Public Intoxication

A: it is against the law for somebody to show up somewhere in public drunk from alcohol or another kind of substance, and so much that they may hurt somebody else or themselves.

B: Cops that think a person they see acting a bit weird should be fairly sure that they’re actually drunk and not just suffering from an illness or something like that.

C: Before giving somebody a ticket for being drunk in public, cops should check the person’s record to see if they’ve had a bad record for these kind of situations. If they have enough of these kind of run ins with cops because of being drunk in public, they should be brought to the jail.

D-E: Cops should always check these people to see if they have any injuries. If they have any bad ones, they need to be brought to the hospital ASAP. Also, an unconscious person can’t be brought to jail. If the person is really dirty or isn’t able to stand by themselves, the cop can call the prisoner transport van.

F: Once the cop and the person get to the jail, if they need help dealing with the person or just need a hand getting them inside, they can ask for help from jail workers and make sure to tell them if the cop wasn’t able to search the person too well.

G-H: People that had a car back where they were arrested will get it processed by the police department. After dealing with all of that, the cop that made the arrest needs to make sure to write down in a log why they thought the person was drunk and how they might have been dangerous to other people. Some common examples are if the person is falling down, gets really angry at other people for no reason, they stumble a lot, or even something like urinating on themselves.

I: A strong smell of alcohol around somebody is enough of a reason for a cop to arrest somebody for being drunk in public. There does, however, need to be a reason for the cop to think that they may hurt somebody or themselves.

The Attorneys
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