Brave Old World

By Mike Powers

I’m listening to the news on the radio, and again, as has been true for over two weeks now, I am pushed beyond the precipitate pure of disbelief at what I’m hearing. I watch the images emanating from the cameras of network news, fully aware of their leftist leanings, and their unashamed exhibition of writers, leaders, vandals, and even insurrectionists marching in the name of George Floyd, and inherit foil if ever there was one, and I simply cannot believe – not what I’m seeing and hearing – but for the seeming complete lack of response from the authorities being overrun in city after city.

No less disturbing to my mind is the passive silence of my fellow conservatives. For 50+ years, the “silent majority” sat silently Buy as prayer was taken from schools, baby-murder was incorporated into “birth control” and publicly funded, in the entertainment industry divided into Babylon burlesque heedless of the innocent who might be watching. And it appears that they will remain silent while our rights are systematically destroyed or marginalized, right like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Apparently, you can be put on a month-long term of house arrest that makes it illegal to open your business or show up at your workplace, and not even that is beyond the threshold of tolerance. I’m utterly amazed. Is this even America?

If our children are being almost universally programmed in the socialistic claptrap of propagandized history, social studies, and even silence itself, where is the church – the very institution single-handedly responsible for the very existence of the American public school? Why isn’t there free, Christ-centric, high-quality education in every neighborhood church? You can’t tell me it’s from a lack of money, so it must only be a lack of will.

If every major media outlet is leaning so far to the left that one can’t even watch the news programs without reading between the lines for the fax, why haven’t wealthy conservative started to rise up throughout this land and pool their resources to build her own, friendly TV stations and magazines? Where are quality movies, books, and stage productions that humor moral integrity and classically celebrated, uniquely American values? Have we so quickly forgotten a time on television parents were actually married with partners of the opposite gender? When the feature of promiscuous sex would have doomed a program with public outrage? When Read Butler’s infamous, “I don’t give a damn”, nearly cause riots in movie theaters in many conservative parts of this country? Why do we now utter not the smallest hit objection with script Riders, authors and musicians feel free to assault the public market with any manner of perverse and objectionable material? And I’m not talking about government conservatorship! I’m for the balance of the marketplace, where the 50% of the people of this country who Consistently vote right (pun intended) patronize artists and purveyors who it exercise decency and good judgment; where they vote with their shopping dollars by denying businesses to corporations or stores that capitulate to the anti-American, anti-Christian vitriol of a small minority, heard only because of their shrill volume, not because of their quality of ideas or commitment to ideals.

How have we come to this place where the people in this nation who have inherited the best blessings of American life so quickly in obediently “sit down” and “shut up” when told to do so? Why are conservatives so easily intimidated and embarrassed into silence when challenged to uphold or defend our beliefs? We must get off our knees.

Is it true that militant anarchist are occupying entire sections of the city, destroying in the facing statutes of the great men who formed this nation and (unlike us) phot for what they believe in, and even bombing, burning and looting the property a free citizens and doing it unopposed? How ashamed I am.

This land of the free must, necessarily be the home of the brave, because the two are inter-dependent. They must coexist or they must separately parish. Cowardice cannot long sustain freedom. Tyranny will never abide bravery.

Long enough, we have contented ourselves as the “silent majority.” If we continue, Liberty in America will be destroyed. If ever there was a time to stand and fight, the time is now.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez