Predators in White

By Jay Goodman

          I have 14 years in prison, in the state of Texas. I am sure everyone will agree, Texas loves to be known for their toughness on crime. But, from what I have seen, once we get to prison that toughness seems to go out the window. Texas has a law called, PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act). In our Offender Orientation Handbook, that is given to each inmate, it says, Safe Prison/PREA Program, The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Zero Tolerance Policy. It goes on to say, that TDCJ has a zero-tolerance regarding sexual abuse and sexual harassment of offenders. In 2003 the Federal Government enacted the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). The purpose of this Act is to reduce the incidents of sexual abuse by establishing national standards. It also states that TDCJ fully supports the national efforts to eliminate sexual abuse. Once again, I shake my head at this, because as always, the Texas prison system will say whatever is needed, to make everyone believe they are on the same page as the rest of the country when it comes to rehabilitation. Allow me to show you the actual truth about what they pray nobody ever brings to light.

          In my last chapter, “The Predators in Gray and Blue”, I spoke about all of the sexual assaults that were happening amongst the guards, ranking officers, wardens, and even the man over the whole prison system, the director himself. If anyone thought that was horrible, truthfully it was only the beginning of what the female employees have to endure in this criminally run organization. Like I have said throughout my entire book, whenever I believe the Texas prison system could not get any worse, they, of course, will sink to a new low. As I said Texas has a law called, PREA, they call for all prisons in the state to eliminate sexual assaults. I applaud this law and the state for implementing it. But, as good as this may sound it’s done nothing at all for the thousands of women who work for TDCJ. Because, every single day I see women who work in these prisons sexually assaulted. And it’s not only the female guards that have to endure this, but also the nurses, doctors, commissary ladies, secretaries, teachers, and even the female chaplains. I have seen on a few occasions’ male guards also. Now picture this, a woman and her children leave a department store. As they get to their car, a man approaches them with no pants on and starts masturbating in front of them. The lady starts screaming at him, but no matter what she does he won’t stop. This man, of course, will be arrested without any doubt, and go to jail, and be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. A nurse is taking a man’s blood pressure and he pulls out his penis and begins masturbating, no matter what she says, he won’t stop. A school teacher is walking around her class and sees a man sitting with his pants down masturbating. Once again, no matter what she says or how upset she becomes, he won’t stop. In every example I just gave these men would be arrested and put in jail. They would be classified as sex offenders and forced to register for the rest of their lives. That’s in the free world, but inside the Texas prison system, there are another set of rules and laws, that no one knows about. The reason I’ve given such detail, is I want everybody to understand what type of men I’m talking about. I want to also point out something that’s very important to everybody reading this. This is not just a few sick individuals I am talking about, because I have been to 10 different prisons since I have been incarcerated here in Texas, and it’s out of control. The number of men doing this is in the thousands.

I am at a small unit right now, one thousand, three hundred sixty inmates. I’ve been here around ten years, and there are so many people I’ve seen getting into trouble for this type of behavior, it’s unreal. I know people who get case after case for this, and that have gone to medium custody, over and-over which is a form of lock-up, every year I’ve been here. These individuals never stop, in fact, a lot of them have gotten worse through the years. These animals have no respect for any women or other prisoners. In the dorm I live in, the showers are right by the sports TV. If a female guard is working in the control picket, these animals will go into the shower stall and open the shower doors so they can expose themselves masturbating. Even though 20 or more of his fellow inmates are sitting right there watching the TV. So now, even we are sexually assaulted. I am sure the readers must be wondering, why are the inmates not jumping on these individuals? Plenty of men have. Here is what’s going to happen if his fellow inmates beat him up. These men will receive a disciplinary report for assault and receive all kinds of restrictions from: cell isolation, no commissary, no use of the phone for several months, no visits, and when you come up for parole, you will get a year or more set off. Also, if during the fight this guy gets hurt really bad, you could receive a free world case. Now you will have to go to court and receive time stacked on top of the time you are already doing.

          Now to show you the insanity of the Texas prison system - If a prisoner gets caught with a few joints of weed or k-2, he will be taken to the local courthouse and be charged with possession of a controlled substance inside a penal institution. I have seen people that were caught with one k-2 joint, receive anywhere from two to five years more on top of the sentence they’re already serving. Meaning, the person has to serve the sentence he is incarcerated for first, then he will begin the second sentence. Which I understand, if a person breaks the law, they have to answer for it right? Not exactly. Because, all of these women that are being sexually assaulted every single day, the predators are never charged: God forbid a person should smoke a joint, but hey, if you want to get naked and sexually assault, every female staff member we have, by golly, you all have a good time.

          For everyone reading this, isn’t it odd that a man sitting in prison sees the absolute insanity of this situation, but the people running the entire Texas prison system does not? I mean you would think that the people in charge would be the ones writing this book and exposing this, not a prisoner sitting in jail. Of course, the Puppetmasters don’t really want to say anything, because a big portion of the guards, ranking officers, majors, wardens, and even the directors have abused their positions and taken advantage of the women who work for the Texas prison system.

          As I wrote in my last chapter, “The Predators in Gray and Blue” there are some serious predators working throughout the Texas prisons. I would like to also point out that the individuals running the Texas Department of Criminal Justice have really dropped the ball when it comes to this. Truthfully, a lot of ranking officers and wardens don’t give a shit, because they don’t like a lot of women who work here. Because, at one time or another, they were rejected for their advances. I know inmates that have had 3 or 4 disciplinary cases in a week for masturbating or exposing themselves to females. But, when they go up in front of the ranking officers, they will tear the case up, or if they give them some type of information, they will let them make it on the disciplinary report. If you give me some information on who’s doing what, I’ll allow you to keep sexually assaulting all of the women who work here. Sounds crazy, right? It goes on at all of the hundred and nine prisons throughout Texas every day.

          On the back of the guards' caps it says, “We look out for our own”. Well, everyone from the Sgt., Lt., Captains, Majors, and Wardens, oh and of course let’s not forget the Director of the prison system, know this has been going on for decades and not one of them are doing anything to stop it. I have seen inmates who have gotten disciplinary cases for leaving a book in their cell window, or for having an extra towel, or an extra pair of socks, for leaving a fan on in the cell, when they leave. The prison system will waste their time writing bullshit disciplinary cases like this. And believe it or not, they will be found guilty of something so minor you would of thought the ranking officer would just say, hey don’t do it again, right? Wrong. The prisoners will receive 10- or 20-days cell isolation, no commissary, no rec, no visits. Whatever you do, don’t you dare leave your Bible in your cell window. But if you want to get naked and sexually assault all of the females working for us, we don’t have a problem with that, you all have a good time. This is how crazy this prison system has become. When I say, it’s out of control, believe me, it’s an understatement.

          As I was saying at the beginning of this chapter. The state of Texas has a law called, PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act). Once again, I applaud the state for implementing it. Each prison is supposed to keep a record of all sexual assaults and do an annual or yearly report. Well, either the people are not reporting it, or the people running PREA don’t give a shit. My guess is neither one of them give a shit. Because if they did, I find it impossible to believe someone could not see the thousands of masturbating cases. There are over one hundred prisons in Texas, and I imagine every one of them have at least one or more sexual assaults every day. Not counting the hundreds of cases they throw out. I sit here in my cell and wonder what will it take for our politicians and federal law enforcement to take control of this corrupt prison system? How long are you going to allow this criminal organization to continue to abuse us and every single female in this prison system? Have the Puppetmasters paid off the politicians of Texas to turn their heads? Because I know with all the different organizations out there in the free world helping us expose the Texas prison system, you are fully aware of what’s going on. Have you forgotten why you became a federal law enforcement officer? Have you forgotten why you became politicians? I would assume it was to help people, not to turn your backs to even the least of people, us, the people who need your help the very most.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez