Safety Officer Is Just a Title in Unsafe Conditions

By Jay Goodman

Every prison in Texas has what they call, the Safety Officer. The title really speaks for itself. The person in charge of this position is naturally supposed to make sure the environment in which we live in is safe. Here at the Stevenson Unit the Safety Officer is a lady by the name of Ms. Pierce. She has been the Safety Officer here the entire ten years I have been here. And I have to say over all, she has always seemed relatively nice. But that’s all I can really say about her. Because when it comes to the safety of every prisoner here, she has not really done her job to its full capacity.

First of all, there are prisons in Texas that are over one hundred years old or close to a hundred. The Stevenson Unit compared to those, is fairly new. It was built in the 1990’s.

As I have already said, Ms. Pierce job title explains her position. The overall care of our safety is in her hands. She is supposed to make sure that our job assignments, work areas, and living conditions are as safe as they can be. If she knows of, or is made aware of unsafe condition, it’s her job to investigate the problem and rectify it if possible.

As I have written in my last chapter, the Puppetmasters have infiltrated every single individual department throughout the prison system. They did this to ensure that nothing serious would ever be reported. They want to make damn sure whatever department it is they will help them cover up and falsify any paper work that’s necessary. This whole prison system is run by criminals, and they had to make sure all of these different departments are run by people who are willing to lie, and help them in every way possible to cover their tracks.

Now, Ms. Pierce on occasion has come around to inspect the fire extinguishers and falsify her paper work. So, if we have a big inspection by the American Correctional Association (ACA), which come around once a year, I believe to inspect the conditions of each prison. Each prison knows the exact date they are coming. So, they have the prisoners paint the place up and do whatever, is needed to make it look presentable for them. It’s at this time we’ll start to see Ms. Pierce coming to each cell block looking over the fire extinguishers and the other things she is supposed to check regularly on, but never does until there are inspecting teams coming. Through the years I have watched her and noticed that these are the times she falsifies the paper work. Because these are the only times, we really see Ms. Pierce, very rarely does she come around and inspect anything.

Now, as I said before, the Puppetmasters have infiltrated every department throughout the entire prison system. And in my opinion, the Safety Officer is someone that is crucial to have in their pocket. The Puppetmasters know without any doubt whatsoever that all of the prisons in Texas are in violation of our living conditions and treatment. To show a few things of what I am talking about, let’s start out with some small things, and I’ll work my way up to some more serious issues. For starters, between each cell door there is a small door that opens to what is called the pipe chase. Inside there is so much mold it’s unreal. Our vents are also inside this pipe chase, so we have to breath this 24 hours a day. Also, there are screens missing on our day room windows and a few cell windows as well. A few months ago, while sitting in our day room, a five-foot rattlesnake came through our window. Inmates had to catch it and put it back outside. Within a few hours it was back in our day room. In our cell blocks there are two exhaust covers, and of course they are very important, because they draw out the hot air. Well I’ve been at this prison for over ten years now, and they have never once removed these two exhausts covers and cleaned them. Looking up in the front of these exhaust covers you can see how filthy they both are. The bars on these exhaust covers are so dirty they look like they have hair growing on them. There are dead birds and bats, and who knows what else? A bunch of people have written to Ms. Pierce about this but she has never done anything about it. Naturally when it’s in the 90’s and 100’s, our buildings never cool off because these exhaust covers are so stopped up, they don’t draw the heat out.

Some years back in 2011, Texas had a heat wave, and ten prisoners died in a 26-day span, from July to August. It made local and national news, and they made the prisons put thermometers in every cell block. In every building at this prison there sits a control picket, that an officer sits in, that overlooks the three cell blocks. This control picket is air conditioned. Well, when our Safety Officer Ms. Pierce put the thermometers in our cell blocks, take a guess where she placed them? Yes, right on the air-conditioned windows of the picket. So, for the two years they’ve checked the thermometers for the temperatures, the readings were fake every single time. My. friend and I would ask the officers what the temperature reading was, and even placed on the A/C window during June, July, August, and September it was still between 94 and. 98 degrees. But several guards had watches that told the temperature and when they showed us the real temperature it was between 105 to 108. And on the second floor it was 112 to 115. Now look at the big difference between these readings. Did our Safety Officer Ms. Pierce know this? Absolutely! How could she not know? Any idiot would know something laying on an ice-cold window is going to effect the reading if you’re trying to find out how hot it truly is. And any idiot would know that heat rises, so naturally it’s going to be a lot hotter on the prisoners upstairs. But Ms. Pierce cares nothing about the prisoner’s safety, and she has proven this over and over again. As I said, the Puppetmasters have infiltrated every department here. The Safety Officer is just a title given to Ms. Pierce. These few examples should be proof enough that what I’m writing is true.

Ms. Pierce has covered for the Puppetmasters the entire ten years I’ve been here, and she will continue to falsify any and everything necessary to cover up the real truth in here. This why the Puppetmasters infiltrate these different departments. They use people like Ms. Pierce to cover up their tracks. The last thing the Puppetmasters want is for the Safety Officer to start writing reports that would truly show, how hot these buildings and our cells really are. They cannot afford to allow the Safety Officers at all the hundred and eight prisons to start writing all of the other unsafe conditions up. So, they find someone like Ms. Pierce that will come to work and ignore all of the things that are wrong in here.

Now what I have seen Ms. Pierce do is this. Let’s say a prisoner gets hurt while working. She will take a picture of what ever happened to this man, then write a disciplinary report on him for an unsafe act. That’s right. If a person gets hurt accidentally while working in the Texas prison system, he or she will receive a disciplinary report for an unsafe act. Please allow me to give everyone reading this an example of this. I had a celli some years ago, who cut grass here. My celli used to work his ass off cutting grass all summer long. One day, they were cutting grass by our prison fence. And the officer told him to reach into the razor wire and get some trash that the wind had blown in it. Well, my celli scratched his hand a little, not bad, but it was about as bad as someone cutting themselves shaving. Well, the officer took my celli to see Ms. Pierce, who took several pictures and then wrote him a disciplinary report for an unsafe act. If an inmate is playing basketball or handball and twist his ankle, or gets elbowed, or falls down and scratches his leg The Safety Officer Ms. Pierce will show up, take pictures and these prisoners will receive a disciplinary report for unsafe act. They will receive 20 to 30 days cell restriction, commissary, rec, visitation restriction. Not because they did something wrong, but because they had an accident. Sound crazy? It happens all of the time throughout the Texas prison system. I mean let’s look at things realistically. There are prisoners working miles and miles of farm land every day. Unloading and loading semi-trucks, digging gardens, building everything you can imagine for our slave masters. Working on their cars, trucks, building BBQ pits, working in their factories, cutting miles of grass, keeping up with the maintenance on ‘everything, and doing so many other different things, it would take me hours to write it all down.

Would anyone in their right mind think for a moment that over one hundred and sixty thousand slaves doing all of this work are never going to get hurt? Would anyone believe that no one will fall down, get cut, or have any type of accident? The Puppetmasters know that people are going to get hurt every single day. Why? Because, all of the prisoners in the state of Texas mostly work under unsafe conditions. Most prisoners are not really trained properly to begin with, and of course the people running this state understand this. Some prisoners are not trained at all, and when someone gets hurt, they hurry up and write this man a disciplinary report and blame him for committing an unsafe act. It is naturally a way to cover themselves up of any type of wrong doing. So, what, they have to falsify a report and falsify a disciplinary report, it’s no big deal that by doing so they have committed a felony. So, what, this guy works his ass off to help you. So, what, he cannot see his children this month, or he can’t leave his cell, because I wrote him fake disciplinary report. I’ll help him out, I’ll call him in to work even more hours, that will get him out of the cell. You may think this sounds crazy, but it happens all of the time. Each month or so the guards will bring a paper around for every inmate to sign, it’s called a “safety sheet”. They don’t say anything, just sign this, and they’ll leave. I did see one prisoner tell a lady, “I’m not going to sign it, because I never have been trained.” The guard said,” you’ll sign it or I’ll write you a disciplinary report.” He said, “go ahead, I’m not going to say I’ve been trained when I have not been.” I had to laugh because she knew he was right, and left. But I would bet one of my fingers that someone forged his name.

The sad thing is a lot of people do get hurt because of unsafe conditions. But does our Safety Officer ever write a report on the guards, ranking officers, wardens, or factory supervisors, NEVER! Ms. Pierce is nothing but a liar, who is willing to cover for the Puppetmasters. This prison is in South Texas, it’s over a hundred degrees almost all summer, has she ever written up the unsafe conditions on that? NEVER! She nothing more than a pawn that the Puppetmasters use for their illegal empire. As I said, the Puppetmasters infiltrate every department in this prison system to cover for their criminal organization. They have these different departments with idiots like Ms. Pierce to run them. She’s so ignorant, she’s not even aware if something ever happens, they’ll put all of the blame on her. She’s nothing to them except just a scape goat.

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