Police Weapons 2

Police Officers, whether or not they’re on duty at the time, can only have a gun on them if they’ve done all the training they need to do and meet the standards they have to meet to carry one. It’s also very important to never leave a gun unattended where somebody else could take it. When a cop isn’t working, they should never leave a gun in their car overnight unless it’s somewhere safe like a locked garage.

The police range master keeps a list of all the guns and ammo that police are allowed to use. Cops should check that list before they buy a gun so that they know that it meets the department standards. During qualifications, the range master will go around and inspect the guns the cops are using to make sure that they haven’t been modified or tampered with in a way that isn’t allowed. The only person who is allowed to fix or change a gun is the range master.

The only kind of pistols a cop is allowed to use are semi-automatic ones. The holsters also have to be approved by the police department. Probationary cops carry guns that are given to them by the department. Cops that aren’t in uniform are allowed to carry a handgun, but they have to be approved not only by the range master, but also by the chief of police. Just like when in uniform, they have to meet the same qualifications for carrying a gun out of uniform. Undercover cops can carry any department approved .380 caliber handguns.

Grips that are used for police handguns should be black or at least dark colored. Grips for backup guns or off duty guns should be the same or just not viewable. Using a gun that isn’t issued by the police department needs to be highly regulated. If a cop wants to use their own gun, they should follow some rules. The gun has to be on the range masters list of approved guns, the cop has to have met all the qualifications and safety rules, and they have to give the police department the serial number and a description of the gun.
D: Shotguns that weren’t issued to a cop need to be approved in writing by the range master and the cop has to go through more safety tests to make sure they know how to use a shotgun. Only 12 gauge buckshot ammo can be used for these guns unless the cop has gone to the FWPD’s slug course. Folding shotguns always need to be fired with the stock extended.

SWAT team members can carry special kinds of guns and ammo if they’re approved by the SWAT commander.

If a cop loses a gun or has it stolen needs to report it as soon as they notice it’s gone to the DRU and their supervisor. The cop will have to pay for the gun that they lost along with any insurance. If it is obvious that the cop lost the gun and it was their fault, they’ll also be punished for their misconduct.

The Attorneys
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