Drug Take-back Boxes

A: A drug take back box is a pretty handy option for the community to get rid of drugs. It’s basically there so that people don’t flush them down and get them in the water, and especially so that kids aren’t exposed to them.

B: Somebody can find one of these boxes at their police station. These are basically for drugs that are over-the-counter and prescription. There has to be people working and around the box at all times, so if people have questions they can be answered.

C: 2 or more property room workers should go to empty out the box. The box has a box inside of it, which is what they take out to get rid of and replace. On the inside box, “To be destroyed” will be written.

D: Next, the cop in charge of the box at the time will weigh the inside box, tape it up, initial it, and write down the weight and other important info.

E: Next, the box will get turned over to the people working at the property room, who then put in the pretty ominously named drug destruction room.

F: Whoever is supervising the property room is then gonna sign the box, and basically just make sure everything is in order. There’s a lot of double checking in this process.

G: Next, the log of the box that’s about to be destroyed will be put in a file until it’s gone, where it’ll then just be marked with when it was destroyed. And after all this, a new box will be put in, until the cycle repeats itself.

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez