Stealing the Food of Inmates, How Much Lower Can You Get

By Jay Goodman

There has to be drastic changes made at times to get things back in order. I have talked a lot lately about how the Puppetmasters have infiltrated all of the different departments inside the Texas prison system for their own ill-gotten gain. But I have thought of ways to start putting a stop to this problem.

One, let me start with the Officers Dining Room. There is a dining hall for the prison employees to eat at in all the one hundred and eight prisons throughout Texas. And even though it’s called the Officers Dinning Hall, it’s for everyone that works at each prison. Let me use the Stevenson Unit where I’m at as an example. The Officer Dinning Hall is not just for the officers, but also for the ranking officers, wardens, the teachers, and other employees in the school building, the library, and law library workers, the mailroom ladies, the maintenance workers, the medical department, classification ladies; the parole counselors, all of the dozens of people working in the factory, let me not forget the people who work in records, and the major and wardens secretaries, and anyone else I may have forgotten.

At our law library the employee count is around 179 people. So, all of these people make their way to the Officer Dining Hall each day to eat, for free I might add.

Now here is the problem, I have written chapters from the beginning of this book about how the food that’s being sent here each month to feed the prisoners is being stolen. I have also backed this up by writing chapters about our ex-warden Beard, before he was caught stealing from here and our local food bank. I have also spoken about how the Texas prison system has hired a doctor, a dietician to make out a menu each month, so we are fed a 2,000-calorie diet daily. Also, not just fed the proper amount of calories, but to make sure we are fed a balanced nutritional diet.

As always, the state of Texas prison system will go way out of their way to hire this doctor to plan our monthly menu to make themselves look good. But, in all reality it’s only to manipulate the politicians and our families that they are taking good care of us. If someone was to look at our monthly menu, you would think we are getting fed pretty damn good. You would see pork chops, pork cutlet, beef enchiladas, beef tacos, along with many other good meals. But the truth is, if we see a pork chop once or twice a year, we’re doing good. Most of the meals on this monthly menu we are not going to get ever. On the outside of our chow hall, there are three display panels that show what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And on the middle panel above lunch in big letters, it says; Subject To Change Without Notice. I have done a little investigating to see if this is true. My daughter called the dietician that makes our menus each month and asked him, if they are allowed to change our menu without notice and he said, “yes”. But he added, they are not allowed to remove our meals. Meaning, if the menu said, pork chops, and they give us hot dogs instead, they can. But somewhere that same month they have to give us pork chops. Which of course is not happening. Almost all of our meals are fed to the employees, or being stolen. It’s not just the meats either, all of our condiments are used on the employee’s food. The pickles, jalapenos, mayo, ketchup, relish, cheese, sugar, are all given to the employees. If we get anything it’s the mustard. We are supposed to get eggs every other day, but if we get them 3 or 4 times a month, we’re, “lucky”. And even when we do get eggs it’s cooked in large amounts of potatoes so that they don’t have to give each inmate 2 eggs. What we do get 25 or 26 days out of a month is pancakes, raw pancakes, I might add. Now I seriously doubt raw pancakes 25 or 26 days out of a month is a balanced nutritional diet. The food that’s on the menu is being sent here before the month begins, we also found out that there’s food that is sent that’s not on the menu. Like special meats if there is a holiday, and the food bank truck also brings a lot of stuff we never get. Why? Because, it’s all going to the Officers Dinning Hall.

This has been going on at all of the prisons in the state of Texas since this prison system began. And it’s getting worse now because the Puppetmasters have infiltrated all the different departments inside the prisons. The Puppetmasters hand pick the wardens they want at each prison and then the wardens hand pick the captains they want to run the kitchen. This is what I mean when I say they infiltrate every department. They put people they know will help them steal and falsify the paper work to cover-up what’s going on. By the Texas Department of Criminal Justice policy and rules, the Officers Dining Room is supposed to be fed the same thing the prisoners are eating. But of course, this never happens. If we are getting pork and rice the kitchen captain will put a pan of pork and rice out, but nobody eats that. They will have inmates cooking double cheese burgers, with of course our onions, pickles, jalapenos, mayo, on them, chicken patty with cheese and egg on it, with all of our condiments. To top it off, they eat pork chops, chicken fried steaks, BBQ chicken, smoked chicken, every morning they’re getting fried eggs and cheese sandwiches. They have cakes, pies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and many other desserts every day, and that’s why we never get sugar at breakfast, because they are using it all. We are supposed to get sugar every morning at breakfast, but I have over ten years at this prison and we have never gotten it once. And I have to also add that the majority of the officers here are very obese. So, you would think that they would put a stop to what their officers are eating, but they won’t just to spite the prisoners. By looking at the majority of the officers you can tell that TDCJ has no regulations on weight standards for their officers. Which leads anyone to believe that they really don’t care for their officers either, or their health.

Now allow me to give you a look at some numbers to give everyone reading this an idea of what I’m talking about. This prison, as I said earlier has 179 employees, it shows in the law library handbook, just those people eating once a day for a week is one thousand two hundred and fifty-three meals. Now if they eat once a day for 30 days, it’s five thousand three hundred and seventy free meals. Remember, that’s only for one month. By the time they feed these people there is no way they can feed us what the menu says we are supposed to get.

If that’s not bad enough ex-warden Beard would take not only our meats and the food banks donated food to us, and throw big parties for the local police departments. While the prisoners starve. Please remember the prisoners don’t get paid, so if a prisoner doesn’t have someone sending him money, he has to live off of what they feed us in the chow hall. And basically, we live off of pancakes, potatoes, and beans. This is how bad it gets, or I should say how low they’ll go. They’ll go through the packs of cauliflower and broccoli and put all the heads in a pan for the officers dining room, and feed the prisoners the stems. They are even drinking all of our tea and coffee. When we do get tea and coffee it’s like colored water. Remember by law we are supposed to get fed a 2,000 calorie diet a day. And it’s supposed to be a balanced nutritional diet. I am here to tell you we’re not even getting close to that. And it’s because they are eating and stealing everything that comes here. Do inmates file Grievances? Yes. Do inmates have their families call? Yes. But who investigates it? The same ones eating and stealing it. Now I have seen groups of people file mass grievances, and it will pick up for a few weeks, but slowly it starts going back to the same thing.

Believe me, this will never get better. In fact, has anyone ever looked at how many diabetics are in the Texas prison system? Also, check how many people become diabetic while incarcerated in this prison system. I have seen a lot of people whose family blood line doesn’t even have diabetes become full blown diabetics in here. Could it possibly be it’s how the Texas prisons feed us? Raw pancakes, potatoes 2 or 3 times a day, raw cornbread almost every meal. We get cornbread with a fish patty, or chicken patty, because the staff eats most of our bread with their egg sandwiches every morning. We are lucky if we ever get fresh fruit. We usually get an orange and an apple for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we didn’t get the apple for Thanksgiving this year. If I took a guess, I would say we’ve gotten fresh fruit two times this year. What we do get is apple sauce almost daily, canned fruit is high in sugar and corn syrup, which is bad for us, especially the diabetics.

Almost all of the farm land Texas has, you would imagine that we would have tons of vegetables and fresh fruit. Oh, Texas does grow miles and miles of vegetables and fruit, but it’s for the Officers Dining Room. It’s to feed the tens of thousands of people who work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for free. Please know there are many people that I have met that work here that I believe are good people. But every single employee gets to go home at the end of the day, they all have a choice to go anywhere they want to eat. They all have a choice to go home and fix any food they want. While it’s true we are in prison, and I’m not saying we are supposed to be in here eating lobster and steaks, but we are American citizens, and we should not be starved or fed in such a way that we become diabetics. The importance, of a balanced nutritional diet is essential for our health, and over all well-being. There are tens of thousands of prisoners breaking their backs every day working endless amounts of farm land at each Texas prison. Thousands of inmates growing every kind of vegetable and fruit you can imagine, and we only get one orange and one apple for Thanksgiving and Christmas? While the employees eat all they want for free, tell me there’s not something wrong with this picture? Yes, I know the Texas prisons look at us as their personal slaves, but even the slaves were at least fed back in the day.

There is only one way to deal with this madness, and that is to do away with the Officers Dining Room across the state of Texas. There is no reason to feed the tens of thousands of guards, ranking officers, wardens, teachers, secretaries, medical personnel, and every other person who is employed at the Texas prison system. They know they have to eat the same thing we are, but like everything else that happens in all of the Texas prison system. When someone files a grievance, they lie about it then falsify the paper work. For some reason that only they know we are called liars and criminals, but when they cover-up how they are breaking the Texas prisons policy, and breaking the law by falsifying state documentations they are not looked at as liars or criminals. The truth be said, that is exactly what they are. If you have white on, a guard’s uniform, ranking officers’ bars on your shoulders, or the title of warden, if you are covering up by lies and falsifying state documentation, and yes, eating and stealing our food. You are nothing but criminals.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez