Code of Ethics Is a Code of Lies?

By Jay Goodman

The good thing about the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is, they make it so easy to write about them. This criminal organization has been allowed to operate for so long now without any worry whatsoever that they do not even try to hide what they do. Some guards even laugh that the warden had a big party and took your holiday meats, or the ranking officers told us to write a bunch of quota disciplinary reports to make them look good for an inspection. There isn’t anything I have not seen these people do that surprises me anymore.

Which leads me to a story about my friend Lawrence Bernal. I have written a few stories about him already to show how the system will write fake disciplinary reports. Which is a big problem throughout the entire Texas prison system. I was at the law library with my friend Bernal today and he said, “Look Jay, the disciplinary case officer Absy wrote me was overturned.” “Imagine that”, he said. “I won my appeal of case No.20200025748. But this win leaves a bad taste in my mouth.” I asked my friend, why? He said, “This Grievance was answered by none other than our Assistant Warden J. C. Gonzales on October 11, 2019, returned to me on October 11, 2019. Now the Grievance response: Minor disciplinary case #20200025748 has been reviewed. It was found this case was dismissed on 10-3-19. Your records will be updated. No further action warranted by this office.” Bernal then said, “Note to self. TDCJ never overturns a case without a Grievance being filed first. So, your telling me Jay, good old Assistant Warden Gonzales overturned this case a day after I received my punishment? Boy, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.” I started laughing at my friend, he has a lot, and I do mean a lot of frustration built up inside him, but not without good reason. “So, Jay, not only was my case overturned, Assistant Warden Gonzales leads by example. By stating he overturned my case on 10-3-19 he falsified a state document to cover-up the quota system. Which I knew was true because all the guards are upset about it.”

Let’s look at the contract/ED-02.01 Code of Ethical Conduct. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Code of Ethical Conduct is a fundamental element of the Texas prisons mission of providing public safety, promoting positive offender change. Reintegration into the society, and assisting victims of crime. As a reflection of our mission statement, the Code of Ethical Conduct serves as a practical guide for all employees. This code embodies a fundamental respect for the constitutional rights of all people. It is the responsibility of each employee to adhere to the TDCJ’s Code of Ethical Con- duct. Wow, that’s a mouth full.

So, while we’re at it, let’s review this contract. In part it states, I shall maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and impartiality. While we’re at it let’s begin the search for any mystical creature. Because believe me, you’ll have a better chance at finding a unicorn than honesty and integrity inside the Texas prison system. We’re not going to open the impartiality door.

Next, it states. Uphold all federal, state, and local laws, and adhere to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice policies, procedures, and regulations. If my friend and I learned anything while being incarcerated in TDCJ is its policy of, do as I say, not as I do. The only law TDCJ adheres to is its, “Mafia Manifesto”.

Next it states: Be firm, fair, and consistent in the performance of my duties, without retribution, retaliation, harassment, or abuse towards others. I am wondering if the person who came up with this Code of Ethical Conduct ever worked for TDCJ?

Next it states: Provide and support the provision of humane conduct, supervision, and care of offenders. If TDCJ’s idea of humane custody is cooking us to death, neglecting a federal judge’s orders, or allowing your officers to flood your prison system with illegal drugs? Yes, I could see how that’s humane.

Next it states: Not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, geographic location, or economic status. OK, let’s start from the top. Race/color, TDCJ has practiced separation, sequestration of the races. Pitting each race against each other. Religion, you better believe the way they do, or to listen to them you’re going to hell. National origin-like the NFC or AFC in football? Sex-better not! Age if you’re too old to work, what good are you? Disability refer to old age! Geographic location you mean your Po-dunk towns not on a map? Economic status TDCJ doesn’t pay us, so we are looked at like dead beats.

