Arrested Person’s Vehicle

Usually, if the driver of a car is arrested, and the car is related to the actual arrest, the car should get impounded so that it’s safe.

If the arrested person wants, they can ask for the car to be brought back to where they were arrested, as long as it’s an ok place to park and isn’t dangerous to other people that are driving. The cop does have to let the arrested person know that if it’s left at a parking lot, it might get towed.

The arrested person can also ask for the car to be given to somebody else, as long as they have a driver’s license, they have insurance, and are healthy enough to actually drive a car.

If the arrested person asks for any of these things, they’ll have to sign a form so that the police station isn’t attached to the car any more. There’ll be two copies of the form.

unless the car is related to the crime, the cop that arrested the person isn’t in charge of the car they were in, and it shouldn’t be impounded.

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