Enough Is Enough

By Mike Powers

In the vein of what I was saying in my last chapter, I have to ask, “when is enough enough?” When have there been enough apologies, pandering’s, payments in sentences before Black Lives Matter says, “Okay, now we’re even, now we’re equal.” The answer to that, just so you know is, “never, why never!” I’ll tell you why.

It’s because there cannot come a time when they will even be more even or more equal than they presently are. There’s no denying there was a time when this wasn’t true. Even in the age of “separate but equal”, everyone understood this was simply a polite fiction that denied Black people the same access to education, opportunity, and liberty that white people and other minorities besides blacks were already enjoying. That simply is not the case anymore.

Say what you will, Black people have the exact same opportunity (perhaps better) To get a scholarship, college acceptance, a job, a Home, and any other element in their pursuit of happiness as anyone else. True fat men are being killed by police officers. This may come as a shock to people who only watch CNN or good morning America, but policeman are also shooting whites and Latinos. Even in this there is, sadly, equality because it’s everyone’s desire that no innocent person is killed or even arrested. But we should all desire that criminals justly go to jail, no matter the color of their skin or ethnic heritage.

So what is the true desire of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and like organizations? So they want to vote’s instead of one? So they want to be paid to go to public schools instead of just go for free like all other kids? Houses at half price? What about preference when applying for college, scholarships or certain jobs? Hold on now, that last one is already a reality. Does anyone realize that this means the playing field is not level? It is already screwed, at least in this sense. Along comes Black Lives Matter and says it’s not enough.

Guess what? Black Lives Matter will never be satisfied because at its heart, the movement is not about racial purity at all. Black Lives Matter, at its core, is about the exact same thing that every far-left organization is about - power. Just like ANTIFA, Just like PETA, Just like the a CLU, now, green peas, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Brock and Michelle Obama, and Nancy Pelosi, BLM is only interested in using the excuse of a fictional racial hatred as a pretext to take power away from all the people of the United States(regardless of color, creed or ethnic identity) And concentrate it in the hands of our few people - Most of them, of course, in Washington DC. Ask any of them, and they will tell us it is for our own good, because we’ve been deceived, oppressed, ill-educated or in some way disadvantaged or disenfranchised. “The man” has been holding us down, and we need the help of this in light in few to come up out of our benighted existence. Do I have a job? Brother, you could have a better one. You deserve more pay for less work! So I have an education? Well, I’ll tell you, it’s not as good as the one THAT kid is getting, and why should you have to pay for college when kindergarten is free? Do you have a place to call home? Let me tell you, sir. It’s not as nice as THAT guys home! And you work just as hard as he does. Why should he get all the gravy just because he selling stocks and you sling burgers?

These elites are playing the exact same hand they’ve been playing for almost 200 years - strife, division, class warfare. And their goal in the US today is the same as the Socialist workers party of Russia in 1917. The same as the national Socialist party in Germany in 1936. The Chinese communist. The Cubans under Fidel Castro. They will not be satisfied until those who are qualified to lead rule with authoritarian power over the common people.

Teddy Roosevelt, one of my heroes, said it best: “whenever the government wants to do something for your own good, you better watch out.” As soon as the Democrats lauding Black Lives Matter are done with usefulness of breeding racial strife and civil unrest, the same Democrats who championed the confederate rebellion, Jim Crowe laws, “separate but equal” in the Ku Klux Klan will do what they’ve always done - discard the people they’ve used up to climb to power and try to assert a nanny-police state.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez