A Little Ranting

By Jay Goodman

In this present year of 2019 the Texas prison system is ran so backwards that anyone with half a mind can see that this system is completely flawed and is designed to set its inmates up for failure. Simply put, very few people will ever get the help they need while incarcerated in TDCJ. In fact, the system ensures that its inmates will return time after time. It should set off some kind of warning bells to this government that the recidivism rate is so high. Most of the inmates who have been or currently are locked up in the Texas prisons have been back two or more times. There should be a million questions asked about the reason for all of this happening so repeatedly. Of course, it would for any other state but Texas.

The Puppetmasters are well aware that most of this prison system’s inmates have been here more than once. They are also well aware of the fact that the recidivism rate is off the wall, probably the highest in the country. Hell, it might be the highest in the world. If it’s not I bet it’s damn close. They are not only aware of these facts, they are the ones who have designed the plans to make sure that these inmates come back. I’d be willing to bet that if anyone came along and devised a solid plan to cut down on the recidivism rate here in Texas, the Puppetmasters would probably kill them. They might say that I am crazy, and truth be told I have done my share of crazy things but I’m far from that, believe me. Everything that I have been sharing with you in my writings is very true, and most of it is still going on to this day throughout the Texas prison system. If the American public really knew what was going on inside these prison walls, they would be outraged, and thousands of people would be fired and arrested.

Since the beginning of the Texas prison system, the number one goal has been to use every prisoner as it’s slave. Not just for the state of Texas but for its employees as well. Now, we have become slaves for other states as well, because all of the industries provided here in the prisons produce materials for other states. The slave masters have had their way for so long that they actually believe that everything in this system really belongs to them. The prison officials use the inmates for everything possible, not just for the up-keep of the prisons, but for their personal use also.

Every day it is not uncommon to hear in the prisons across this state, one of the CO’s or ranking officers, to say, “Get off my grass, offender”, or “Get off my sidewalk”, maybe even, “Get out of my chow hall, now.” The list goes on and on of what is theirs. They do not realize how stupid they sound by referring to anything inside these walls as theirs. Inside their disturbed minds they really believe that this shit is theirs. These guards have been trained to talk this way. Why? Because the Puppetmasters know that if they keep saying this over and over, they will start believing it. Not just believing it in a way of positive control, but it will become a part of who they are and how they act. Then it will be fed to us every day over and over again until it sinks into our thinking, and then we have been trained just like the guards themselves. But of course, to adverse effects, the CO’s will begin to feel power and control, and the prisoners will feel broken and hopeless.

A good portion of the inmates will over time begin to accept being talked down to. I have seen that they will even laugh with the CO’s when their fellow inmates are being ridiculed. I have even witnessed some inmates laugh when they are referred to as stupid or worthless. For a long time, I have wondered why these inmates accepted this. After carefully watching and reading several books on abuse it is much like a woman who gets abused mentally or physically for years. She begins to think that she is less of a person and accepts it. All of this even though the people that are close to her have tried to convince her to leave the destructive situation. Most people do not truly understand the long-term effects of mental abuse, in a lot of ways it’s much worse than the physical. Why? Because it attacks the individual’s core of who they are, how they think and feel. The person will become weak-minded, and now the person is easily manipulated and controlled.

To give an example, take a look back to what happened to Patty Hurst in the 1970’s. Her father was a multi-billionaire, and she was raised in a great family who showered her with love, a great education, and was someone who was smart and loving. A very well all rounded person. She was kidnapped by a terrorist group. She was then beat, locked inside closets and was brainwashed by these terrorists. They told her how terrible her father was for being so rich and that she was an evil person whose family had committed terrible crimes on the poor. Of course, it took a while, but they finally broke her spirit and she became a part of the very same group of terrorists that had kidnapped her. Another example is a few years back a little girl was kidnapped out of her bedroom in Utah. Her name is Elizabeth Smart, she was around eleven or twelve years old then. Just like Patty Hurst, this little girl was raised in a wonderful family and had a great education. She is someone you could say was probably much more mature for her age. The man and woman that kidnapped her that night, abused her mentally, physically, and emotionally until she was completely broken. She would go out into public with her kidnappers not even trying to run away or alerting someone of her situation. To this very day, this is how the Puppetmasters are brainwashing every single inmate in the Texas prison system.

I am going to throw some numbers out there to show everyone who might be reading this what could be accomplished if the Texas prison system would make a real effort to change. There is currently around one-hundred sixty thousand prisoners in the Texas prison system. Around forty thousand of these inmates the state keeps on constant transport at all times so it looks like there are a lot less. The inmates on transport are not on the official prison count. If the prison system would take the necessary steps to ensure sufficient reform to its inmates, those numbers would drop drastically. Instead of the outright mistreatment of the inmates what if a new tactic was implemented that would encourage positive change? What about new programs focused on the real reason that most of the men and women are incarcerated, drug addiction. They can retrain all of the employees from the current tactics focused on mental and physical abuse, and install programs that train everyone for positive change. This can give the inmates direction and the tools that they need to leave prison and become productive citizens. If this could or would be done, I’d bet that the recidivism rate would be cut in half in the first five years.

In any other state if the prison population maintained a rate of one-hundred sixty to two-hundred thousand inmates, some serious questions would arise, especially if those numbers never got any better. Of course, it is set up this way. The Puppetmasters do not want to close down any of the prisons, it is the last thing on their minds. Closing any one of these prisons would mean closing down one of their many factories. This entire system is based on prisoners lining the slave masters pockets with plenty of money. It’s sad to see so many people around me who are wanting to change and who have great intentions, but because of their lack of understanding on how to succeed once released, it’s almost a given that they will return. This is exactly what these slave masters have intended from the beginning and those tactics work well within these walls, preparing us mentally and emotionally to keep coming back. 

The high officials of the prison system continuously beat their drums to the same old rhythms, lying every time to the public about their wonderful programs and their systems to ensure our well-being. This is all a smoke screen to hide the truth of what is really going on inside these prisons. They do not want the public to know what price is being paid for their manipulation. Remember this, it’s not only the inmates that all of this has affected, but their families also. The taxpayers of this state pay dearly for their manipulations also. They use this money as a forefront for the criminal activities that are committed in this system. I see no end to this in the near future unless the federal government makes a serious overhaul and starts closing down a good portion of these prisons.

For a long time, I have wondered what it will take to bring down the criminals who control this prison system. I know for sure it is going to take the federal government to step in like it has done before. They need to fire every single official and employee, from the Director of the Parole Boards down to the CO’s themselves to make any great changes. It may sound like I have some serious hate in my heart for this place and all that are involved in running it, but it’s not true. I have met many good people that have or still do work for TDCJ. I also understand that how everyone at the top of the totem pole work together to keep this criminal organization running, to them it’s a multi-billion dollar a year business. If they are who we have to count on to make changes to better this system, it will never be done.

Nothing has changed in these prisons since the 1990’s when they were built. It has been continuous enslavement. Well, my question is, why after almost thirty years nothing has changed? The get tough on criminals and lock everyone up mentality has done nothing. It has changed nothing.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez