Letters From Inside the Prison

When someone goes to prison, we don't expect it to be like attending a country club. The media often paints famous prisons like a stay at summer camp. The truth is that Texas prisons are FAR from any vacation. In fact, they are a business established to keep people in as long a possible and consider it a victory when someone returns.

These letters are written by those who have first-hand experience as a prisoner to the atrocities going on each day. They tell of inhumane treatment by those in charge to people that were entrusted to ensure basic rights as a human.

Strike Up The Band

July 17th, 2020: I am hopeful my beloved music teacher,Mrs. Jennings didn’t survive to see me come to prison, she would have been very disappointed. But I think I’ve finally given her something to smile about from her perch among the saints in glory. I’m a musician!

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Learn to Write Grievances

July 10th, 2020: Remember the only way to make serious changes is to write large amounts of grievances at the same time. Stop complaining about things, stop wasting your time in this place on things that will not benefit you or others at all.

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TDCJ Gets Even

June 19th, 2020: If anything like this has happened to your incarcerated loved one, don’t stop at the complaint process. You are not alone in your battle against a system that seems to care less about how you feel, or about whether a life you love is in danger.

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Crime and Punishment

May 29th, 2020: There is nothing you can do to me that can hurt me any more than I’ve already been hurt. There is nothing you can take away from me more precious than that which has already been lost...irreplaceable time.

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The Real Criminals

May 22nd, 2020: If the Houston Chronicle, would have not taken the e-mails they received and printed them out and exposed the “Quota System”, that TDCJ was using, nothing would have ever come from it. I want to use this to show first-hand the corruption that goes on.

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Buenas Nochas, Cocka-Roches

May 15th, 2020: In Texas’ prisons, cockroaches aren’t just a pest — they could very well be your pets. Especially if you live in one of the old “red-bricks”, these disgusting insects are simply going to be a part of your life, whether you like it or not.

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Modern Day Slavery 2

May 8th, 2020: TDCJ truly believes they can't be stopped, & as long as the state & federal government allows this to continue, the worst is going to come. They have been setting this criminal organization up a little at a time & have everything they believe in place.

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Modern Day Slavery Inside the Texas Prison System

April 24th, 2020: I will be discussing how slave labor is allowed in Texas under the guise of rehabilitation. I know, I know, you hard on crime advocates will say, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

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Criminally Insane

April 9th, 2020: There are hundreds of people locked up in state prisons with mental illness, and this will continue to be a problem until the public brings enough pressure to bear on our elected officials to do something.

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A Little Ranting

April 3rd, 2020: In this present year of 2019 the Texas prison system is ran so backwards that anyone with half a mind can see that this system is completely flawed and is designed to set its inmates up for failure. The system ensures that its inmates will return time af

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