A Senseless Act of Violence on an Elderly Inmate

By Jay Goodman

Here we are less than a month away until 2020, but it might as well be 1920, inside the Texas prison system. Most prison systems around the country have moved into the 20th century as far as the living conditions, and the overall treatment of prisoners. They have learned that locking everyone up and mistreating them for years or decades was not going to solve the problems that they faced. Most of our states in the U.S. understand the need to focus on re habilitation and prison reform if they ever hoped to reduce the recidivism rate, and release prisoners back into society that will be productive citizens.

Of course Texas cares less about prison reform and the last thing on the Puppetmasters mind is, “Rehabilitation”. The last thing Texas wants is someone leaving their prison system rehabilitated. The idea of anyone leaving here never to return, I’m sure infuriates them. Let’s say someone was to show Texas how to reduce their prison population by 40%, do you believe they would listen? I already know the answer is, “No”. I have already written about how other states, such as Colorado, have had great success in their prison reform. If a guy like me can find out information like this. Don’t you believe for one second that the people who run this prison system can also? But, the honest truth is they could care less about doing anything that would change things from the way they have them set up.

Texas is happy with the over one hundred prisons, and the last thing they want to do is close one of them down. I have heard this statement over and over again, “Texas doesn’t profit from the prison system.” When I hear this, I cannot help but shake my head, because if anyone is so naive to believe Texas would keep one hundred and eight prisons up and running for almost 30 years and they’re not making money, they are ignorant to what is truly going on. We are the states personal slaves, and they will do anything and everything to keep this prison system just like it is.

I have written dozens of chapters of how the Puppetmsters enslave us with more mental tactics than I can count. But, when they feel that one of their slaves is a little too outspoken, the Texas prison system will use whatever means are necessary to make a point. Not only to the man they’re mad at, but to show the rest of their slaves they will do whatever they want to do to us. They love it when they can hurt us physically, and know the other prisoners are watching. Why? Because it’s a message to the rest of us, that they can and will beat us whenever they feel like it.

To give a great example of what I’m talking about. Last month I was leaving the mail room at this unit, when I saw an inmate trying to go inside the medical department. But he was having trouble with an officer named, Kloesel. The inmate was an older mexican man, I would have to say in his 60’s. Who also walks with a cane and was recovering from a broken arm that had happened not too long ago. I believe his last name is Hernandez, but to everyone in here that knew him, we called him,”Flaco”. Because he was a little guy that weighs not much more than one hundred pounds. Flaco was getting frustrated with the guard, because for some reason he didn’t want to allow him into medical, even though he had a pass to be there. Flaco showed his pass to the sergeant desk guard, who told officer Kloesel to let Flaco into medical. When the sergeant desk officer told officer Kloesel to let Flaco in, that seemed to inuriate Kloesel even more. I v/as still a good distance away, but could see the rage in his eyes.

I have been at this prison for 10% years now and I have seen this guard mad on many occasions, but even I was suprised at what I saw next. Flaco tried to walk into medical, but officer Kloesel pushed him in the chest. As Flaco was going backwards, he instinctively tried to reach out for something and I believe got ahold of Kloesel’s arm. As he was falling, Flaco was now facing the other way. The officer then grabbed Flaco in such a way that both of his arms were pinned at his side. He picked Flaco up in the air and slammed him head first on the concrete sidewalk. I could not believe what I had just witnessed. Flaco’s body was shaking for a few seconds, like he was having a seizure and then he went limp as he had passed away. It looked like the life just left his body. I looked at Kloesel after he had slammed Flaco and he had a smirk on his face. I was just standing there thinking to myself, how could you be smiling?

Nothing in the world could justify this. The guard is between 30 to 35 years old, I would say he weighs somewhere between 200 to 210 pounds. And here is an old man with a cane, and is recovering from a broken arm. To be truthful, Flaco was a grumpy old man, and he could get on peoples last nerve. But regardless of that, at the end of the day he is still, an old man. Even the lady guard that was working the sergeant’s desk was surprised at what officer Kloesel had done. She said,”I believe you killed him.” She then picked up her radio and called an, “ICS”, which is an emergency call to all personnel to come. She then got on the phone that’s at the sergeant’s desk and I’m sure she called the captain, major or war den, and explained the seriousness of the situation. As everyone began to show up at the scene and saw the severeness of what had happened, I could see the look of worry in their eyes. One look at this prisoner on the ground and they all realized he might be dead. The people inside medical came out and looked at him, and the look on their faces said it all. Flaco was laying there while the medical personnel worked on him, by now there was a puddle of blood under his head. The warden showed up, and there was another inmate on the rec yard directly across from medical where the incident had taken place, and he had seen what officer Kloesel had done. He was going off and screaming at officer Kloesel to come over to the rec yard and try to slam him like he had done to the old man. The warden told Kloesel to go stand by the fence away from where Flaco was being worked on. Again, the inmate on the rec yard started screaming at the officer. Other ranking officers went over to where the inmate who was screaming and began to try to calm him down talking to him through the fence. Flaco was taken inside medical and was then flown by helicopter to an emergency hospital that specializes in head injuries.

At first the word spread that Flaco had died. Some of the pri soners were sad to hear this, while others were infuriated at what had happened. A lot of people talked about what had happened all day, but I knew better than to believe the prison gossip. While I did believe there was a good possibility that Flaco had died, I also understood that it might not be true. I waited all day for the administration to call me down, because I told them I had seen what had happened, but no one said anything. I called my daughter and asked her, if she would call and find out what she could on Flaco. When I did call her back, all they told her was that he was alive. I went inside my cell and said a prayer for Flaco, I was glad to find out he had not died. A man was killed here just a few months before this, a man I knew. I turned on my radio and listened to several local news stations, but they didn’t say anything about. what had happened. The next day I watched the news on T.V. and no word on the incident. By the end of the second day when no one called me down for a statement, I called my daughter again and told her what happened and had her call the office of the Inspector General, who called her back within a few minutes and said he would be coming to see me soon here at the unit. For the next few days I looked at the news and nothing was being said about this guard.

Most people don’t understand the abuse prisoners in the Texas prison system have to endure from guards or ranking officers. The funny thing is, on the news every day you will see where people get arrested for assaulting someone. You will see where people are arrested for rape, murder, and numerous other crimes. But when something happens to one of us in here, it’s a rarity you’ll ever see it on the news. I have always wondered, why? A few months ago a guy was killed in his cell, but it was never on the news. Around ten years ago a sergeant repeatedly raped a young prisoner here, and I never saw that on our local news broadcast. Now here is a guard in his early 30’s assaulting an elderly prisoner, and it doesn’t even come out on the news?

For everyone reading this, imagine a 210 pound man picking up a 60 year old man up in the air and slamming him on top of his head on a concrete sidewalk. If this would have happened in any major city in the United States, all of the news channels would have covered it. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice will never report something like this, if they can help it. Why? Be cause they do not want the public to see what happens in here. The last thing the Puppetmasters want is the abuse that goes on in here made public. Remember the reason everything is kept quiet, is this is a, “Criminal Organization”, and if they can, they’ll keep it a secret.

The day Flaco was slammed, the administration taped off the crime scene, because the office of the Inspector General had to come in and take pictures. Well, a friend of mine named Fabien, saw the wardens come in with the police to take these pictures and got upset, because they had already had people clean the area up. So Fabien hollered out, “why are you taking pictures? They already had the prisoners clean it up.” Both wardens got mad, but what could they say? They knew it was true. When the police did come to talk to me, he said that officer Kloesel had lied in his report. I asked how Flaco was doing? He said,”Flaco is in bad shape, that he cannot get up, walk, or eat on his own”. I asked if he was going to live? He said, “I believe so, but he is going to need a lot of therapy.” This same guard (Kloesel), was on duty in the cell block where the man I knew was killed, back in August.

The sad thing is inside the Texas prisons this type of abuse happens on a daily basis, but it’s covered up. Some of it stems from not enough qualified officers to work in the over one hundred prisons. The state of Texas has turned their prison system into an industry, and now it’s run by criminals. I have asked myself over and over, what is it going to take to stop this madness? Because it never will be stopped by the state of Texas. The only real solution is for the feds to take over. Until that day prisoners will be assaulted, raped, and murdered.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez