Summary of the Fred Cruz Story::
“Texas” a State Without a Conscience

By Jay Goodman

As I reflect over the last four chapters I just finished writing about Fred Cruz, and his attorney Frances Jalet, my mind races with many different emotions. I look at what the Texas prison system put these two people through, not because they were trying to start trouble, or breaking the law. The only thing Cruz and Jalet wanted was for the Texas prisons to follow the rules and regulations, that were put in place by the state, and the federal government to follow. And that they also obey the laws of the state and federal government. But instead of realizing their position they’d been given and doing everything in their power to build a prison system of integrity and rehabilitation. They decided to use their position to mistreat all of the prisoners in every way possible. Look at what the Texas prisons did to Cruz and the other prisoners. They wrote false disciplinary cases, took their good time, so they’d have to stay in prison. Put them in solitary confinement for weeks or months at a time, starved them, violated their constitutional rights, beat them and even killed them. Now remember, this wasn’t just some bad guards, it was an entire prison system working together from the guards, wardens, and even the director himself. They even had the attorney Frances Jalet fired from two of her jobs, and in her own words, tried to run her out of Texas. She was an officer of the court.

Look at everything I’ve written throughout my book until now. I have started in the 1970’s and took you through the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, up until now, and everything they did to Cruz and the rest \of the prisoners 52 years ago, is still going on to this very day. And the safeguards put in place to. protect us from those abuses from the past have all been manipulated by the prison system and abused in every way you can possibly imagine. From the first day Jalet went to visit Cruz, both the Director Beto, and Warden McAdams tried to discourage her from helping him. Their biggest fear is that someone will come along like Jalet who will actually care and help people sitting in here. When that did not work, Warden McAdams told Cruz, if he kept writing people about matters not pertaining to his case, he would be put in solitary indefinitely. Everything is always a threat of a disciplinary report, isolation, or we’ll have you shipped to a bad prison. And that’s exactly what happened to Cruz, and the others who stayed with the lawyer.

Once the Texas prison system sees an inmate that understands the law, and begins filing grievances or helping people file in the courts, the retaliation starts. And why does it start, you are probably wondering? Because the Texas prison system does not want someone exposing all of their criminal activity. Just like the Director Beto did 52 years ago to Cruz and the others for exposing them. They shipped every single one to the same prison, hoping to keep them from teaching the others. I believe the director said that, Jalet and Cruz were trying to start a revolt. I say they were trying to give everyone an awakening.

I want to also talk about the prisoner, Ronald Novak, who suffered from mental illness. In the story, you saw how the lawyer, Jalet tried to get this man the help he needed. Well there are hundreds, if not thousands, of prisoners in here these days who suffer like Novak did. But they are still mistreated the very most. The prison system hides a lot of these men in super segregations’’ to either rot away, or just like Novak’s case, they get mistreated in every way until they die. A lot of people in prison suffer from some type of mental issues, or their I.Q. is around or below retarded level, and the state is well aware of this, but does nothing about it.

Remember, that even though people in prison have broken the law, that does not stop them from being human beings. Please understand, I’m not saying there shouldn’t be prisons, or that people shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. But, to abuse people that are mentally misfortunate than others, has to stop. Look how the prison system watched Novak slowly die over a matter of months. The Texas prison system is without a doubt the cruelest our country has ever seen. And the sad thing is the state does nothing to fix it, but as I’ve said, the Puppetmasters do everything in their power to keep it just like this. Why? Because, this has become an industry, and we are their free labor (slaves).

Remember these words of wisdom. If someone came along who wanted to really revamp this prison system, something horrible would happen, just like it did when the feds took over, and Texas started the biggest gang war the state has ever had. Let’s look at what happened when Jalet started the Ellis Report, as she described in detail, what was going on inside the prison system. One would assume since she is an officer of the court there would of been a big investigation. But that of course did not happen. What did happen was that the director of the prison system barred her from seeing her clients. Everyone who works for this corrupt system feels that they are above the law. They truly believe that they can do whatever they feel like, and that there will never be any repercussions. That’s what happens when people who work for this prison system are allowed to get away with everything they do, for years or decades, without getting into trouble. Eventually, they start to believe they can do anything they want to us. They forget that they Can be arrested and sent to prison. But I will say this. I have seen guards arrested, but usually what happens in almost every situation is they allow them to resign.

