Staying Current on Texas Law

TEXAS IS BIGGER (better) and it is difficult to stay up to date with all the rules, laws and regulations we have in our beloved state. They are constantly changing and it can be quite overwhelming if one is not familiar with all the modifications made every two years.

The best way to keep up with all the additions and subtractions is to be familiar with the main sources that compose the bulk of our regulations. There are three main sources that compose the majority of the procedures in the criminal justice system:

– Texas Penal Code
– Texas Code of Criminal Procedure
– Rules of Evidence

The TEXAS PENAL CODE is the first source of information to be familiar with. This code ‘s general purpose is to establish the acts or omissions that in the state of Texas are held criminal. The Penal Code defines the prohibitions and correctional measures that must be taken to deal with the conduct of those who pose a threat to individuals or the state’s public interests.

The TEXAS CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE is the second source to look into. This code has many purposes. Firstly, it helps identify the rights of both the accused and the victim. The purpose is to make sure that both parties’ rights are met, even those being accused of a crime not just those victim to a criminal violation. This code sets out to make sure that a person is given a fair and an impartial trial. This means without delay and fair treatment.

The RULES OF EVIDENCE is the third source to keep in mind while staying current with the state’s rules and regulations. This last code sets guidelines for all the evidence held in a criminal trial. These rules help secure fairness to both the accused and accuser. The Texas Rules of Evidence govern in both criminal and civil proceedings in all Texas’ courts.

These are the three main sources that embody Texas law. There are many other state codes to be aware of and thousands of other Federal laws that exist in our country. It is difficult to keep up with everything and all the changes, so the most important three sources to be familiarized are the three mentioned above.

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