grow up to be, after all. In my last column, I touched briefly on the conservative surrender of the public-school system to the left. The vast majority of teachers and professors in our nation our socialist ideologues who truly believe that the United States is not a “shining city on a hill” but I failed, imperialistic power that has wrapped it’s poison tentacles around the globe.

These two divergent viewpoints are incompatible in irreconcilable. There is no room for compromise between the two, because they start from a completely different premise. One comes from a fundamental belief that America is a civil nation that poison fruit of a poison tree. The other of course, believes that this nation was founded as a glorious experiment of the common man as the master of, instead of subject to, his ruling government and the loss he chooses to live by. One striking aspect of this new form of government was the ability to conduct periodic “mini-revolutions.” As presently composed, the head of state, our president, can be toppled every four years. Shockingly, the entire house of representatives can be thrown out every two years at the will of the people. Also, every two years, a third of the Senate body may be tossed out on its ear allowing the likely possibility of a new, commanding majority of the electors so choose.

Personally, I find most disturbing the fact that ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter demonstrators and rioters are unwilling to use the hard wired mechanism for chains in our government, the constitutionally-governed election system, and instead want to you some other ill defined, but violent, method to up in the government and replace it with… Well, with what? On this point they have been, at best, vague, and it worse suspiciously cryptic.

But we must remember that the young men and women driving this dangerous “death to America” movement or simply the product of two generations (at least) of educators who, by and large, have consistently Pallone do United States, capitalism, and majority rule government in their classrooms for over half a century.

In the 1800s, the Fourth of July Dash Independence Day – what is the most celebrated holiday in this nation, more widely celebrated then even Christmas. America was celebrated as a land especially (and truly) blessed by our creator. The blessings are many; a history rich with providential stories, manifest destiny, victory against overwhelming powerful enemies, a harbor of freedom, the birthplace of national democratic government, a sustainer and respecter of human life. Have there been mistakes and missteps along the path? Absolutely, but the glorious beauty of the United States system is that the system itself made a way to correct error. If not for the constitution, the miraculous document supposedly written by a “bunch of slave-owning, rich white man,” there would have been no abolition, no women suffrage, no public renunciation of imperialism, no civil rights movement. The idiots tearing down statutes of Jefferson and Washington are tearing at the fabric of the very system of government which stoically permits their hateful dissent. They claim to be “anti-fascist”, but what person in history immediately comes to your mind when you think about a group of people violently trying to suppress all disagreement while rewriting history to suit them? Yep, it’s Hitler all over again, except there’s just a bunch of brown shirts wearing “Black Lives Matter” tees, trying to impose the will of their bitter, small minority on the vast majority of the people of every race, color and creed.

It all starts in the schools. Conservatism MUST take decisive action to regain influence in the halls of education, or it will be dead in the next generation. I mentioned in my last column that the church has a historical opportunity to again assert itself in educating our kids. Parents from all walks of life are fed up with the most expensive educations in history resulting in teens who cannot read, think independently, or work productively. The church is in a perfect position to supplement the public school as a place where all children can come and safely receive a quality education from teachers who love God and this country. It will be worth every penny.  Why isn’t the Republican National Committee offering full scholarships to future educators willing to go to schools like Hillsdale College? Partial scholarships to anyone embarking on a social services career? Liberals demonstrated the wonderful possibilities of seating schools and social welfare offices with party zealots who brought socialist ideology to those institutions with cynical Marxist hateful of America and its founders. I’m convinced what took them to generations could be reversed in 10 years using teachers who love God, love our kids, and love our country.

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