For several good examples of this, let’s take a look at what happened when the director of the Texas prison system George Beto, was exposed in the federal court. A month and a half of witnesses, told fake disciplinary reports, loss of good time, so the prisoners couldn’t leave, put in solitary for weeks or months, starved, beatings, and murders. What happened? Beto was allowed to retire. Warden McAdams, kept right on working for the prison system. One of

course would think a huge, investigation would have taken place. You would think all of the guards, ranking officers, wardens, and the director himself would of been fired, and charges brought against them. You would think? One would also assume, that the Texas prison system would have put all kinds of safeguards in place to ensure nothing like that could ever take place again.

Let me fast forward once again, to 2019, the warden who worked for the Stevenson Unit, was caught red-handed with five freezers full of stolen meat, and cases of stuff from the local food bank. What happened to Warden Beard? Of course, he was allowed to retire. Major Jackson, who also worked at the Stevenson Unit, preyed on every female here, was allowed to resign. Look at what happened at the Ramsey Unit last year in 2018. It was proven that guards and the ranking officers conspired to write hundreds of false disciplinary reports on inmates, and the planting of knives. My God, here we are 52 years later in time, a half of a century has gone by, and the exact same thing is going on. As I said, nothing has changed, except their tactics. This is the same corrupt prison system it’s always been. Everyone knows this place is broken. Hell, if I, a man sitting in prison can see it, don’t you believe the people running this state see’s it also? Yes, of course they do. And since they know it, that makes them criminals too.

People are sent to prison for breaking the law, and those of us sitting in here are paying for whatever crime we committed. Our debt to society. And you can damn well bet your children’s college fund that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, is going to hold all of us accountable. But, where is that justice, when they break the law? Where is that justice, when Beard starved us to death, while he took our food, and had big parties at his house? Major Jackson used his position to take advantage of the females who work here. Where was this tough justice, they so freely hand out to inmates to punish them, at when they break the law?

Now, let’s go back in time to my Fred Cruz story, and look at the director of the Texas prison system, George Beto. He allowed inmates to be put in total darkness, while in solitary confinement for weeks or months, while they were starved, for no other reason, than they were practicing whatever faith they believed in, or helping each other with legal work. He allowed prisoners to act as enforcers, and beat or murder other prisoners. He allowed Warden McAdams and the rest of the ranking officers to write false disciplinary cases, that not only put prisoners in solitary, but took their good time they earned, which kept them in prison longer. He barred an officer of the court from seeing her clients. He used his position to attack this same attorney, Frances Jalet. He got her fired from several jobs, and his gang of turnkeys to file fake lawsuits, and accuse her of all kinds of lies. His turnkeys, warden, and himself, all took the stand in a federal courtroom, and lied about everything that was going on to a United States Federal Judge. Once the truth came to light inside that court room, where was the justice? This piece of shit criminal, was allowed to retire, and receive all of his benefits. A man who used his position to steal, torture, and murder, no investigation, no charges, just a pat on the back, and I’m sure a big going away party.

Oh, before I forget. Airports are named after famous people like Bush, in Houston, or buildings like J. Eger Hoover the founder of the F.B.I. Sometimes streets are named after athletes who have accomplished great things. We see the civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., is honored across the United States, in many major cities. Whether it’s buildings, bridges, airports, or streets, the people’s names on them are people who’ve done great things in life. They’ve touched the hearts of Americans, and a lot of them have made our country a better place.

Now, let’s take a look at Texas. Texas named a prison after George Beto. That’s right, after everything this man did. They named a prison in Tennessee Colony, Texas, the Beto Unit. What is it going to take for someone to say enough? How many more people have to suffer under this criminal organization before someone stops them?

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez