320.1 Motor Vehicle Seizures (Continued)

A car can get taken in even if it’s not for a crime. If that happens, a report will have to be filled out, and all the reasons that it got taken in will have to be written down.

If a vehicle gets taken in because of a hit and run accident, the cop needs to make sure that its they write that it was for a hit and run, and if there was another crime with that hit and run, there’ll have to be another report.

When a car gets impounded, somebody will have to search the car and take inventory of everything in it. But, this doesn’t mean that a cop gets to search the car without a warrant in a lot of detail. It’s really just a basic search to what they can clearly see in the car, no more than that. If there’s something like a box with a lock on it, and there’s no key in the car, then the cop should just leave it alone where it is.

If a car is impounded for more than 10 days, and the hold on it still hasn’t been dealt with, the captain will take responsibility of the vehicle, and then they’ll go and talk to somebody at the auto pound to decide if it should just be released or not.

The Attorneys
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