Letters From Inside the Prison

When someone goes to prison, we don't expect it to be like attending a country club. The media often paints famous prisons like a stay at summer camp. The truth is that Texas prisons are FAR from any vacation. In fact, they are a business established to keep people in as long a possible and consider it a victory when someone returns.

These letters are written by those who have first-hand experience as a prisoner to the atrocities going on each day. They tell of inhumane treatment by those in charge to people that were entrusted to ensure basic rights as a human.

The Long, Warm Shower

When I first got to my “I.D.” unit (a prisoner’s unit of assignment), I tried to explain to my friends and family how it took three hours to take a shower. They couldn’t believe it. I’m not trying to say that every shower I try to take in here w

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The Bottom Line in Prison, by Mike Powers

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Super Segregation in Prison, by Jay Goodman

In this segment, I want to take you into Texas’ High-Security Super Segs. You’ll remember I wrote that the state built these new units to house the gang members and other violent prisoners that were responsible for so much of the bloodshed in the late

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As I’ve written each one of the essays you’ve read so far, it’s been my goal to present as much relevant and interesting material as possible, but always with the goal of change in mind. Nothing can be done, unless the people with proper authority i

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Early morning I’m awakend and informed I’m on chain. After what seemed like forever waiting to start a prison sentence experience, up until now, I could only imagine in my head and piece together information given from inmates who have been down befor

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Executing the Innocent

Every state seems to want to be known for their toughness on crime, and naturally, Texas is no exception to this rule. In fact, Texas takes pride in leading the country in its number of uses of the death penalty,leading the nations  for many years in th

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