Explosives, Bombs, and Bomb Threats

When there is a situation where a bomb has to be found in a building or area, the Fire Department gets called to deal with it, not the police.

If cops have to come to the scene where the bomb might be, they should stop using their radio’s and anything like that in around 3 blocks of the area.

When a cop gets a bomb threat, the cop that got the threat should call the fire department ASAP by a landline. If the report is the actual bomb threat, a recording of the call can be given to the fire department.

When a cop takes away any small bomb or something that can’t deal a ton of damage from a person, they should still call the fire department and meet up with them to turn it over to them. If they can’t meet up, the cop should just go straight to the fire department to drop it off.

If the bomb is pretty big (more than around 20 mm) the cop should call for an explosive technician from the fire department to come to the scene and get rid of it.

The Attorneys
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