Next it states: Not sexually harass or condone sexual harassment against any person and shall report any violation of this policy to the appropriate authorities. I can’t believe this is actually here. With all the sexual assaults against female officers. Tell me one guard or ranking officer who has been convicted of sexual assault? Well, I do know one sergeant that did get charged with raping an offender here. But I have written too many chapters showing how lieutenants and a major here have used their positions and taken advantage of females after females. The prisoners who have sexual assaults are called predators, but if you are employed for the Texas prison system of course you must be a player.

Next it states: Maintain confidentiality of information that has been entrusted to me, in my official capacity, unless compelled or authorized to release the information. Well, the funny thing about that is Bernal received a notice from Verizon informing him his credit score was too low to get a phone.

Next it states: Not use my official position for unauthorized personal gain or the unauthorized personal gain of my friends or family. Does Barco count under this policy? Kick-Backs are the corner stone of the Texas prison system. Let’s also go back to the early 1990’s when Texas went from 20 prisons to one hundred nine almost overnight, who do you believe got these contracts? Family, friends, or anyone who gave the Puppetmasters Kickbacks. Why else would anyone work here?

Next it states: Not conduct myself in any manner which may lead any person or entity to expect official favors. Why would they put entity in this sentence? I was wondering as I read this, if our ex-warden Beard who was having big cook outs for the local police department with the meats he had stolen from here and our local food bank fall into, him expecting favors from them?

Last it states: Recognize that the Code of Ethical Conduct is a symbol of The Texas Department of Criminal Justice commitment to the public and a direct reflection on the employee as an individual. This Code of Ethical Conduct seems a good idea, until you realize that your entire prison system is run by criminals who are willing to commit every criminal act they need to, to keep their criminal organization going.

Now back to Bernal’s story. As he likes to say, “No one Beats TDCJ.” I on the other hand know better because, David Ruiz, kept these people in court for over 20 years. Anyway, Bernal used his typewriter to file his Step 1 Grievances that he won. He went on medical chain and when he came back to this unit, he discovered his typewriter was broken. Bernal told me the property officer became very hostile toward him. And on 10-29-19, she wrote him a disciplinary case for contraband. Which she just so happened to discover in his property. He told me, “Jay, I may not be the brightest bulb in the house, but I do know, every time I’ve left on medical chain my property has been searched. So why would I put any contraband in my property?” Bernal said, “I’m like a hemorrhoid to this administration, just when they think they’ve gotten rid of me. I pop right back up again.” Bernal might have won a Grievance, but he received case: 2020050417 on 10-29-19, 18 days after the last case was over- turned. Stay tuned, we’ll see how Bernal’s Step one Grievance turns out concerning his broken typewriter.

To be honest, this should be very interesting, because the guard who took inventory of my friends’ things and typewriter checked his typewriter very thoroughly, because he did not want to be responsible for something so expensive. As soon as the guard checked Bernal’s typewriter, he placed it inside of the officers control picket so nothing would happen to it. And this same guard wrote a statement for Bernal. Bernal really got blessed in this situation that this guard is an honorable man, which is such a rarity in here. He even told us later that they were mad at him for writing the statement.

Now listen to this, the administration is mad with the guard for telling the truth. You see, they expect the guards to always lie and write false reports. All these highest standards of honesty, integrity, and impartiality, is just some B.S. the Puppetmasters have put together, so they can manipulate the people outside that they train the guards and ranking officers to conduct themselves in this manner. But, as I have said before this is what they train, and then there is something they call unofficial training, which is to lie, falsify, steal, abuse, assault, sell drugs, and if necessary, murder.

This guard who told the truth will forever be looked at as a, “traitor”. He will be looked at like this because he truly has standards and honesty, he has integrity, he does not have it because these idiots wrote it on paper, it’s something he lives his life by. The Texas prison system is run by criminals, the last thing they want to see is someone like this officer. Their true Mission Statement is to do everything in their power to keep this criminal empire full of free slaves, at whatever the cost. I pray that someday this prison system will be run by officers like this man.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez