Letters From Inside the Prison

When someone goes to prison, we don't expect it to be like attending a country club. The media often paints famous prisons like a stay at summer camp. The truth is that Texas prisons are FAR from any vacation. In fact, they are a business established to keep people in as long a possible and consider it a victory when someone returns.

These letters are written by those who have first-hand experience as a prisoner to the atrocities going on each day. They tell of inhumane treatment by those in charge to people that were entrusted to ensure basic rights as a human.

How Far or Low Would You Go?

March 20th, 2020: I’ve-wondered from time to time what their yearly take is on just K-2 alone? This is truly a criminal empire, I cannot say that enough. It has become a “legal empire” that no one seems to want to stop.

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A Light Exploration of Prison Mentality

March 13th, 2020: The television choices in the dorm are a big divide among the prison ward.

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Lost in a Fantasy World

March 6th, 2020: With all of the talent in prison & all of those with great ideas, so many are lost in a fantasy world. Instead of taking advantage of this time to better themselves, they stay lost in the streets & actually believe the outcome to be different next time.

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Simple Solutions

February 21st, 2020: It is very plain to see all of the problems within the Texas prison system, and it is very easy for someone to step up to the plate and say,

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Shazam! You’re Cured!

February 14th, 2020: Over and over again, I've been completely stymied by how or why the TDCJ arid friends, including UTMB, do the things they do, especially in regards to medical care.

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January 31st, 2020: A modern-day version of the Chinese water torture is alive and well in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. How, you might ask? Oh, let me count the ways.

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A Change Of Plans

January 24th, 2020: By taking the time to choose and learn a different way of life, nothing but your own mind can allow you to fail. As Napolean Hill states,

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Real Talk

January 17th, 2020: If you put the two prison sayings together "What you just said is the absolute truth." & "Believe nothing you here, and only half of what you see.", you can see that a lot of us in here are pretty skeptical about anything other people tell us.

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The Quota System

January 10th, 2020: Is it any wonder the Texas prison system is filled with corruption? It's run by criminals!

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The Forrest in the Trees

December 27th, 2019: One of the volunteers who comes to the Diboll Unit to minister is a woman who is still on parole from a life sentence. something she said the other day really made me think about how blessed I've been while doing my thirteen flat.

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