A New Type Of Manipulation

I have been talking about the early 1990s, and all of the violence, and I’ve talked about the big prison boom that took Texas from around 50 some thousand inmates to almost 200,000 we have today. And, they went from a few dozen prisons to over one hundred. The Puppetmasters knew for sure that no one from the 1980s had gotten rehabilitated. Hell, they were lucky to be alive. They knew they would need prisons for these people so they could come back, and they’d need room for all the newcomers as well. The Puppetmasters had an epiphany, “Let’s start building prisons like gangbusters” They already understood how to control people by brute force. They were such masters at manipulation, they even trained whole families- fathers, sons, mothers, daughters and spouses- to manipulate the prisoners. They even got the PRISONERS to start acting like guards with the turnkeys!

When the 1990s rolled around, after Judge Justice forced the TDCJ to do away with these turnkeys, a new type of manipulation began. This was not the end of physical abuse, but a new era of how the abuse is used. Before, the Puppetmasters trained these long line of inter-related guards to teach inmates how to do their jobs, but now, without the turnkeys to do their dirty work, the brute force tactic had to be handled in a different way.

As I said in my earlier chapers, the first thing the Puppetmasters did was turn the whole prison system into a war zone. Instead of the turnkeys beating us, they just started putting sworn enemies together. These days, if the guards get mad at you, they might not have a turnkey to keep you in line, but they can stick you in a cellblock by yourself with an enemy gang, and let them beat on you until you’re dead if they want to. If a man could not keep up in the fields, the bossman would keep adding an extra 20, 30, or 60 minutes of work for the squad until someone in the group would finally go beat the slow one up. Then the guard would say, “Okay, now. We got that taken care of, and we can all go back inside.

Other forms of abuse that the Puppetmasters started using, and still use to this day, include sleep deprivation. This is what happens to us every single night. We go to bed at 10:30 with lights out, but the lights don’t go out. Instead, you’re supposed to go to sleep, but there’s this full-size flourescent light not more than 5 feet from your face, and they keep it on because it’s the “bed-bug” count time. So this goes on for about an hour, and meanwhile, the guards are coming around with these lights bright enough to wake the dead, and then they make you get up out of bed, walk to the cell door, and show the officer your I.D. Finally, the lights go out, and you better sleep for all you’re worth, because about 3 hours after this, it will be getting close to 3 o’clock in the morning, and the officers will come onthe speakers and start calling out, “Get ready for chow!” If you want to eat, you will have to get up and go out into the dayroom, usually by 3:15. Most days, we sit in the dayroom, waiting, until at least 4 o’clock. You go back into your cell as soon as you get back from breakfast, but you don’t have time to get to sleep, because just about the time you’re ready to nod off again, it’s time for laundry exchange. So, you get up and go back to the dayroom so you can change out your dirty clothes.

When this is done, you have one final chance for a little catnap, and I do mean little, because here comes that 6 o’clock count time. Guess what happens! That’s right, they turn on that big, blazing light again, and you have to get back up and carry your I.D. to the door to show to the officer.

As I wrote about in my last chapter, “Starving for Control”, another form of abuse they started using at this time was starvation, where they would literally deprive the prisoners of basic nutrition for weeks or months. And this happens in every Texas prison unit. We’re lucky to ever get 3 straight hours of sleep. It makes me laugh when I see TV shows or movies making fun of how often a prisoner sleeps. He’s always TRYING to sleep, yeah, but he never succeeds. They make sure of that. In 1995, at the Garza East Unit, there was a riot among the Mexican and black gangs. It got so far out of control that the National Guard had to be called in. When they had everything back under control, what do you think the ranking officers did? They stuck all these guys that were just fighting each other to the death right back in the same exact pods together. Then, they put everyone on Johnny sacks. These Johnnies were awful. They’d put a piece of bologna or salami on a hot dog bun along with, of course, a peanut butter sandwich. Since TDCJ is only allowed to keep us on Johnny sacks for so many days in a row before they have to feed a hot meal, here’s what they’d do. If another fight or incident occurs, they can restart the time. So there would bea fight, and it’s “week one, day one”. At the end of the time they could feed the sacks, all of a sudden, one of the guards would get up in someone’s face, screaming at him for no reason. Even if the inmate didn’t react to this, the guard would get on his radio and call an ICS. Boom, you have a “new” incident, and no matter how long it’s been since a hot meal was served, it’s “week one, day one” all over again.

Once again, the Puppetmasters know how to manipulate any rule or law, state or federal, to use it to their own advantage. It went from truly beating or killing us- for whatever reason they deemed fit- to abusing us with sleep deprivation and malnutrition. But, this tactic has also put the lives of officers in danger.

During this same incident at the Garza East, the group of guys that rioted were locked down and fed these horrible Johnnies for 6 months straight. Imagine, bologna on a bun and peanut butter, with nothing else, for 6 freaking months. Since the Puppetmasters don’t give a damn what happens to us, they don’t care what repercussions these slave-controlling tactics have on the men and women who work here, either. After 6 months of this, the prisoners were sick and starving. They choose two inmates who have so much time, it doesn’t matter what they do, they’ll die in prison, and they give them knives. These two wait until the officer comes in with the mail. When he does, these two men get on either side of him, and he sees the knives. “Please,” he said, “I have a family.”  “We have families, too, but you don’t care that we’re starving to death!”And they start stabbing this guard. He tries to run, while these two are chasing him. The other inmates in the dorm start beating on the windows, screaming at the other officers, “Look! Look, you motherfuckers! We won’t be starved anymore!” My friend, Villareal, who I told you about when he did time in a super seg, saw these guys stab this officer 17 times. And for what? Not because he himself was mistreating these inmates, but because the Puppetmasters were merely using these officers as their tools to enforce the same slave tactics that were used by the Nazis to afflict the Jews, by Stalin to afflict his own Russian people, and by slave-owners in this country to control their slaves. The tools are still the same- fear, abuse, starvation, head games, sleep deprivation. But history has shown us over and over these types of abuses only work for a moment. Ultimately, it will never solve the real issues that need to be addressed. That issue, of course, is RE-HA-BI-LI-TA-TION!

Texas has built all these new prisons since the 1990s, and has t«the problem gotten any better? Hell, no. Crime isn’t down. Fewer people aren’t coming to prison. It gets worse and worse. But as I’ve shown you over and over, rehabilitation is the very last thing the Puppetmasters want, because they need 180,000 slaves. They need all these prisons and their big, bloated budgets. All of these Texas prisons are full, and they will stay full until the state brings someone here that can and will make the drastic changes necessary from the bottom up. What I’m talking about is a new structure altogether for both inmates, guards, administration, and the politicians. There is no doubt in my mind it would have a huge, easily seen impact in a matter of a few years. Remember Colorado’s reforms and their effectiveness? The goal should always and ever be rehabilitation.

The Puppetmasters’ way will NEVER solve this problem. The prison population in Texas will never go down as long as they are running the show. That’s not what they want or even care about. The Puppetmasters don’t give a shit about the men and women in prison, and they don’t give a shit about the men and women working in them.

In my 13+ years of incarceration in Texas, I’ve known of several officers killed in the line of duty. I always see some spokesman for the TDCJ on the news saying how wonderful the officer was, and how grateful Texas is for the bravery and sacrifice of this officer who lost their life. But, what I know for a fact is that none of the Puppetmasters ever shows up for this officer’s funeral. If they send anyone, it’s that spokesman. Instead, they use the opportunity politically to talk about how we need to be tougher on crime and criminals, and how the taxpayers in Texas need to spend more money on prisons if we are ever going to keep the community safe, and how we need to hire more officers so this will never happen again. When I hear this, I can’t help but just laugh at these obvious tactics of mass manipulation. This poor officer at the Garza East was stabbed 17 times, not because there wasn’t enough money in the budget, not because there wasn’t enough manpower, and not because there was too much leniency in the criminal justice system. He was stabbed 17 times because of the Puppetmasters grand idea to use starvation as a tool for manipulation and control.

In my next chapter, I am going to give you all another point of view regarding the prisoners in here. I’ve talked a lot about the gang-bangers and some of the rougher fellows, but I am going to talk about the other side of the prison population and the guys that strive to better themselves even in the midst of these circumstances. I am also going to show some of the things that would better the whole prison system and, I believe, reduce the population as a whole.

It won’t be rocket science. These are all things the Puppetmasters and criminal justice professionals everywhere in every nation have known for years. It would be so easy to change this system. The real crime is that they’ve waited so long to do it, and fought so hard against it.

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