State of the Art Prison 3

In my last few chapters, I have talked about our country building a state-of-the-art prison system and I was thinking, I might explain myself better. When I talk about state-of-the-art prisons, I am not trying to insinuate that prisons should be ran or operate in such a way that we are in here living it up. I am talking about utilizing what’s already here to turn every prison into a place of rehabilitation. In my last few chapters, I have described what I’ve seen and what’s going on in these Federal Prisons, without a doubt there is little chance for anyone to actually be rehabilitated.

But rehabilitation is not what they want, that is why I’ve explained what’s going on. I am sure a lot of people will say “What can we do, we can’t make prisoners change.” Which I do agree with, but you can definitely change the prison system. Let’s face it, if you can keep hundreds of thousands of prisoners your 122 prisons, you are in control.

Now, since I have established who is in control, why not use this power to revamp the entire prison system? How hard would it be to take some time at each prison and look over every prisoner’s file, see which one’s are staying out of trouble and who are the problem children. I mean every cell block has a unit manager, a unit counselor, plus there is someone over them. Their job is to oversee cell movement, job assignments, cleanliness of the cells, showers and day room. The unit manager goes over our files, how many points we have, getting moved to other prisons and what programs we should take. Since these positions already exist, why not start separating the prisoners in to different cell blocks at first? If you put the ones constantly getting in trouble in one building and the ones doing good in another, that would be a good start. Now the ones doing good, start classes, push them to take a look at themselves and start making some decisions on what they would like to do in life. Have these unit managers and counselors sit down with these men and women to help them start setting goals for themselves.

Let’s say a person has a ten-year sentence, by the end of this ten years, let’s say this man or woman had been taught how to trade in the stock market or how to open a business, by putting all of these prisoners together it will be easier for them to accomplish this because everyone around them can help, turn these cell blocks in to a place of rehabilitation. The prison can also add some incentives such as, everyone who lives in these cell blocks gets extra phone time or can spend an extra hundred on commissary day. Have these cell blocks gang free, state car free. If a man is in here getting in trouble or doesn’t want to take the program, that shows the prison officials he doesn’t want to do anything with his time. Once each prison separates the prisoners at each prison, now they can begin moving the inmates that want to stay on gang time or don’t want to do anything with their time to a prison where they can live together. By doing this the prisoners that are wanting to change and do something positive with their time, have an opportunity to do so without the worry of having to deal with all of the idiots or prison politics.

Remember this, many, many prisoners want to change, but because of the way the Federal Prisons are run, men don’t have the opportunity to do so. Also, the Federal Prison system can do this very easily, like I said at the beginning of this chapter, there are already unit managers and unit counselors.

Creating a state-of-the-art prison system should be their number one goal. Stop and think about it for a moment, imagine the overall impact this would have on the prison population over the next ten to twenty years. Also, don’t just forget the other prisoners in the United States Penitentiary, give these men an opportunity to leave their prison gangs and move to the state-of-the-art prisons. Anyone who comes to these prisons will understand that if you get caught back in gang activity, you will not get a second chance. What I’m talking about is not far-fetched idea, this is very possible. Doesn’t it make sense to create a program that will actually make a difference? To eliminate every obstacle that holds the men back from accomplishing great things with their time. A lot of the prisoners in these federal prisons are focused on survival, not on rehabilitation.

Another thing, start getting rid of the corrupt staff. Create new laws that would crack down on the corruption that’s always been allowed to happen in these prisons. There are mandatory sentences for people arrested with certain types of drugs. I see men all around me with small drug cases that really shouldn’t be in Federal Prison. Alright, if laws can be made to make examples for drug dealers, why not create mandatory sentences for the guards who have flooded the prisons with drugs? Imagine this, any guard or staff member caught bringing drugs into a Federal or State Prison system, will receive an automatic twenty-five years, day for day. I promise these prisons would dry up faster than the desert during the summer.

I have written about all the prisoners through the years, caught with a K-2 joint that received one or two years extra on their sentence, I have seen mandatory sentences passed to put low level drug dealers in prison for decades, so why wouldn’t our same government pass laws on their own people who have flooded the prison system with drugs? If laws like this mandatory twenty-five years were passed, it would make every employee that works here realize that it wouldn’t be worth it to take a chance that would put them in prison for all those years. Would it stop it? No, but it would for sure slow it down to basically nothing, and when those few brave idiots get caught, make examples out of them with the mandatory twenty-five. I promise once the others that work here see what happened to one of their own, it’ll for sure stop the flow of drugs that come into these Federal Prisons, because as it stands now these places are flooded with drugs.

If they build state of the art prisons, every aspect of things that hold people back from actually changing, like gangs and drugs must be eliminated. Is that possible, absolutely. Believe me, everyone in here would jump at an opportunity for better living conditions, a place that’s not being controlled by gangs or living by a bunch of political crazy idiots that believe in their delusional mind that prisoners should live by how they envision prison to be. So, now that the gangs and the political nuts are out of the way, the guards and other staff members are scared to death to bring drugs inside the prisons, a prisoner can focus on one thing, rehabilitation. Truthfully, I believe this would be the start of something great for America’s prison system. Something like this has been needing to happen in our country forever. To everyone reading this, it only makes sense, doesn’t it? Why would any prison system allow gangs and these political nuts to control a prison? Why would our government allow people that work in their prisons to sell drugs and act no better than the men and women who were sent here for doing the same thing?

All of the men who want to stay in gangs or state cars, put them together and make these prisons restricted. Everything at these prisons should be so strict that it becomes virtually impossible to conduct any type of criminal activity. These prisoners want to be known for gangsters and killers. Ok, all of the prisons they are sent to should have very little movement. Make rec times individually and commissary basically only what they need. But also show them how these state-of-the-art prisons are being run. Show them that if they are willing to leave the gang life behind, there is a new world waiting for them. Not some fantasy bullshit that leads to a life behind bars, but a world where all of their dreams can come true. Even the worst of the worst should be given the opportunity to change. After all this is America, the greatest country that’s ever been built. A state-of-the-art prison system is something that should have happened decades ago. Let’s show the world how to build a state-of-the-art prison system.

The Attorneys
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