How Far Would You Go?

By Jay Goodman

Every time I gaze around here in the penitentiary and observe all of the individuals walking about, I wonder what it is going to take for these people to see that this is not a game. I just wrote a chapter titled “Lost in a fantasy world.” Now I would like to write about another side to that story. I have written in the past that I believe around 957 of the inmates currently incarcerated are here for drugs, either directly or indirectly. Most inmates were arrested for using drugs, or robbing and stealing to obtain money for drugs. When I look about at the people in prison these days, especially since K-2 has become popular, it is insane to see these same people chase drugs while incarcerated. Believe me when I say this, there is not anything that they wouldn’t do to get this drug and it’s high. I have deeply thought about exactly how far or low would they really go?

I understand that all people in their lies make mistakes, hell I am in prison myself as I am writing this chapter. I am not trying in any way to put down my fellow prisoners, my goal from the beginning has been to expose the Puppetmasters for their evil tactics, and to hopefully help with some positive change to this prison system. But, if we hope to make any great changes, we must also turn inwards and examine ourselves and be willing to change. Mistakes are part of life, mistakes are also an opportunity to learn something new. To learn something about ourselves we did not know before. The more mistakes a person makes, the more that individual should learn. There is a bit of magic hidden in every mistake. So, the more mistakes that we make and consciously learn from them, the more magic we have in our lives.

The problem as I see it in the Texas prison system is that hardly anyone is learning from their mistakes. They continue straight ahead on the same road that led them here to begin with. Some of these people do learn a little faster than others. After banging your head into the same brick wall so many times, they have come to realize that it does hurt and they are fighting a losing battle. I cannot really begin to explain to everyone reading this what drugs cause to happen inside these prison walls. It is truly something sad to watch at every angle. Every day on the news or in the newspapers, you will see that someone is getting arrested or killed for selling drugs, using drugs, robbing or even killing for them. The prisons across our country are full to capacity because of drugs. If there were no drugs in the United States, there would be such a dramatic drop in the prison population that a great percentage of the prisons would be forced to close down in every state. Robberies, thefts, assaults, burglaries and murders, along with every other crime that you can think of, would fall to an all-time low. Our whole country would change so fast that most people here would not know what to do.

Almost every family I am sure of, has been affected in some way due to drugs. A lot of people on the free side do not rightly realize the madness that transpires here in prison on a daily basis because of drugs. Allow me to give everyone some examples of how these people function on a day to day routine while on drugs. 

Inside the Texas prison system, I have seen the inmates use every drug there is. Marijuana, heroin and cocaine, meth and all kinds of pills. As I have mentioned before now there is a new drug out causing all kinds of problems, it is called K-2. There are several reasons that this drug is so popular in the prison system. One it can be purchased on the outside dirt cheap almost anywhere, and two there are so many different forms of it that is it hard to develop a sound test to detect it. So now anyone can use without the fear of failing a drug test and getting caught. I get up at 2:30 in the morning, and by 3:00-3:30 the dayroom is opened for breakfast. After the guards on duty leave the cell block, there are inmates waiting by the light sockets, ready to get a flame to start smoking this crap. The electrical outlets are where you can cause a spark by grounding out one side and putting a razor blade in the other side. Then you take a pencil lead wrapped in the middle with toilet paper, so you don’t get electrocuted, and touch the two razor blades to arc the outlet and get a spark. This is what they will do each time to get a flame to light these K-2 joints. The first thing these guys do every morning when out in the dayroom is get high. Most of these idiots haven’t even washed their faces or brushed their teeth yet.

From 3:30 in the morning up until their day ends, it is spent smoking K-2. From what I understand from observation and what others have told me, the high only lasts for a short time. So, every fifteen to twenty minutes they have to smoke more. Every second that they are awake it is spent chasing this trash. These inmates care about nothing else, they don’t even care that they are spending every dime that their family and friends are sending them. Remember, the Texas prison system does not pay its prisoners. So, the things we need like toiletries and anything we want like snack foods we have to purchase with money sent to our accounts by family or friends. The people that are smoking this crap will go without anything just to smoke it. I have seen inmates go to the commissary spending forty, fifty, or even one-hundred dollars, then go back to the cell blocks and hand it all over to the fantasy world K-2 Kings.

