Federal Charges in Greater Fort Worth, Texas

Federal Charges in Greater Fort Worth, Texas


Texas has one of the highest rates of federal crimes in the country.

In Texas, if a federal crime is committed then the federal government will likely prosecute you. Chances are that the state might prosecute as well. Drug trafficking is one of the common examples of prosecution both on the state and federal levels.

There are certain rules that the federal judge would consider while sentencing you. These guidelines are based on how serious the crimes are, as well as the person’s characteristics and criminal record. US Sentencing Commission has a set guidelines for federal sentencing. There are 43 offense levels that are within this guideline. Each criminal offender is assigned one to six criminal history classifications, that is based upon the level of your past criminal activity. The more serious your crime, the higher the offense level. A combination of offense level and criminal activity will determine your sentence.

The Law Office of Francisco Hernandez understands the challenges you face in this trying time and if you are found guilty, you risk jail time, large fines, or deportation. Our team at the Law Office of Francisco Hernandez does not take these risks lightly. Whether you are an individual charged with a crime or an officer of a corporation involved in international relations, you receive the same personalized attentive approach and strong legal representation.

Some of the top Texas federal offenses are immigration crime, drug trafficking, fraud and white-collar crime, gun offenses, money laundering, counterfeiting and forgery, child pornography, wire and mail fraud, tax evasion, bank robbery.

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