Letters From Inside the Prison

When someone goes to prison, we don't expect it to be like attending a country club. The media often paints famous prisons like a stay at summer camp. The truth is that Texas prisons are FAR from any vacation. In fact, they are a business established to keep people in as long a possible and consider it a victory when someone returns.

These letters are written by those who have first-hand experience as a prisoner to the atrocities going on each day. They tell of inhumane treatment by those in charge to people that were entrusted to ensure basic rights as a human.

The Price

October 4th, 2019: Sometimes I wonder while sitting back and watching all of the madness transpire inside the Texas prison system, if anyone ever really considers what's going to become of the years ahead if there are not some drastic changes made.

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A Diamond In The Dust

September 27th, 2019: As I began today, I’d like to welcome all of our wonderful guests and thank you for coming, but I’d like to especially recognize the mothers among us. I suspect that many sons feel the same way about their moms as I do: that you moms are underapprecia

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Ages In Prison

September 20th, 2019: When I was arrested in 2004, I was 34 years old. A lack of basic medicine and medical care has taken its toll.

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What Would I Do?

September 13th, 2019: Sitting in the background watching the people in prison through the years has been quite entertaining, as well as frustrating. Believe me, the funniest reality show you could ever imagine should be filmed right here behind the walls of the Texas prisons.

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Shitty Situation

September 6th, 2019: Throughout history in the Texas prison system the prisoners have been used for everything you can imagine. I’ve Written
 a lot about these things in some of my previous chapters, but
 the Stevenson Unit in Cuero

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Grandpa And The Cat

August 30th, 2019: I was asked to tell another personal story about my life. As I have said before, I grew UP in a family that was anything but normal. Don’t get me wrong, my family has a lot of love for one another, bit we're not the Brady Bunch.

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The Sweet Sound Of Silence

August 23rd, 2019: One constant that I’ve been dealing with since the first day after I was sentenced to 15 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is noise. Noise is everywhere except perhaps isolation, and even then, is ever present.

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Diboll Does It Better

August 18th, 2019: How I wound up on what must be the only county club prison in Texas is beyond my pay-grade, but there can be no question that I am inexpressibly grateful. Is it possible that some bureaucrat has been reading these stories & wants to change the narrative?

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August 16th, 2019: As the brutal 70’s ended and the deadly 8O’s and 90’s took over with so many killings in the prison system, being incarcerated was like living in a warzone. During all of this mayhem, the Puppet Masters were plotting and planning their next move.

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An Amazing Story From Mario Veleta

August 9th, 2019: There is a saying that I have heard throughout my life, “Everybody has a story,” which is very true. I have traveled 
much in my life and have had the opportunity to meet many people, so I do know first hand that this statement is a fact. Of course

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