To make the situation that much more insane, these dudes will even start asking for more of this crap after they have run out of money, getting themselves into even more debt. These guys have just been several weeks without any hygiene materials or even a cup of coffee. All that is important is acquiring more K-2. Never mind that their parents, brothers and sisters, wife and kids, sent them a whole days pay out of their checks so that they could have the things that they need. Hell, some of these inmates’ parents are living off of retirement checks. As long as there is more K-2 to smoke who cares, right? Believe it or not, it gets worse. I know people that will sell food off of their trays to buy this stuff. One guy sold the shoes off of his feet to get high. Please understand the raw power of this poison. People give up their only possessions for this little ten-minute high. If you think any of this cannot be any worse, well take a look at what this stuff is really made of.

K-2 in all reality is not even a justifiable narcotic. Marijuana, heroin and cocaine come from plants and do have some form of medical use. K-2, synthetic marijuana, doesn’t even come from a plant. It is a bunch of different toxic chemicals combined to put the user into a coma-like state. These users actually believe that they are “high”, or hallucinating. In fact, the only thing happening to these users is that the smoke from these toxic chemicals is asphyxiating their brains, killing hundreds of thousands of brain cells. Some of this stuff is equivalent to bug spray. Where is the logic in any of this? There are so many deadly chemicals combined to produce this crap that a good portion of users will die the first time they use K-2.

I heard a few inmates talking one day about some new form of K-2 that was here on this unit, the name of it was “DEATH.” I don’t know about anyone else, but the thought of smoking something called death does not appeal to me in any way. The inmates that did smoke it were being taken to the local hospital with complications to breathing, chest pains and one person did stop breathing. Luckily for him, one of the CO’s working that night was a certified paramedic and performed CPR on him. By the way, the CO that performed CPR on this inmate got written up for saving his life. The Puppetmasters do not want one of their own to save any prisoners life, imagine that. I’ve seen some of these inmates so out of control I asked myself how low would they really go?

Well, the same guy I just mentioned who stopped breathing, had his elderly mother send seven thousand dollars to other inmates so he could purchase this K-2 in just a matter of a few months. He ran out of money on the phone one day and had another inmate make a three-way call to his mother. After the call had ended the guy got back on the line with his wife and was shocked at the conversation this guy had with his mother. The elderly woman began crying to her son asking how much more money he needed to pay this dealer, because she has already sent him seven thousand dollars? All he did was yell at his mother for her to send the money. She did send the money, another thousand dollars. He buys more K-2, goes up to his cell, rolls a big joint and passes out on the floor. A guard walks by for count and see’s this guy on the floor and cannot get him to respond. The CO goes into the cell and finds a thousand-dollar bag of K-2 in his hand and a huge joint in the other. The K-2 dealer started laughing, he said, “There’s another grand for me because he will be back on the phone with his mom tomorrow.” It’s so heartbreaking to see that these peoples families will send money for these low-lives to just waste on this crap.

Looking around I get so frustrated with these idiots for being so mentally weak. I also get very angry at the prison system, because they will not do anything to help the thousands of addicts who are killing themselves and their families over this trash. The biggest percentage of the smugglers are the Puppetmasters and their goons, they are the real drug traffickers of the Texas prison system. They allow the guards to flood these prisons with this poison, while they sit back and watch the inmates destroy themselves, their minds and their bodies. They know for sure that these inmates will become lifers in their miserable world. If these K-2 Kings keep getting busted that’s great too. They can become lifers also and live forever in their fantasy world. The Puppetmasters can just sit back in their offices and collect the kickbacks from all of the dope money being made throughout the state.

I’ve-wondered from time to time what their yearly take is on just K-2 alone? This is truly a criminal empire, I cannot say that enough. It has become a “legal empire” that no one seems to want to stop.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez