Running Rampant And Way Out Of Control At The Stiles Unit

By Jay Goodman

I have shown over and over the insanity of the Texas prison system, and their complete disregard for our safety or rehabilitation. I know better than anyone, never say, I thought I’d seen it all, when it comes to these Texas prisons.

A friend of mine signed up to take a vocational trade, and since they did not have this trade here at the Stevenson Unit, they shipped him to a prison that did. He arrived at the Stiles Unit in Beaumont this year around nine in the morning. On of the first things he noticed, was that there were transgender’s everywhere. He said all of them had breast and were allowed to pretty much come and go as they wanted. Also, at most prisons, when the new prisoners arrive, they’ll have classification within a few hours after they get there. The head of classification, the major, and warden, look over your institutional record, and assign you a job and a cell. Then after you see classification, usually in a few hours you’ll be moved to your cell block. Well, that’s at most prisons. At the Stiles Unit it took him eleven hours to get to his cell, and after a three-day trip to get there, he Went straight to sleep.

The next morning at 3:30 am, he walks outside the building he lives in to go eat breakfast, and there was a transgender and another guy kissing each other right in front of everyone. This of course is illegal inside the Texas prison system. The federal law called PREA, “Prison Rape Elimination Act”, says there is no consensual sex. Meaning if you are raping someone, or they are giving it to you, it’s a crime. This law was passed because of all the rapes inside of the prison system. So, my friend was telling me, that here these two men stood kissing each other with the guards and ranking officers walking by not saying a word. My friend was naturally thinking, what the f--- kind of prison is this? The funny thing is, my friend thought that was bad, little did he know that the show had only begun. Later that morning, my friend said he came out of his cell after morning count, which is usually around 7:00 am. He said there was people sitting around everywhere smoking K-2, drinking hooch, smoking or injecting methamphetamine or heroin. There’s guys sitting around with music blaring from their cell phones, and while all of this is going on, the guards are coming and going not saying a word. He sat down with a guy he knew from the past and was told, that three people had died the last three days. The first day, a man beat a transgender to death, the second day, a guy was believed to have been poisoned to death, and on day three, a man died from a drug overdose. My friend said he could not believe all of this sh-- he was seeing. He told me the place was totally out of control. But, to me it makes perfect sense. This is exactly the type of environment that the Texas prison wants it to run.

As I keep saying, the people that run this prison system are criminals, and they have flooded these prisons with every drug you can think of. They could care less if anyone gets rehabilitated. Their number one goal is to keep all of these prisons full to capacity. And what better way to make sure no one gets rehabilitated than to keep most of the prisoners blown out of their minds on drugs. Of course, a big plus for the Puppetmasters is, they’re making millions of dollars from selling drugs and cell phones, and it’s all tax free. So for them it’s a win, win situation. Not everyone in prison are using drugs, for those who are clean, these are the prisoners they have working in the factories, or the fields, and everywhere else they heed them.

My friend said, there’s people so drunk or high on drugs that by the evening that they are passed out on benches, and there are people laying all over the floor. He told me the guards would come in to do count, and would ask other prisoners where the guy passed out lived? Mark it on his paper and leave. When rack up came at 10:30 pm all of the inmates have to, go to their cells until morning. But, when they would try to wake up the prisoners that were passed out, they would tell the guards to, get the f--- away from them before they’d kill em. So, all night these inmates would be passed out all over the cell block. He said when somebody would pass out from doing a big shot of heroin, or from smoking K-2, sometimes guards would call medical, because this inmate had passed out and was unresponsive. When medical would arrive, they’d check him and say no, he’s alright, he’s just high. Then all of them would go and just leave whoever was there passed out on the floor, lie told me that 90% of the guards were African-American, and 65% of them were Nigerians.

As I’ve written in several chapters, because they have over 100 prisons, there isn’t enough qualified people for the mass prison system. So, the Puppetmasters had to hire all these Nigerians who can’t hardly speak English, or cannot speak it at all. As I have said before, I am not against hiring people from other countries, but since communication is a big part of being a prison guard, they should be able to speak English fluently. And there are not just a few Nigerians that work for the Texas prisons, there are a lot of prisons where almost all of the guards are from Nigeria, or different parts of Africa. By doing that, it has also opened the door for criminal activity. Please know, I am not saying all of the Nigerians are criminals, but the Nigerians that have worked for the Texas prison system for decades and have seen from the other guards and rank how to sell drugs and cell phones, have naturally started bringing their brothers, sisters, cousins, wives, and friends to work at certain prisons, until they have flooded it with their family and friends.

Now of course, since they have this prison with all Nigerians it’s easy for them to sell drugs and cell phones, because the whole prison is run by them. Because Texas has all of these prisons and not enough qualified guards to run it, they have created a cesspool of guards and ranking officers. But, as I keep saying this is exactly what the Puppetmasters want, remember they get a kick back from all of these prisons on all the illegal drugs and cell phones that are sold.

This is how it works. The ranking officers have it set up with the guards on what day to bring the drugs and cell phones inside the prison. The ranking officers are supposed to search the guards, which of course they act like they do, but in all reality, they’ll allow them to pass. Let’s say they allow these guards to bring in fifty cell phones on Saturday, and fifty on Sunday. In here the guards will already have them sold, from five hundred to one thousand dollars each. That’s a minimum of fifty thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars, just for the cell phones. Now another group of guards will bring in sixteen ounces of methamphetamine, at three thousand dollars an ounce, that’s another forty-eight thousand; Just between the phones and meth that’s anywhere from one hundred to a hundred fifty thousand dollars, we haven’t even gotten to the K-2 and heroin yet. But let’s round it off and say a big prison like the Stiles Unit will generate millions of dollars a year. The guards have to kick back some money to the ranking officers for allowing them to pass with the drugs and cell phones, who have to give the wardens some and each warden has to kick some out to the Puppetmasters. With way over one hundred prisons, can you imagine how much money the criminals are making a year? And it’s all tax-free money. When I say this an organized criminal empire, that’s exactly what I mean.

My friend said, that when the guards stepped in a cell block the inmates wouldn’t even stop smoking K-2, they wouldn’t even turn off the music on their cell phones. He said, one day a lieutenant came into the cell block he lived in and asked for everyone’s attention. When all of the prisoners gathered around he said, “Listen, I am an old school convict bossman. I know this is your world, I’m only a visitor here. I know you want to drink. I know you want to smoke your K-2, and do your methamphetamine, and other drugs, and I do not have a problem with that. But, do me a big favor. When my officers come in here to do count or whatever, don’t do it in their face, OK?” My friend said they all said, no problem lieutenant.

That is how it is in here, everyone from the guards to the ranking officers, wardens, know exactly what’s going on. How could they not know, they are the ones bringing it in. Another big thing my friend said that’s happening at the Stiles Unit, is they allow these transgender inmates to go all over the prison to prostitute themselves. Or if you have a one-hundred-dollar bill, one of the Nigerian women guards will have sex with you. He was telling me that some guards and ranking officers came over from another prison to help out at the Stiles Unit one weekend, because they were shorthanded. A lieutenant from the other prison was controlling a gate to the cell block. He said the lieutenant was running everything slow, which had everyone frustrated. An inmate who was tired of waiting told him to open the door. The lieutenant said, “I’ll open the door when I get ready”. The prisoner pulled out a shank and said, “you are at the Stiles Unit, you don’t run sh-- here. Either open this gate now, or I’ll fill you with holes”. I asked my friend, what did the lieutenant do? He said,”Sh-- he didn’t want to die so he opened the gate”.

By now my friend said he’d had enough. He went to the school the next day and said he no longer wanted to take the vocational trade, so they moved him back here. He also said about 65% of the prisoners had. shanks.

Look at how far out of control this prison is. Why is nothing being done? Because, this is exactly what. the Puppetmasters want, a prison of destruction and addiction. For the inmates who don’t, die of a drug overdose or get killed, what type of rehabilitation did they get? None of course. These men will leave prison full-blown addicts. Addicted to K-2, meth, or heroin, and hit the streets stealing, robbing, and killing. They are on their way back to prison the minute they hit, the streets. Do the Puppetmasters care if they murder your Mom, wife, or children? Of course not. All that’s important is all of the prisons stay full, the industries are running non-stop, and they keep making millions of dollars. They could care less about society, our lives, or anyone else’s. This is the 2019 Texas prison system.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez