Mentally Disturbed Persons

Whenever there’s a call with a mentally ill person involved, a supervisor should get a call. Seeing as there’s a pretty big possibility for things to get violent, there should always be at least 2 cops that go to calls like this. They should get as much info about the person before they go up to them.

Cops need to be really careful in these calls and shouldn’t use words like demented or crazy. If the person didn’t actually commit a crime or there isn’t any danger that they’ll deal any harm to somebody else or themselves, the cop should just try to talk to their relatives to get the person help, or if they can’t find any relatives, try to get the person to check themselves into somewhere they can get help, but obviously, they can’t force them to do anything.

A cop can take a mentally ill person into custody if they are obviously mentally ill, they look like they’re gonna hurt somebody or themselves unless they’re stopped, and there’s not enough time to get a warrant first.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
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