Texas Board of Legal Specialization in criminal defense

Francisco Hernandez, Board Certified in Criminal Defense Attorney in Austin, TX

When you work with Francisco Hernandez, you gain an ally who is certified in criminal defense by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. More importantly, you will actually have the opportunity to work directly with Francisco Hernandez as your future is negotiated and decided upon.

Francisco Hernandez understands the challenges you face in this trying time. If you are found guilty, you risk jail time, large fines, or deportation. The team at the Law Office of Francisco Hernandez does not take these risks lightly. Whether you are an individual charged with a crime or an officer of a corporation involved in international relations, you receive the same personalized attentive approach and strong legal representation.

The Law Offices of Francisco Hernandez offers Immigration Law services in Fort Worth Texas. We will represent you for your Immigration needs in Fort Worth Texas.

Legal Representation for Various Cases

At The Law Office of Francisco Hernandez, we offer legal represenation for various cases involving:

Regardless of the situation, you can be confident that you will get the same level of commitment from your Texas criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Francisco Hernandez.

Contact us today for a free consultation from our criminial defense board certified attorney Francisco Hernandez at 817-854-2223!

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