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Message from: Erick Westly

Dear Mr. Hernandez,
You and your bleeding heart liberal bullcrap should go to Mexico. And take all your Hispanic immigrant friends with you……we don\’t want you people in our country nor do we want to continue to support almost an entire ethnic group with welfare and food stamps. It\’s bad enough we have to work to support fellow lazy whites and most blacks, but we certainly don\’t want to support an entire ethnic group from third world countries streaming across our border because they have no respect for our laws and think America owes them something. Your people don\’t want to be Americans…..they only want to come here and take advantage of us. You are not a true American, therefore you need to leave my country.

You racist, self entitled Hispanic scumbag. White people built America… and your people are turning it into a third world nation. People like you make me sick.


First, please forgive me if my comments were offensive. I think the
issues, common or not can be addressed in a polite manner. I often find that the subject matter when I appear in the media changes by the time the lights come on the camera. Go figure. Nevertheless, the issue has to be aired out and the truth and lies will expose themselves. I don¹t ask that folks agree with me, I ask that we address the issue. I¹m sure we agree on that.
But, we do share the same love for this Country and agree that we give far more than all others. No wonder people die trying to get here.


That’s right Mr. Hernandez… just keep dodging the real issue here which is Mexico and other third world Hispanic countries sending all their poor, uneducated, illiterate citizens to America so we have to support them. Not to mention all the criminals streaming across our border because racist Hispanics like you think we owe your people something. The time for being polite is over.
We white Americans are tired of the guilt trip being laid at our feet by you and your bretheren……we’ve had enough guilt from blacks to last a lifetime. Hispanics need to fix their own countries instead of coming here and ruining ours or expecting white middle class tax dollars to fix their problems. Most Hispanics don’t care about becoming an American….they just want to come here for all the free stuff we taxpayers are forced to give them because of our cowardly politicians and politically correct bleeding heart racists like you who tear our country down by letting in millions of your fellow self entitled racist Hispanics who think the white man owes them something. This country is full…..we don’t need millions more leeches from third world countries.
The time for being polite is over. You are awakening the sleeping white giant by pushing this immigration issue. The backlash will be severe.


Well thank you for your thoughts any way. I take it that there is no hope of raising this conversation to a civil level.

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