Letters From Inside the Prison

When someone goes to prison, we don't expect it to be like attending a country club. The media often paints famous prisons like a stay at summer camp. The truth is that Texas prisons are FAR from any vacation. In fact, they are a business established to keep people in as long a possible and consider it a victory when someone returns.

These letters are written by those who have first-hand experience as a prisoner to the atrocities going on each day. They tell of inhumane treatment by those in charge to people that were entrusted to ensure basic rights as a human.

Prison’s Regress

May 17th, 2019: If you are reading this, you have probably learned enough history to know that, in other eras of history, a prisoner was guaranteed a piece of bread and some gruel along with a nice slab of stone or wood to lay his head down at night. If the prisoner’s

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Crab Walking

May 10th, 2019: To win an argument, a good debater will do his best to be the one who defines the terms of the debate. While it might be too easy to think that these articles are, in a tangible way, arguments for prison reform in Texas, please allow 
me to define the

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Might Is Right?

May 3rd, 2019: In my last chapter, I spoke about my time at the Estelle Unit and some of the abuses of the elderly and the mistreatment of prisoners that were sick or dying, and now I want everyone to know that these were not isolated incidents. Similar
 abuses go on

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Free Darlie

April 19th, 2019: If you’ve spent any time in jail at all and have any social skills whatsoever, it’s likely that you have heard it all. But every now and again, along comes a story of injustice so amazing that the hardest heart wants to weep.

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Free Darlie Addendum

April 19th, 2019: Two days after I finished my article on Darlie Routier, I received the July 2018 issue of Prison Legal News, an excellent source of legal opinions and reports regarding correctional institutions all over the county.

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Grand Hustle

April 17th, 2019: It would be one thing if Mr. Lowrence Bernal was guilty, but to lose twenty years of his life for a murder he did not commit, only because he had insufficient representation.

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Ruiz’s Achilles Heel

April 12th, 2019: As much as I admire and appreciate the amazing things that David Ruiz accomplished for Texas inmates, the settlement that was eventually agreed to had a weakness that ultimately caused it to fail as an agent of change in the state prison system.

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April 5th, 2019: In the eleven years I’ve been in prison, I’ve seen a lot of things - good things, bad things, happy things, sad things, odd things, and funny things

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A Zoo Within a Zoo

March 29th, 2019: One of the fascinating things about this prison experience of mine are animals which are formally or informally kept by the prisoners, bring many of us prisoners a little joy and encouragement.

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The Mystery of Texas Parole

March 22nd, 2019: Texas has historically frowned on games of chance. It baffles me why state officials who would take umbrage with a poker game maintain a system of parole for Texas prisoners that often seems akin to shoving pins in a Voodoo doll & rattling chicken bones.

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