New Ad Sheds Light on Immigration Reform, a political action committed devoted to immigration reform in the United States, has taken to the airwaves with a new advertisement aimed at convincing members of Congress to back the new reform laws.

The ad features an undocumented immigrant, Alejandro Morales. Morales was brought to the United States when he was seven months old. Since then, he was raised in Chicago, attended the Marine Math and Science Academy, and now hopes to someday have the privilege of becoming a United States marine. The only thing stopping him, according to the ad, is his immigration status.

The ad will start running on local stations in border states, such as Texas, Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, as well as in Washington D.C.

The goal of the ad is to put a human face behind immigration reform. founder and president Joe Green says that although Morales’ story is powerful, it is not unique. Any number of undocumented immigrants currently contribute to their communities—and want to continue contributing to communities—across the United States. The goal of the ad is to expose the broken immigration system preventing these workers from contributing as they would like.

The timing of the ad is equally critical. With Congress being set to reconvene after an August recess, the ad is intended to get people talking while Congress is not in session so that the issue does not become forgotten.

At our Fort Worth immigration law firm, we are strong supporters of comprehensive immigration reform and hope that this ad can help bring a new image to what it could mean to the United States if immigration reform is passed.

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