Credit Time Served Application for Tickets/Citations


I understand that to be eligible for time-served credit on a Class C warrant from the ________________ Municipal Court, the case(s) I am requesting credit for must have been in warrant or must currently be in warrant. In addition, I meet one of the following requirements:

0 1. The warrant(s) was a charge for which I was arrested or I have confirmed with a warrant officer or a court clerk that the warrant was issued while I was in custody in a county jail or a State/Federal prison facility and I was incarcerated for more than 72 hours or 3 full days; OR

0 2. I was arrested on the warrant(s) by another agency and held for transfer to the ______________city jail; and,

0a. I was not transferred because I bonded out on the warrant(s) after 72 hours or 3 days in jail; or,

0b. I was released because the ____________ city Police Department did not come pick me up, but I
spent at least 72 hours or 3 days in jail prior to being released.

If neither of the two above-requirements apply, you DO NOT qualify for full time-served credit and your application will not be accepted for review. You must contact the Arlington Municipal Court to request a court-date. If warrants exist, you will be required to post a bond to clear the warrants to set the cases for Court. You may also request a payment plan, or go to the City Jail to make arrangements to sit out your outstanding warrant(s). If released due to non pickup by the Police Department, you may qualify for partial credit time served. Please clear your warrants, if any, and request to be set for a plea docket.

By signing below, I hereby enter my plea of 0 Guilty or 0 No Contest on the charge(s) listed above and waive my right to a jury trial. I agree that my application meets the one of the above requirements and that I am attaching the required proof of incarceration which includes the date of arrest and date of release from custody.* I understand that a judge will review the application and provide me with a written order granting or denying time-served credit. I agree that I remain responsible for any balance owed, and that I will begin a payment plan or pay the balance in full as ordered.

I acknowledge that if credit for time served is granted, my case(s) will be closed as a conviction(s) and reported to the DPS to be included on my criminal history and/or driving record.

_____________________________________________ ______________________________
Defendant’s Signature Date Signed

*You must provide documentation from the jail showing your book-in date and release date or jail paperwork with a court order showing your incarceration period in TDC or a federal prison. A criminal docket sheet from another court is not sufficient. We will not call jails to obtain proof of your incarceration period. You are required to provide written proof that you were incarcerated for more than 72 hours or 3 days.

Here is a list to help you complete the time serve application. I’ve listed here, lines to make sure it’s filled out completely.

• The Cause No: (list all the warrant numbers you want time served)
• State vs. (Your Name)
• Checkmark box: 1 or 2
• Enter plea by checking a box
• Sign your name and date
• Send your paper work showing dates of incarceration
• Send institution proof – An official stamp and signature of a facility official on your application is acceptable proof


Please make sure your current address and phone (other than jail facility) is included.

Name: ____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________


Phone: (_______) ____________________________________________________

The Attorneys
  • Francisco Hernandez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Phillip Hall
  • Rocio Martinez